How to Install a Spring Door Stop | The Easiest Method

How To Install A Spring Door Stop

Having scuff marks ruining your walls is definitely a terrible thing to happen. And one of the main reasons behind, or in some cases the only, is your door. One cheap, easily installable and widely available solution can be a doorstop.

You can buy these for your home’s door. And then, there will be never a similar complaint of scuff marks ever ruining your walls nor mood.

We will be focusing on installing a spring door stopper today. Since that’s one of the rarely talked about options. Let’s find out how to install a spring door stop.

Here’s How to Install a Spring Door Stop

We’ll be jumping into the actual process. But before that, it’s important to get a basic idea about the spring door stops. These come with a spring mechanism. So that the door cannot bang against wall. If someone tries to close the door a bit too harshly, the stopper will help to bounce it back. You can install them on the wall or even baseboards. Onto the Actual Process Now…

The Things That You’ll Need

  • If you have an old solid doorstop, then a wrench is required or else skip it.
  • The new spring doorstop.
  • Suitable screwdriver.

Deciding the Spot to Install

First, you need to close the door entirely. It needs to be against the wall of course. The doorknob will come in contact with a certain point on your wall or baseboard. This is where you must make a mark. In case you have a wall stud right behind this spot, simply screw the doorstop onto it.

Now if you have your old rigid door stop that needs removal, use the wrench. If the old one is a different type, you may not even need wrench to remove it. Once you are done with this, move onto the next step.

Screw the plate to the baseboard

The doorstop attaches to baseboard or wall with its end part. And this area basically comes with threading. It’s a relatively sharper point as well. In case there’s no wall stud and so, you can’t screw the stopper onto, then this step is required or else skip it.

The blunt end should meet a certain point on baseboard. You must have marked it already. This is where you need to screw the doorstop into. Use the screwdriver for installing carefully. Double-check if the positioning of doorstopper is correct or not.

You don’t want to unscrew it because of misplacement later on. So better go for the extra hassle of reassuring placement. Finally, you need to turn the spring right onto plate for mounting. And the installation should be completed.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind:

The travel of your door needs to be at maximum. Usually it is more than 90 degrees.

To make the whole thing automatic, consider installing a door closer along with a stopper.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to install a spring door stop. Keeping your wall clean and safe is not a wish but a requirement. So better take it seriously than later crying over the ugly marks on it.

In some cases, people need to redo their walls with paint and other solutions to get rid of the unbearable marks. And that’s pretty expensive. At least pricier than getting some doorstopper earlier. So, if you have doors at your home or office creating such issues, make sure you’re not leaving it for later and getting some stopper to ultimately shoo away the problem.

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