The Best Storm Door Closers [Top 8 Picks]

National Hardware N279-794 V1345 - Best Storm Door CloserHow sturdy your door is, doesn’t matter if it gets slammed on a regular basis, isn’t it?

As the doors come with a deep security concern for your respective places, no consideration should be made. Having strong wind or during any odd weather, you may face that door slamming forcefully.

Alongside, think of a situation where you have put all the focus on work. Meanwhile, doors that start to slam can make you feel disguised, won’t they? There are a lot of products regarding door safety available in the market.

These storm door closers can mitigate all of the risks along with increasing the stability of doors. Let’s find out the best storm door closer for your door protection.

Top 8 Best Storm & Screen Door Closers Reviews

Storm door closers are highly crucial and regular stuff for any place, either it is home or office. Choosing the wrong or average one can put you in the same previous trouble. So, wasting into it is not an ideal case, is it?

Exploring some traits and pros will meet your desired requirements for a long time deal. Let’s dig deeper to find out the best storm door closer to those that are worthy to buy.

1. Ideal Security SK1730W Heavy Duty Pneumatic Storm Door Closer – Best Door Closer for High Wind

Ideal Security SK1730W Heavy Duty Pneumatic Storm Door Closer - Best Door Closer for High WindProduct Specifications 

  • Product weight- 1.09 pounds
  • Dimensions- 16L x 2W x 4H inches
  • Variant- White
  • Cylinder diameter- 1.5 inches
  • Length of the tube- 10.5 inches

Coming with an original and authentic quality inside out its every component, this model from Ideal Security is here for your desired requirements. Manufacturers from this brand consider the storming closer issue big trouble so that they have added so many advanced features. You will rarely find these traits on other brands.

It holds great suitability for the doors which have a thickness of 1 to 2 inches. Meanwhile, it can serve us in a heavy-duty manner. So, how the heavier the wind blows, does not matter due to its heavy features.

Feature Highlights
  • Applicable on the heavier aluminum
  • Coming with an easy installation process
  • Durable for a long period
  • Suitable for thick doors
  • Requiring brackets along with screws

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Meanwhile, it comes with all of your required brackets along with other screws for doing the installation properly. Besides, you will get enough flexibility in fixing it which keeps you away from other installing-based complexity of other brands. Moreover, this heavy-duty door closer is nicely suitable to use on heavy and thick aluminum, wood, steel, etc. Besides, this model is the best storm door closer for high wind.

2. Touch ‘n Hold Standard-Duty Door Closer for Storm, Screen Doors with Hold Open Feature

Touch 'n Hold Standard-Duty Door Closer for Storm, Screen Doors with Hold Open FeatureProduct Specifications

  • Product weight- 16 ounces
  • Dimensions- 1 x 2.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Variant- Sandstone
  • Technology type- Patented pneumatic system controls
  • Manufacturer- Greenstar

It comes with a hand-free holding opener. So, you can easily click the touch button for holding your door. As a result, it will stay in your desired positions where you want to.

Besides, it is highly famous for its easy release. While you nudge the door, the open button will get released frequently. As a result, the door will revoke like a tortoise head.

Feature Highlights
  • Having a smoother technology
  • Coming with different kits, single and dual
  • Having a sturdy metal bracket
  • Easier to change the bracket positions
  • Having an original touch button 

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Besides, it is based on patented smooth closing technology. So, you will get a smoother closing comparatively than other door closers. Besides, it is much easier to install along with taking less time.

This Touch ‘n Hold door closer comes with significant improvements while their products have become one of the most reliable and user-friendly. Besides, you do not need any pinched finger from the washer. Meanwhile, it requires no bending while dialing a knob.

As a result, tapping the button will make your door stay open. Moreover, you can consider it as the best standard & light duty screen door closer

3. Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Dual Door Closer System – Best Heavy Duty Storm Door Closer

Touch 'n Hold Smooth Dual Door Closer System - Best Extra Heavy Duty Storm Door CloserProduct Specifications

  • Product weight- 1.85 pounds
  • Dimensions- 8L x 3.6W x 1.7H inches
  • Variant- Black
  • Type- Dual door closer system
  • Manufacturer- Greenstar

Apart from all of the benefits, storm door closers mostly require some pressure or effort to make it open or close. But you will be impressed here that it will take less effort than average, isn’t it so exciting? Well, this brand has evolved its heavy storm doors according to advanced technology.

It comes with a patented and smoother closer that is full of the automation process. As a result, it will allow you to make it closed swiftly and smoothly. Meanwhile, there will be no extra pressure on the frame.

Feature Highlights
  • Coming with seven different variants
  • Opening & closing are operable within a simple tap
  • Having strong mount brackets
  • Stays firmly in the position
  • Easy adjustability in latching power

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That is why this model of Touch ‘n Hold Smooth is known as touch and hold closer. So, you will witness that a direct upgraded product is there for you. Moreover, after opening the door, the closing phase will mean to be activated.

Meanwhile, it contains a metal-based bracket. It can pivot this closer sticking one side of your door. Besides, every user finds it much reliable along with a sturdy nature.

Moreover, you will see that it is painted for resisting the damaging consequences of dampness in the air. As a result, this process makes it more perfect to perform as a corrosion resistor. Meanwhile, any user can suitably turn the screws of this storm closer.

It is an obvious process to adjust the closing speed. Besides, you need to change the positions of those brackets while shifting the latch capacity. You can consider it as the best heavy-duty storm door closer.

4. Andersen Storm Door Top and Bottom Door Closer Kit – Best Extra Heavy Duty Storm Door Closer

Andersen Storm Door Top and Bottom Door Closer Kit - Best Extra Heavy Duty Storm Door Closer Product Specifications 

  • Product weight- 2.35 pounds
  • Dimensions- 1.38L x 15.75W x 1.38H inches
  • Variant- White
  • Manufacturer- Andersen
  • Item Package Quantity- 1

It comes with several kits along with jamb brackets. Meanwhile, you will also find a door bracket along with screws. Besides, the door closers are based on push-button style.

While you are going to buy this, make sure that you have matched the jamb brackets similar to the pictures or not. Besides, you will get enough flexibility on its installation process. As a result, it will be much more comfortable for you to open and close the doors through this specialized door closer.

Feature Highlights
  • Providing comfort for any sized doors
  • Coming with jamb brackets
  • Having a push-button style
  • Having different speed levels
  • Easy in adjusting with your doors

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Meanwhile, it can control several types of doors, either lightweight or even heavy-duty storm doors. As a result, it can serve you in any good or bad weather conditions. Meanwhile, it is highly popular for its long durability. So, you can consider it as the best extra heavy-duty storm door closer available in the market.

5. Wright Products V150WH Heavy Duty Pneumatic Closer – Best Pneumatic Storm Door Closer

Wright Products V150WH Heavy Duty Pneumatic Closer - Best Pneumatic Storm Door CloserProduct Specifications

  • Product weight- 14.8 ounces
  • Dimensions- 15.75L x 1.81W x 3.75H inches
  • Variant- White
  • Finishing- Black
  • Style- Contemporary 

It comes with a white variant along with several user-friendly features. From its beginning of the production, it has got the user’s attraction. You will witness here a heavy-duty pneumatic storm-based along with screen door closer.

Meanwhile, it is highly capable of wooden or metal-based out-swinging doors. Besides, it has the capacity of opening at 90 degrees. On the other hand, you have the freedom in adjusting the closing speed.

Feature Highlights
  • Capable for wooden and metal-based doors
  • Having a whole 90-degree opening
  • Easy to handle
  • Coming with different adjusting speed
  • Soundless in its each activity

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As a result, controlling the opening and closing moment of your door will be much easier to handle through this tiny door closer. It does not create any sound while can serve your door for a long time. So, you can choose it for your respective places as it is the best pneumatic storm door closer.

6. National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch ‘n Hold Door Closers – Best Quality Storm Door Closer

National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch 'n Hold Door Closers - Best Quality Storm Door CloserProduct Specifications

  • Manufacturer- National Hardware
  • Product dimensions- 2L x 4W x 4H inches
  • Variant- White
  • Product weight- 1.01 pounds
  • Finishing- White

This model from the National Hardware keeps great popularity for its user-friendly features. Besides, it holds a one-touch type design along with an ergonomic button. Meanwhile, it has an easier automatic release.

Moreover, you will find here a limited lifetime warranty which attracts many users to buy it. Besides, there are very few people who have any complaints regarding its installation process. As a result, you will also get a smoother and easier installing within a short time.

Feature Highlights
  • Having limited lifetime warranty
  • One-touch-based hold open design
  • Having an ergonomic button
  • Easier installation of a jamb bracket
  • Having limited lifetime warranty

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Besides, it is enabled with one hand or single foot operation. That means you can simply push the top button for adjusting it. Meanwhile, you can install a jamb bracket by drilling 0.125 inches pilot holes for the long screwing.

Besides, it is easier to install short pins along with moving door brackets. On the other hand, it is highly suitable as a permanent lubrication-based door closer. As a result, you will find a powder-coated finishing along with prolonged durability.

Besides, it also comes with a mounted fastener. So, there will be no longer any requirements of having a washer for pinching fingers. Besides, this door closer is non-greased. So, you can consider it as the best quality storm door closer, isn’t it?

7. Onarway Automatic Screen Door Closer with Hold Open – Best for Residential Use

Onarway Automatic Screen Door Closer with Hold Open - Best for Residential UseProduct Specifications

  • Product weight- 3.19 pounds
  • Dimensions-10.35L x 3.58W x 2.95H inches
  • Style- Size 3 with Hold Open
  • Variant- White
  • Manufacturer- Onarway

Onarway is one of the leading brands in providing the best automatic screen door closer. You will find an open range of 90 degrees in the door. Besides, the door closer will allow your door to open at any angle you prefer.

Moreover, you will not require using any external or additional force, door wedge to hold the door open or close. This size 3-based commercial door closer is applicable for the door between the range of 45 to 60 kilograms. Besides, you will not find much flexibility in handling lightweight doors.

Feature Highlights
  • Having size 3 in door closers
  • Having door open range in 90° to 180°
  • Providing a better speed adjustability
  • Not suitable for light doors
  • Requiring no extra force or additional door prong

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Meanwhile, the door range can recline up to 180 degrees which is quite a user-friendly outlook of a standard door closer. Alongside the door, its frame is needed to be in the same place. Besides, this hydraulic door closer has been constructed through a commercial-graded aluminum alloy while it is fully hydraulic-based.

Apart from its speed adjustment, you will also get antioxidative, rustless, seasonal-proof, steady, and sturdy. Interestingly, it will provide you with oil leaking chances to the least. As a result, you will have it for a long time along with much flexibility.

Meanwhile, it is nicely suited for exterior, interior, residential, etc., doors. Moreover, installing it easily is another user-friendly component to please you. Besides, it is highly suitable to consider as a light-duty automatic storm door closer.

8. FORTSTRONG Commercial Door Closer FS-7600B – Best Hydraulic Screen Door Closer for Commercial Use

FORTSTRONG Commercial Door Closer FS-7600B - Best Hydraulic Screen Door Closer for Commercial UseProduct Specifications

  • Product weight- 6.25 pounds
  • Dimensions- 12.68L x 4.25W x 4.02H inches
  • Variant- Black
  • Manufacturer- FORTSTRONG
  • Installation- All types

This door closer has high popularity as an ADA-compliant heavy-duty closer. It also holds grade 1 certification which is approved by BHMA. It has a long 3 hours of fire rating found while testing over 2 million cycles.

Besides, you can use it in medium doors along with entrances, long doorways, halls, etc. Meanwhile, it comes with different adjusting sizes. Having six different adjusting levels to control the power helps users to sweep motion.

Feature Highlights
  • Having three different installation process
  • Providing ANSI Grade 1
  • Suitable for exterior and interior- both
  • Bearing doors up to 264 lbs
  • Having six adjusting levels 

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It has self-regulation in the mechanism for keeping you suited. Besides, you will get enough comfort while using it on the interior or exterior. As it contains the most elegant and standard cast iron material, you will also find steel-based arms that are aluminum coat-based.

Besides, you do not have to worry about rust and corrosion. Meanwhile, having high-quality aluminum hydraulics along with a sturdy case is a better option for enduring more than 2 million open and close cycles. Moreover, it’s easier and simpler manner of installing can give you more reliability. So, you can have this product as it is the best hydraulic storm door closer for medium traffic areas.


Buyers Guide: How to Find the Best Screen Door Closers 

Door Types

You can consider this buying point as the most crucial and initial guide. Well, most of us do not know that each door closers will not suit every door. For the right and perfect alignment to your door, the storm closer is asked to be compatible enough.

So, it is an obvious step to measure it before installing. Some of the doors are open inward while others are open outward available too. Besides, you will find enough differences in external and inner doors too.

Luckily, there are fewer universal doors available in the market too, that can get suited to almost all of the doors. Meanwhile, there are several different materials-based doors that include wood, aluminum, steel, and even glass. Moreover, you must need those doors which can be utilized in most situations without any problem. Let’s show you some of the types of door closer that you can use for several occasions of work.

Hidden door closer that comes full of aesthetics along with an advanced mechanism. You may not find these via your naked eyes but still, it is highly ideal for your doors. Meanwhile, its frame is hydraulic along with spring too.

Besides, a surface mount door closer is mainly smaller and tiny in size while locating at the door back. You will find a specialized handle and there is located its small bar along with an arm. While you need to combine or mix the door variant, it will be very useful to use.

On the other hand, a floor door closer is an ideal one while you need a little bit of subtle appearance. Meanwhile, these door closers are situated in a hole just under your door. You will find it very popular in glass door cases along with door sliding.


Construction material also impacts a lot while you are expecting to have a better and optimal performance. Meanwhile, it clearly shows you how long it can survive. In reality, most of the brands produce high-quality door closers along with a solid wooden infrastructure.

It comes with a continual bonded skin of aluminum which will present you with a baked-on finish. Besides, you will feel sturdy enough as it has been made of a wooden core. As a result, it will not easily get twisted, rattled, or even dented.

Meanwhile, you will no longer need any heavy maintenance. In the meantime, there are available several composite doors that are based on new and updated technology. It is popular as a forever ultra-core. Besides, this material is comparatively tougher to operate while having a molding-based color.

It also includes a non-vanishing manner so that you will not have to experience any scratching problems. Besides, the doors including heavy-duty along with a foam-filled aluminum door are also available. You will find many lightweight features that allow you to have a full frame-based glass. So, these traits of a door can assist you in numerous ways to make your door closer effective, and long-lasting.

Installation Type

While you are installing the door closer, you will get clear instructions for it. As a result, you will get to the point and know exactly where it is needed to set up. Besides, you need to check if you have enough surface volume or not.

This area can be anywhere such as a wall, door frame, etc. So, before buying, you should go for the measure. As a result, it will be easier for you to have it in the desired area.

A few closers will allow you to install in numerous ways. While you require any tricky or limited area to set up, you may have several options in the market.


Having the compatibility of adjusting the closing speed along with sturdiness is very crucial for any storm door closer. As each door closers keep the purpose of closing the door nicely, it is better if your closer can do a simple and basic adjustment with the door. As a result, the door will not get slammed again.

Besides, you will have the flexibility of having a smoother closing speed in different situations. Meanwhile, this feature can make the closer fittest. Moreover, today’s market is full of variety in storm door closers.

Several commercial door closers can give you more opportunity and adjustability in speed range. So, you can ensure yourself in managing heavy or bulky, sturdy doors through it.

Mounting Situations

Where and how you are mounting the door closers, are very vital in getting the best service from it. Meanwhile, you will find that the door closers based on surface mounting overhead are highly suitable for almost every user. Besides, it is commonly used and comes with a lot of varieties.

These are such as slide arm, regular arm surface mounting, parallel-arm, transom mounting, etc. Moreover, there is a type, named the concealed door closers. This type is highly aesthetic along with suitable for installing and hiding from eye view.

Meanwhile, floor springs have the nature of being so durable. There are several options of mounting in any commercial screen door closer.

Closing Force

While you are opening and closing the door, some force out of it will have to be carried through the door closer. So, if you have heavier doors in the places, then it is better to check before buying about the force capacity of the door closer. It will help you for the rest of the time to make strong control over your closing and opening.

Besides, a lighter closer can do the job easily for you if you are having a lightweight and thin door. Meanwhile, there is a chart containing several weights, widths while having 6 levels of power. So, it is a good decision if you can check out the measurements or details from the manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Screen Door Closers

Touch 'n Hold Smooth - Dual Door Closer System - Heavy Duty Screen Door CloserHow does a storm door closer work?

These closers are operated by the execution of compressed air in its valves. 

How many positions do I have to install a door closer?

You have several options of installing in different positions of a storm door. It can be in the arm’s length, or the vertical side, or the top jamb of a door.

Should I put oil in the door closer?

Yes, you can. Some drops of oil will accelerate its smoothness. So, you can put oil once every six months.

Which is the vital function of any door closer?

It’s basic functionality is, how to decrease the rate of slam the door closer.


Most of us can not relate the significance of a storm door closer. But it can show you how vital it is in the process of the durability of your door. As you should buy it, there are so many components to focus on choosing the best storm door closer.

You will find different sizes of doors at various places. But all of the doors are not fitted to one door closer. So, deciding whether your door is heavier or not is a must.

Then, you should go exploring the door closers while you have considered the requirements. As a result, it will save your time along with getting the best possible one for your door.

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