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Best Hinge Pin Door StopThe doors in and around your home are an essential and useful part of it. But as crucial as they are, doors can be downright annoying when they bang into the adjacent wall or refuse to stay open.

Furthermore, repeated hard door openings can even damage the walls of your home.

But that’s why the best hinge pin door stops exist! Out of all of the door stop types on the market, those in the hinge-pin style are preferred by many due to their easy installation process, heavy-duty capacity, and discreet appearance.

However, no one wants to spend time browsing through hundreds of door stops. So we’ve done the research for you! Find our top picks and buying guide below!

Top 6 Best Hinge Pin Door Stop Reviews

A good hinge pin door stop is determined mainly by its durability and performance capacity. So keeping those factors in mind, we’ve selected the following for you.

1. HOMOTEK 8 Pack Hinge Pin Satin Nickel Adjustable Heavy Duty Door Stopper

Adjustable Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Door StopperOur highly-rated first pick comes from Homotek. With robust construction and thoughtful design, this door stopper for hinge has justly earned its popularity with thousands of users. Here’s how it ended up on our list.

As you may know, one of the most important determinants of a hinge pin door stop’s efficacy is the quality of its rubber tip. On that count, Homotek’s product performs beautifully. Replacements for the rubber tip will be fewer and far between, which is a convenience anybody can appreciate.

Feature Highlights
  • Highly durable construction with long-enduring soft rubber tip
  • The classy and elegant design makes it the perfect aesthetic companion for any home
  • An adjustable screw allows you to determine how far you want your door to open/close
  • Available in a number of different finishes, including satin nickel and bright brass

We also love the overall look of this thing. As far as door stoppers go, those in the hinge-pin style are the most discreetly designed; however, that doesn’t mean they can avoid looking good! All the different finishes available for this door stop have a classy and elegant appearance that will fit right into your home.

Most importantly, these things are built to last. No one wants to have to think about replacing their door stops; they should work seamlessly in tandem with the rest of the house. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, then you’re definitely going to love Homotek’s offering.

2. Schlage Ives 70A15 Hinge Pin Door Stop for home or low traffic

best door stop in hingeNext on our list is another highly rated hinge pin door stop, and it’s available from Schlage, a highly reputed manufacturer of locks and other essential door hardware. So you already know that this is going to be a good one!

Constructed from highly durable and robust aluminum, this door stop is one of the most long-enduring ones we have found during our research. Its design makes it suitable only for narrow trim installation, although that’s hardly a drawback considering the prevalence of narrow-trim boards.

Feature Highlights
  • Robust and durable aluminum construction for reliable performance
  • Reinforced soft rubber tip with shoulder-on stub for smooth performance
  • Ideal for use with residential interior doors
  • Features a smooth and efficient pin adjustment function

One of the main components of a hinge pin door stop worth buying is the sturdiness of its rubber tip, so it only makes sense that this Schlage product would end up on our list. The rubber tip on this stopper comes with a shoulder-on stub, which allows it to perform a smooth cushioning function whenever you need to activate the door stop.

Not to mention the smooth adjustment function of this door stop, which we love. For these reasons, we believe that this is one of the best door stop in hinge for residential or indoor doors that you can find on the market. Do note, however, that it’s not meant to be used with heavy-set or thicker doors. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

3. KOVOSCH 2 Pack Adjustable Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Door Stopper 

heavy duty hinge pin door stopWhile we’re on the topic of reputed brands with a penchant for producing the highest quality of door hardware, it would be a crime to skip over Kovosch. Why do we say that? Keep reading to find out.

First off, we love the construction of this hinge pin door stop: it’s made from an alloy of zinc and metal, which is proven to be robust and long-enduring. This feature will surely appeal to those who aren’t keen on having to replace their door stops every now and then!

Feature Highlights
  • High-quality metal-zinc alloy construction for longer life
  • Super easy to install; can be done in 1-2 minutes
  • The included rubber tip is of premium quality for an ultimate cushioning effect
  • Available in three aesthetically appealing color choices: black, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze

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The rubber bumper of a hinge pin door stop is, in many ways, its most important component. It seems Kovosch has internalized that knowledge because the rubber tip of this door stop is one of the most durably constructed that we have found. Its cushioning effect is, in fact, in many ways superior to the others we’ve seen.

And finally, the ease of installation you will enjoy with this door stop is one of the best things about it. It takes just a couple of minutes to set it up, and then you’re all set!

4. Nuk3y 6 Pack door Hinge Pin Heavy Duty Adjustable Door Stop 

Best door stopper for hingeDo you live in a large house with a high number of low- to medium-traffic interior doors? Are you tired of those doors refusing to open gently or close softly? Then we think this 6-pack of hinge pin door stops is going to be the perfect fit for you.

Only one look proves that this hinge pin door stop is built for dependable durability. Its lightweight design belies its strength, but makes installation a jiffy!

Although hinge pin door stops are meant to be discreet, it still helps if they can blend into the surroundings of your room. Well, this one takes it a step further with its elegant, refined design, which is going to appeal to anyone with high aesthetic sensibilities.

Feature Highlights
  • An adjustable screw with a rubber head allows you to take control of door opening width
  • Available in 6 beautiful finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass
  • Durably constructed for reliable heavy-duty performance
  • Comes in packs of 6 or 12; ideal for large homes

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But it doesn’t stop there! This door stop is available in 6 different attractive finishes, namely oil-rubbed bronze (our favorite!), satin nickel, antique brass, and polished brass. So no matter the theme of your home, you’ll find a match here.

The only drawback of this door stop is that the included rubber tip is a little less durable than the others we have reviewed today. However, given the low price of a multi-pack of these things, we think it’s a small tradeoff.

5. Ives by Schlage 69F15 Door hinge pin, Best commercial Hinge Pin Door Stop

best commercial hinge pin door stopIf you remember the Schlage door stop we reviewed earlier, this one will be familiar to you. However, this one comes with an intuitive, unique design that is rare to find. Instead of a swinging arm, this hinge pin door stop has two rubber-tipped ends with a sliding bolt in the middle.

What we love most about this door stop is its sturdy metal construction. So it’s not just interior doors that you can use this on but exterior doors as well. Furthermore, its unique design allows it to withstand the pressure of heavier doors. So, while it’s certainly not the best commercial hinge pin door stop, it definitely comes close.

Feature Highlights
  • Extremely durable and robust construction for long-term usage
  • Ideal for use with the interior as well as heavy exterior doors
  • High-quality rubber tips promise to stay new for longer
  • The slip-proof adjustment mechanism keeps your mind at ease

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The cushioning tips of this door stop, in addition to being very robustly built, are made from high-strength rubber that will take a longer time to crack. What’s more, it’s made to be non-marring, so you don’t have to worry about the wall behind the door being damaged.

There is one drawback, however, to the unique design of this hinge pin door stop. Because there is no swing arm mechanism, you can only adjust the opening width out of 5 available settings. However, this is what allows the adjustment mechanism to be slip-proof, which can make all the difference.

6. Design House Accessories Jumbo Hinge Pin Door Stop for home or office

heavy duty large hinge pin door stop for home or officeOur final pick is also one of our absolute favorites from the door stops we have looked at today. But beyond its high performance, the reason why it stands out is because of its jumbo size.

So, if you’re looking for a heavy duty hinge pin door stop for a heavy exterior door in your home or office, this will appeal to you.

Constructed from zinc alloy, this is one tough guy. It’s made to be compatible with a wide range of door sizes with its capacity to handle hinge pins of diameters between 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch. But its adjustability is what makes it stand out: you can manipulate the stopper angle from 85 to 125 degrees.

Feature Highlights
  • Highly adjustable from 85 degrees to 125 degrees
  • Available in polished brass, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze to suit your home’s aesthetics
  • High-quality workmanship with an attractive design
  • The cushioning tip is made from premium quality rubber for long-lasting performance

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The cushioning bumpers on these stoppers also stand out. With reinforced padding, these bumpers allow for a smooth closing, and they promise to do this for a long time before they must be replaced. Say goodbye to wall marring!

Despite its large size and advanced mechanism, this door stop is also super easy to install. And because it comes in a 5- or 10-pack (according to your needs), you’ll always have a back-up should you need it.

And finally, these things look great too! Not only is it available in three attractive finishes, but the quality workmanship is evident in the smooth lines of its construction. And all of this comes at a very competitive price, as well!

Beginner’s Guide: What to Know Before Buying Hinge Pin Door Stopper

Best door hinge stopper

Not sure which hinge-pin door stop is most worth buying? Keeping the following factors in mind will help you choose the right one.

Door Dimensions

The first factor to consider when choosing a hinge-pin door stop is whether its size is suited to the dimensions of your door. By this, we mean not only the size of the door but also its weight.

As you know, interior doors tend to be more lightweight compared to exterior ones. As such, they surely don’t require as strong a hinge pin door stop. Smaller door stops work better for interior doors, while heavier, solid-core doors require more heavy-duty, large hinge pin door stops.

Construction Material / Finish

One of the best things about hinge-pin style door stops is that they are available in a number of different materials. That means they come in a wide price range; what’s more, you can choose the material according to your aesthetic inclinations as well.

If durability is what you’re after, solid steel, stainless steel, cast metal, and solid-forged brass should be your go-to picks. Some cool finishes we like come in silver-plated, oil-rubbed bronze, zinc, and nickel, although these latter types are thought to be less durable.

Rubber Bumper

The make-up of a hinge pin door stop includes a rubber bumper which keeps it in place. The durability of this bumper is important to consider, as it will inevitably need to be replaced at some point. This happens because cracks can appear on the bumper according to temperature changes in your room.

Thankfully, these bumpers are replaceable. So go for a door stop whose rubber bumper is easy to pop off and replace without having to disassemble the entire unit. To avoid frequent replacements, choose a higher-end door stop whose rubber bumper is rated to last longer.


Although the basic function remains the same, hinge pin door stops come in a few different styles. While the vast majority of hinge stops come with bumper ends on each of its swing arm (the portion that keeps the door at bay), the swing arm itself can vary in appearance. While some resemble a water faucet, others look like a half-moon. It’s up to you which one seems more appealing to you.

large hinge pin door stop for home or office

Frequently Asked Questions About Hinge Pin Door Stop

What is the purpose of a door stop?

As the name might suggest, a door stop prevents your door from opening too widely and/or fully closing into the adjoining wall. This prevents damage to the wall and allows for a smooth closing. 

What is the installation process for a hinge pin door stop?

The good thing about door hinge stoppers is that they don’t require any additional door hardware to be installed into the wall/baseboard. You can read this article to know about hinge pin door stop installation process. This video is also a good visual guide.

What are the other types of door stop?

There are many! If you’re unsure whether the hinge-pin variation is right for you, you can refer to this article to read about the other types.

How do hinge pin door stops work?

Hinge pin door stops are mounted on the cylindrical pin in your door’s hinge. This pin has to be slid through the stop’s opening to prevent the door from closing. Some hinge pin stops come with a threaded post to allow you to adjust the distance of the door’s opening.

What is the best heavy-duty hinge pin door stop?

We love this one from Design House Accessories; its large size and wide-stretch capacity make it ideal for heavy-duty doors.

Final Words

What the best hinge pin door stop is for your needs ultimately depends upon the size of your door and the amount of traffic it is subjected to. That being said, we’re partial towards the Homotek door stopper out of all of the others we have reviewed.

Still not sure which door stop is right for you? Well, you have our buying guide to help you with that. Good luck!

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