How to Fix a Stripped Door Hinge in DIY Method

Doors serve the most security purpose of a house. It can be quite uncomfortable when you find it is not opening or closing properly or has stopped to move. Sometimes it may happen due to stripped hinges, which can happen for many reasons. You can easily fix the issue if you know how to fix a stripped door hinge in the DIY method.

First, displace the screws and the hinge. Make the dowels wet with glue and place them in the screw holes with the help of a hammer. Now, drill the place again to make the needed holes. Keep the hinge plate uncovering the holes and set the screws again.

We shall cover all the aspects of fixing a stripped door and relevant sides. Let’s start!

How to Fix a Stripped Door Hinge

Finding the problem(s)

Your door hinge may be stripped due to several causes. So, you need to fix the problem accurately first. Only then can you get a proper solution. First, there is a chance that your wooden door frame has been damaged where the screws are attached. The holes have become so large that the screws can easily go in and out of it. This is a very common problem.

Second, your screw threads are damaged. This makes the tie loose between the hinge and the door frame. Here you need to change the screws only. Third, if your hinges have lost their validity, you can change them easily by following our guide.

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How to fix a stripped door hinge easily with simple methods

There are three methods of fixing a stripped door hinge. Each method deals with separate tools and paths. You can choose one of these three methods, which seems easy to apply.

Tools you need

Before starting your task, ensure all necessary elements are near your hand to continue fixing uninterruptedly. The necessary tools for your job are –

  • A tap (especially needed for method 1),
  • New screw (If your old screws are unusable),
  • Hinge (for very old or unusable hinges only),
  • Golf tees or dowels (necessary for the second method only),
  • Screwdriver (for all methods),
  • Drill (for all methods),
  • ZZem screws (for method 3 only),
  • Helicoil (for method 4 only).

Method 1: Making new threads for larger screws

This method deals with the most straightforward steps and will be applicable to larger screw holes. Take a piece of tape, enter it into the screw holes, and then screw it clockwise. Increase pressure slowly while wiggling. Measure your new thread area according to your screw size. Then continue making thread until you cover the area.

Do the same thing for the rest number of the holes you need. Following this method, you need taller and thicker screws.

Method 2: Filling holes with golf tees or dowels

According to this method, you need several dowels and several golf tees. Dowels are made of wood, and golf tees are made of wood or plastic. First, get the dowels or golf tees wet in liquid gum. Insert the golf tees or dowels into the screw holes.

Now, take the drill machine and make appropriate holes according to screw size.

Method 3: Adjusting hole size with ZZem screws

With threads and long inner holes, ZZem screws are mostly like screws. You need to make holes according to the ZZem screw size. Then insert the ZZem screws in the holes. Now insert the regular screw or Philips screws into the ZZem screw hole. You might find this harder to insert the Zzem screws. In such cases, use a drill machine with a special head that fits the screw head.

Method 4: Using the Helicoil

There is another effective and long-lasting method to fix a stripped door hinge. Helicoil is a long-shaped and thread-like surface belonging substance. To use this tool in your stripped door hinge fixing, make larger holes centering the existing holes because the helicoils are barely big enough to fit with them.

Make the holes accurately fit tight with the Helicoils. Helicoils are thicker and longer than screws. This is because they need to give space to the screws. After making the holes, place the Helicoils into the screw holes. Next, insert the screws into the Helicoils with the help of a screwdriver or drill machine.

By learning from our method, you can change the hinges and screws or repair the looseness. You need to follow our instructions carefully. If you are repairing the top hinge of your door, be careful that all screw removal may cause your door to be imbalanced.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a stripped screw hole?

Screw holes can be fixed in several ways. You can put a golf tee or dowel soaked with glue or ZZem screw in the hole. You must make the hole again if you use the golf tee or dowel. Otherwise, the ZZem screw has a hole itself where you can place the screw again.

How do you fix a stripped metal screw hole?

Metal screw holes can be fixed in several ways:

  1. Cut new threads using a tap to fit the hole into a screw. You can also use a Helicoil.
  2. Place the Helicoil in the hole, insert the screw, and tighten it.
  3. You can easily use a thick screw to be fitted to the bigger hole.

How do you fix a door hinge that won’t close?

Change the door hinge or screws if they are totally unusable. If these two are okay, fill the screw holes with gum soaked golf tee or dowel. Then, make the holes again using a drill and place the screws accurately. That’s all.

How to fix a loose cabinet door that has stripped hinge holes?

You can fix stripped hinge holes of a cabinet door in several ways. Fill the old holes with dowels and make holes again. You can insert plugs in the holes and then insert the screw. In another way, put a ZZem screw and then place the screws again in the ZZems hole.

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Our straightforward guide on how to fix a stripped door hinge has helped you so much. Always be careful of using the hammer and drill, choosing the proper size screws and dowel. The unwise choice will waste your time and money and produce irritation.

A proper understanding of our guide and authentic use of instruments will lead you to fix a stripped door hinge successfully.

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