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Best Magnetic Door Stops Reviews

Good airflow helps us to maintain good health. But strong winds cannot be a reason for your doors getting damaged, right?

So, instead of closing the windows and cutting off the wind supply,  just get the best magnetic door stop you can find, and protect your doors and walls from damaging each other.

Door stops are often overlooked during the main construction of the house, but they are quite a necessary addition. So, you can’t just get any door stopper from the market.

You have to get good quality ones to make sure that they don’t do more harm than good.

We have some suggestions for you down here. Please take a look and see which one you like.

Top 6 Best Magnetic Door Stops Reviews

Good door stops are crucial because they will help your doors from slamming shut against the wind and causing a ruckus throughout your house. So, let’s find you one here.

1. WINONLY Store 2 Pack Magnetic Door Stop, Stainless Steel Magnetic Door Catch

WINONLY Store 2 Pack Magnetic Door Stop - best wall mounted magnetic door stop

The first thing you would want your door stopper is to be of great quality. It could be the best designed door stopper in the world, but if the magnet doesn’t have strength, then, unfortunately, it will become a useless thing before so long.

This is why we recommend this door stop from the Winonly Store. It has run its fate through many tests that have verified more than 70,000 times over a long time period that these are, in fact, the real deal.

If you ask me what is the best and heavy-duty magnetic door stop for easy yet simple installation? I will definitely say, this WINONLY Store Magnetic Door Stop is the best pick ever.

Feature Highlights
  • Comes in packs of 1, 2, 4, and 6 stoppers
  • Suitable for doors both inside and outside the house
  • Drill-free installation due to the adhesive sticker option
  • Has a spring buffer to absorb the force from the rushing door

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To go into details about them, we first begin by saying that they have been made really well. Stainless steel was used because of its sturdiness, strength, and the ability to stay free of rust through the years.

They keep their form, and due to their magnetic property, they catch the door every time it’s at risk of slamming into the wall.

The is a soft-catch magnetic door stop that makes sure that your doors fall into the stopper elegantly and noiselessly. If the door rushes to the wall with great speed, then the spring buffer in the stopper will absorb force from the impact and handle the pressure so that no damage comes to the door’s shape and form.

2. WINONLY Store Stainless Steel Door Catch Best Soft-Catch Magnetic Door Stop 

WINONLY Store Stainless Steel Door Catch - Best Soft-Catch Magnetic Door Stop

You don’t have to hate the wind anymore. With this door stopper attached to the wall, you can keep your doors open even when the strong wind pushes its way into your house.

These soft-close magnetic door stops are great for holding your doors open and releasing them effortlessly when you pull at it.

Door slamming is a common reason for doors getting damaged quickly. All you have to do to stop that from happening is to install this stopper on the wall.

It has a catch with a spring buffer incorporated in it, and due to this, you won’t have to take the trouble to be extra cautious when putting the door back on the latch. Just push the door close to the catch, and it will latch on to the buffer without any sound or abrupt impact.

Feature Highlights
  • Will keep the door 4.5 inches away from the wall
  • Has a soft closing mechanism for soundless action
  • Very quick installation only takes about 5 minutes
  • Great for all types of doors except hollow core ones

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Another great thing about this stopper is that it is very easy to install. The mounting screws and the detailed instructions will let you set the whole thing up in just 5 minutes.

This door stop will hold the door 4.5 inches away from the wall at a completely steady and upright angle.

It is suitable for all kinds of doors, only with the exception of the hollow core doors. Each pack will have either 2, 4, or 6 door stops – all of the same steady quality, strength, and build.

3. Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stop – Patented Concealed Stopper Elegant Design

Fantom Magnetic Concealed Stopper - Best hidden magnetic door stop

If you are wondering what we mean when we say concealed stopper, then we can already tell you that you are going to be very interested in this product.

It does the exact thing that regular stoppers do with the exception that unlike those regular ones, this one does not protrude out of the surface.

It’s essentially a hidden magnetic door stop.

In fact, there are chances that you won’t even notice it. These are installed on the floor, not on the wall. They will work with all types of flooring, be it hardwood, tiles, carpet, or concrete. If this sounds like a tricky business, then let us tell you that it’s not.

Installation of this concealed Fantom stopper only requires a few tools and a few steps that are described in the instructions manual with fairly simple words.

Feature Highlights
  • Saves the wall from being damaged
  • Unique patented concealed design
  • Almost can’t be seen from the outside.
  • Needs to be installed within a gap space of 4 to 10 mm
  • Kit includes all the screws, mounting plates, magnets, etc.

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You need a gap of about 4mm to 10 mm between the wall and the point of installation of this stopper. If you are keen on keeping it at a further distance than 10 mm, then you have to get the special pack of 5 mm stoppers.

There are two parts to this stopper. One is the bit that you install on the floor, and the other is a magnet that you have to install on the underside of the door. The door magnet comes with a striker plate that is tilted on one side to let the floor stopper slide into the enclosed magnetic area and then stay there, holding the door in place.

It’s quite an ingenious design that has been patented by the company and can’t be found anywhere else. These stoppers feel magical and almost as if they are not there, and yet they work to hold your doors open until you release it yourself.

4. HUTLON Magnetic Door Stopper with 3M Adhesive, Modern Floor Mount Door Stop

HUTLON Magnetic Door Stopper with 3M Adhesive, Modern Floor Mount Door Stop

This one is a super-strong, all-business door stopper that is shaped like a dome cut through the middle. It’s black in color, and unlike the one we just discussed, it will be quite visible for everyone to notice.

However, if you are in for a permanent solution to the door slamming problem, then this one will give you solid usefulness.

The dimensions of this stopper are quite fixed, and they are only suitable for doors that have a gap of about 0.47 inches underneath them. Due to its proportions, these are the most suitable for interior doors like those in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

They are, however, not suitable for doors that are very heavy.

Feature Highlights
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Not suitable for very heavy doors but great for interior doors
  • Has a very noticeable appearance and a strong, sturdy functionality
  • Two ways of installation on floors – with punch holes and with 3M stickers
  • Works soundlessly and firmly due to the mechanism of the strong soft-closing magnet

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This stopper has a rubber buffer to it that works soundlessly to absorb the sound and force from a quick slamming door and give it a sturdy, protective hold. But it’s not a heavy duty magnetic door stop.

There are two different ways in which you could install this stopper into your floor. The punch method and the punchless method. With the punchless method, you’d have to make use of 3M stickers.

Although these leave no holes in the floor, we wouldn’t recommend it because they can get dislodged quite easily when the door shuts with too high an impact strength.

The stopper is made with stainless steel that is solid, sturdy, and rust-free. Once installed with the permanent/punch method, these stoppers will stay in place and work for you for many years without any trouble.

5. Hapsun Floor Mount Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Stop Catch, Stainless Steel

Hapsun Floor Mount Best Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Stop Catch, Stainless Steel

This stopper looks very elegant, and this one is also a floor mount. These are in trend right now because they do not damage the wall or the paint.

They sit on the floor and practically do their job better because they have a more firm ground to hold to.

The stopper we have here from Hapsun is made with a high quality special stainless steel that will not rust or catch dents and scratches. The finish on its surface is a smooth, matte one, and that makes it look very premium.

Feature Highlights
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Sits on the floor and doesn’t let any damage come to the wall
  • All the instructions and tools for installation are provided in the kit
  • Looks very elegant and doesn’t catch scratches on its brushed finish
  • Has a strong magnet wedged inside it to hold the door firmly in place

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Before buying this magnetic door stopper, you have to check the gap between the door and the floor and make sure that that space is compatible enough to accommodate this compact door stop.

It has a solid magnet in its core that holds the door firmly without making any sound. The door snaps into the stopper softly because of its soft-closing mechanism.

When you use this door stopper, you ensure that it doesn’t look unsightly from the outside, and you also ensure that no damage comes to your wall. The installation of this apparatus is quite simple, with the mounting screws and the instructions you’ll find in the kit.

You will need a drill to punch the holes into the floor, and then just follow the instructions to set it all up in no time.

6. Gudui 2 Pack Invisible Magnetic Door Stop, Best Commercial Door Stopper

Gudui 2 Pack Invisible Magnetic Door Stop, Best Commercial Door Stopper

In terms of appearance, this one is actually our favorite. It sits on the floor and looks very elegant due to its flat disc shape. The whole apparatus is made with stainless steel, so you can expect it to be strong, glossy, and rust-free.

But the feature that elevates its appearance in perspective is the metal flap that sits on top of the disc and carries the magnet that the magnetic holder of the door will attach to.

The flap sits at a slight angle to the flap and effortlessly clings to the door holder when the door is pushed back to it.

Feature Highlights
  • Soundless and sturdy in action
  • Made with stainless steel that’s strong and firm
  • The metal flap design elegantly pulls the door holder in
  • Doesn’t grab attention but still very elegant in the house
  • Has soft-closing mechanism to protect the doors from damage

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The magnet and the holder slide in together and do this completely noiselessly. They have a soft-closing feature which keeps things extra quiet and elegant.

These door stops are perfect for interior doors – their soundless activity will help to maintain peace and silence in the house, while their firm magnets will keep a firm hold on the doors so that wind can freely pass between the rooms without slamming doors and causing a ruckus.

Buying Guide for Magnetic Door Stopper

Buying door stops is quite simple. Most of them are quite similar; you only have to pay heed to a couple of factors to find the best commercial magnetic door stop.

Types of Mounts:

There are two major types here.


As evident from the name, these stops are installed in the floor. They are more popular nowadays because they are less visible and they generally have a more elegant appearance. On top of that, they sit on the floor, which is less prone to damage than the walls.


These are the traditional door stops. They stay away from your path, but they are quite visible. Also, they attach to the wall and may result in the paint chipping off with time.

Types of Materials:

There are three types of materials that door stops are made of.

Wood :

These are strong, but they don’t age well. Most people like them because they look very appealing, but they are prone to damage by moisture and insect attack.

Plastic :

These are the least expensive of all types of door stops. But they don’t look so appealing, and they can start to get cracks quite quickly through the impact of the door.

Stainless steel – These are the smartest choices for door stops because they will last a long time, they cost less than the wooden ones, and last way longer than both wood and plastic door stops.

FAQs about Door Stopper:

Floor-mounted Magnetic Door Stopper

1. Are wall-mounted door stops better or floor-mounted ones?

Walls are often more fragile because the impact makes the paint chip off of them. So, for stability, floor mounts are considered to be better than wall mounts. But if you can get hold of the best wall mounted magnetic door stop out there, then it might be a different case.

2. What is the ideal doorstop?

Ideal door stops are those that are compact but heavy. Heavy door stoppers can keep heavy doors open, whereas light ones will not be able to keep a firm hold on them.

3. Do 3M stickers work for door stops?

3M stickers that come with door stops only hold the stopper temporarily, and they also often damage the wall when they lose their adhesiveness. So, they are not recommended.

4. What type of door stopper is the best for interior doors?

Compact door stoppers with small hinges are compatible with interior doors that are often quite lightweight themselves.

5. What door stops are suitable for exterior doors?

For exterior doors, you need stoppers that are more robust. So go with the ones that are made with cast iron with a rubber coat on them. They can hold a bigger and stronger magnet inside and thus can hold the heavy exterior doors better.

Final Words

The best magnetic door stop is the one that can effortlessly latch onto the doors and prevent them from slamming shut. They will protect both the door and the walls from getting damaged due to the impact.

So, get a good quality door stopper once and for all, and help it to maintain peace and quiet in the house even when the strong winds from outside get in through your windows.

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