Help! How To Get A Stripped Screw Out Of Door Handle?


Due to lack of traction, the stripped screw will give you a painful experience when attempting to remove it from the door handle. So, how to get a stripped screw out of door handle?

Using the pozidriv screwdriver and rubber or driller with Philips drill bit will help you get it removed. You can also use a screw extractor set to take that out quickly. Or the steel wool & plain screwdriver will remove the stripped screw.

Now, stay tuned to the end to find the steps of these 4 methods which I’ll explain. Let’s Get Started!  

Methods To Get A Stripped Screw Out Of Door Handle!

It’s essential to deal with the stripped screw and not to wait for it to fully wear out. Locate the door handle screw holes stripped and mimic one of the given methods to solve one by one.

Method 1: Use A Pozidriv Screwdriver & Rubber

The first way how to remove a stripped screw of door knob is by using the screwdriver and elastic band made of rubber. Here is the direction:

  • Grab a large screwdriver (which has a pozidriv head).
  • Swing the door in a position where you can see the stripped screw better.
  • Hold the screwdriver attached to the worn-out screw and tap 3 – 4 times using a hammer. Do not hammer the stripped surface using more pressure.
  • Take the screwdriver to place a wide and flat rubber band that has elasticity. Focus on the head and be sure the rubber is vertically placed. It’ll help you get the needed friction.
  • Gently attach the screwdriver with rubber on the stripped screw and use slight pressure to get the grip.
  • Twist the screwdriver in an anticlockwise position (left to the right side).
  • Keep on twisting until you find the friction and see the screw coming out.

Method 2: Drill The Stripped Screw

The next technique can be done if you have a driller and Phillips drill bit. It truly helps a lot of people to get the stripped screw out of the doorknob. Now, try this:

  • Insert the Philips drill bit into the driller machine.
  • Hold the drill into the stripped screw head and tune it in reverse.
  • Press the drill hard while you press the trigger gently.
  • Keep on drilling until the screw comes out.

Tip: To get better friction, you can hold the driller in an angle position.

Method 3: Using The Stripped Screw Extractor

Those who are looking for how to remove a stripped screw without a drill from the door handle should try using a screw extension set (made for this purpose). If you are looking for one, try the F Finec Stripped Screw Extractor Set which contains 22 pieces. Follow the given steps:   

  • Insert one screw extractor bit in the driller by using the socket adapter. Be sure to match the size of the bit to the stripped screw beforehand.
  • Slowly press the trigger and put hard pressure on the damaged screw. Don’t worry about the screw having a hole.
  • Continue doing that until the screw moves.
  • Take out the stripped screw using a plier or screwdriver.

Method 4: Control With The Steel Wool & Plain Screwdriver.

If none of the above techniques works, then it’s better to use steel wool and a plain screwdriver as this help to take out stripped screw from the doorknob. Let me show you how to do it right:

  • Knot the steel wool in a tiny shape.
  • Place it on the stripped screw.
  • Use your pain screwdriver to hold the wool and stripped screw.
  • Apply slight pressure and twist the screwdriver in a counterclockwise position. Be sure to hold the wool against the stripped screw to get traction.
  • Do not stop twisting the screwdriver until the screw moves.

Wrong Moves What Causes Stripped Screws!

There are a bunch of reasons which cause the screws of the door handle to be stripped or damaged. These includes:

  • Wrong size nut.
  • During installation, the screws are attached using torque.
  • Installing the screws using bad quality tools.
  • Without concentrating, attaching the doorknob carelessly.
  • Inserting the screws at the wrong angle.
  • Using the wrong size drill bit to attach the screws.
  • Overtightening the screws.

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Wrapping Up

Instead of thinking hard about how to get a stripped screw out of door handle, you can try the above methods which are well-explained and easy to try in the real.

To do these, be sure you have all the equipment along with the safety gear to avoid making mishaps (no one would want terrible accident while trying a fix).

Focus is another thing which you need. Read the whole stuff before you start the procedure. You’ll Do Great!

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