Can You Spray Paint A Storm Door? [You can] A DIY Guide

A lot of us just cannot sit comfortably knowing their storm door looks grimy. Obviously, that’s a negative impression of you. Instead of bringing a new door, can you spray paint a storm door?

Yes, it’s possible. You can spray paint the storm door. To do that, detach the door handle and clean the surface. Then, scrape or sand the door and cover the unwanted areas. Next, use spray primer and paint. Put on the door handle to finish the process.

Even if the process seems simple, it takes around 3 – 4 hours to complete. So you better read the entire detailed procedure from this guide, and I will include some practical tips here and there. Let Start!

Can You Spray Paint A Storm Door

How to Spray Paint A Storm Door!

To change the old and boring look, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to spray paint a storm door in the right way:

1. Gather All The Suppliers

Start by purchasing all the tools that you’ll need to spray paint the storm door and organize them in a table. These includes:

  • Spray paint.
  • Spray primer.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Wire brush or sander.
  • Putty knife.
  • Patch-up filler.
  • Microfiber clothes.
  • Cleaning brush. 
  • Screwdriver or screw gun.
  • Allen wrench.
  • Plastic wrapper or newspaper.

2. Take Out The Handle

As most storm door uses a handle instead of a knob, that’s why you’ll need to investigate the backplate to find the screws.

If it’s not visible, insert the small Allen wrench on the handle round hole. Then, detach the upper handle part and remove the backplate by pressing the screwdriver on the side hole.

After that, you’ll find the 2 – 3 screws and unbolt them using a screwdriver or screw gun. Then, take out all the handles.

On the other hand, if your handle shows the screws in the handle, then all you need to do is to remove them with the same tool.

3. Clean The Surface

Take the microfiber cloth or cleaning brush to remove all the dirt, grease, oil, or other stuff from the storm door. 

If possible, use a chlorinated or another cleaner solution to take out the mold and mildew. Rinse the surface with fresh water and dry it out naturally.

Pro Tip: Wipe the excess water from the door using a dry cloth. This will help you to quicken the process of drying.

4. Scrape Or Sand The Door

Based on the storm door material, you can either scrape or sand the surface. To put it simply, if you are painting a metal storm door, scrape it. The wooden type will require sanding.

Scrape Metal Storm Door

Take a wire brush and simply run it on the metal surface of the door. Make sure all the rust and dirt are ripped off. 

Keep on rubbing the surface until the metal part seems visible. After that, wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

Sand Wooden Storm Door

Grab the sander or sandpaper with a block to rub the surface. Be sure to sand the surface until it seems even and flat to put the primer. If the door contains painting, then be sure to use a 400-grit sander to remove all the old paint.

Pro Tip: After scraping or sanding, be sure to use patch-up filler with a putty knife to cover the open pores and dents in the door.

5. Cover The Sides And Glass With Painter’s Tape

Take a reliable and big tape to cover the edges of the storm door like the ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. Be sure to hide the middle area using a plastic wrapper or newspaper. And, use them to cover the wall and main door areas which you don’t want to paint.

6. Use The Spray Primer

Open the cap of the spray primer and continuously shake it for around 30 – 60 seconds to ensure the mixing balls inside start to rattle properly. 

After that, aim the spray in the door from an upright position and ensure the distance is 10″ – 16″ from the surface. 

Keep on spraying to cover all the areas. Wait for it to set for 30 minutes at least before adding another layer. After priming the surface, let it dry for around 3 hours to use the paint.


  • During each break, be sure to shake the spray can. This is to ensure the right texture of the primer.
  • Ensure the weather is around 70°F (21°C) and 50% relative humidity.
  • Open the windows and main door.

7. Apply The Spray Paint

Use a thick paint that stays for a longer period like the Rust-Oleum 239108 Spray Paint. Take out the cap from the spray paint.

At the upright position, spray the paint on the door so that no place left. Ensure the 10″ – 16″ distance from the door to the spray can. Dry the first layer after waiting for 1 hour then apply another coat.

Do this 2 – 3 times to ensure proper color on the painted storm door. Wait for the surface to get set that takes several hours to fully dry it.


  • Use the paint when the weather is 50°F – 90°F (10°C – 32°C) and relative humidity is below 85%.
  • Shake the spray paint for around 1 minute before application.

8. Reinstall The Handle

Insert the door handle by doing the opposite of the removal process. Be sure to remove the painter’s tape and plastic wraps or newspapers from the surface. Check if anything needs adjustment or not.

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Wrapping Up

Spray painting a storm door can be a quick and easy way to update the look of your home’s exterior. However, it is important to properly prepare the surface and choose the right type of paint to ensure a long-lasting and professional-looking finish.

With the right tools and techniques, spray painting a storm door can be a fun and rewarding DIY project that adds value to your home. Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner, don’t be afraid to give it a try!

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