How to Lubricate a Storm Door Closer Properly


Depending upon build quality and usage, you may need to lubricate a storm door closer properly for further use. Suppose, you got stuck or your door closer is running but started creating problems.

Now, if you know how to lubricate the storm door closer properly, you will be capable enough to lubricate your door closer.

To lubricate a storm door, firstly, you need to diverge the closer from its current position. Then, observe the closer deeply, especially its screw positions and the oil filling. The oil filling path or tank is usually covered with a small plate, coiled with the door closer, or screwed with two or more crews. To intercept the plate, loosen the crews or move the closer plate 180° anticlockwise. Now it will be removed from the door closer’s body, and you can enter the lubrication oil.

Here, we have spent adequate time researching “how to lubricate a storm door closer” to find the best way to fix it. At the end of the article, you will learn the quickest and easiest way to fix your storm door closer. Let’s dive deep into the topic.

Why do you need to lubricate a storm door closer?

After the very first installation of a storm door closer, it runs smoothly during its earlier period. Later, it starts creating problems. You might be worried a bit or higher when you notice it for the first time. But it’s normal after a period. Based on the build quality, this problem-creating period may vary from one door closer to another.

In case your door closer squeaks and gets sluggish with every movement. It is pretty boring to tolerate the sound every time. To get rid of this sluggishness and squeak, you need to lubricate a storm door closer quickly and properly. Hence, you must know how to lubricate the storm door closer very well to fix it yourself.

Why do the door closers start occurring squeaks or problems?

A storm door closer starts making problems because it gets damaged on its various parts for every movement it does. Different parts of the door closer may create sounds or jams. A pen-like part inside the main body of the door may get decayed- which causes squeaking or jam.

Sometimes the hinge installation adjustment may cause the door to jam or squeak. Besides, after being adjusted right, hinges may cause problems because of their decay. Hinge screws are another cause of this problem.

A kind of oil is needed to run the storm closers. If the oil is empty in the closers oil tank, it must not run properly. It will get jammed or make an awful sound.

The door installation screws are also responsible for causing problems. If they are too loose or too tight, then they create problems.

Is it okay to oil a storm door closer?

Yes, without worry, you can use a special oil to run your door close smoothly. Hardware shops are the best location for this oil.

Lubricating of a storm door closer correctly

Once you get the problems with your door closer, you also need to find solutions. Here are the easy steps of fixing a door closer.

Step 1: Check the installation adjustment of the door closer

To define the door closer’s fault, you must check the entire adjustment process with the door and the wall. If you find this setup unsuitable, fix it immediately. Because of the wooden door, an earlier fit door closer may be unfit later.

Step 2: Check the screws of the door closer

The screws of the whole door closer setup must not be more or less tightened. Properly tightened screws bring better results consistently.

Step 3: Use spray or oil

Go to a hardware shop and find the proper oil or spray. Using this oil, you will get rid of this problem. Silicon spray lubrication is better than others.

Step 4: Use grease as lubricating

A special kind of grease, plumber grease, is another solution to the door closers’ problems. You may use it for removing door closer problems.

How do you soften a storm door closer?

Sometimes your door closer may show sluggish movement. It is due to the friction caused by their movement. The sluggishness may also occur from oil lackings or screw over tightened or loosened. Check the door closer to find the reason and implement solutions from the abovementioned process.

How can I make my door closer open easier?

To avoid jams in the door or other problems, you need to use spray, oil, or grease on your door. Usage of these sorts of lubricants at a regular interval will bring a better result and increase door closer’s longevity.


As soon as you get your door closer with problems, be cautious about repairing it immediately. Unless it is decayed every day, you may eventually find it unusable. You must not start the task unless you know how to lubricate the storm door appropriately.

Read the article twice or more to clarify all things. All these will be enough to free from this problem. For more queries, please leave us a message or mail us.

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