The Best Front Doors for Security | Top 8 Picks

Best Front Doors For Security

The sense of security is a basic human right. Every human being deserves to feel safe and protected in their homes without fear of someone breaking in and disrupting their lives.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a utopia. In the real world, the fear of burglars and thieves is very real, and for that, we need security.

That is where the best front doors for security come in. We have selected 8 of the sturdiest and most secure front doors for your house. Owing to multiple factors, these doors can ensure your safety and relieve you of tension. The goal of this article is to analyze these factors and finding a common pattern. 

Top 8 Best Front Doors for Security Reviews

In this section of the article, we will go through each of the selected products and analyze their features, benefits, and shortcomings. By doing so, we aim to give you a much clearer idea of what you are looking for in a front door and what your options are in that regard.

1. Prime-Line Woodguard Steel Security Door

Prime-Line 3809BZ3068 Woodguard Steel Security Door - Screen Door Style Steel Security DoorThis security door from Prime-Line is the total package. It comes with almost everything you could ask for from a front door and comes at an extremely cheap price at the same time.

Before we talk about all the things that make this door safe, let us take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this door.

The door already has a mesh-like screen that offers many other utilities besides looking great. On top of that, the door comes with a solid pinewood styling surrounding the mesh screen as well.

While the pinewood styling does boost the aesthetic value, we should also tell you that they can be pretty high maintenance, and you should be ready for that.

Feature Highlights
  • Has a pinewood styling around a mesh screen for the highest aesthetic value
  • Features a mesh screen that protects you from insects and ensures proper ventilation
  • Comes with hinges that are completely tamper-proof
  • Has a very easy installation process and comes with all the required tools

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Speaking of the mesh screen, we should also go into its utilities. The mesh screen comes with pores so small that no insect can possibly enter through the door. So, the screen gives you ample ventilation and protects you from insects.

It also protects you from human beings with bad intentions with their fantastic door design and construction. The hinges are pre-built and completely tamper-proof. No burglar can break it easily.

The installation process is extremely simple. It does use a hardware mount, and you might need some help from people to get it done the right way. But it comes with all the tools you might need in order to install the door. So that isn’t hassle you have to worry about.

2. Door Major Double Door Fiberglass Front Door 

Door Major Double Door Fiberglass Front DoorBefore we move further, we must mention that this door is easily one of our premium picks. This door is very expensive, and you should avoid it if you are on a budget. However, the features and benefits this door provide go a long way to justify the price.

Firstly, let us talk about the design of the door. This double door is the epitome of style and class. Like the previous product, this one also aims for a minimalist look but still manages to stand out just by virtue of being so stylish. It uses dark mahogany to bolster its style.

Feature Highlights
  • Made of classic dark mahogany for a strong and sturdy frame
  • Uses fiberglass that is completely resistant to rusts and cracking
  • Comes with a detailed installation guide that makes the hardware mount very simple
  • Supports both left-handed and right-handed swings
  • Comes in 4 different colors

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The door also comes in 4 different colors. All of the colors blend in with the style of the door seamlessly, and each brings a unique look to the table.

The mentioned dark mahogany also contributes to the sturdiness of the door. Furthermore, it uses a fiberglass construction along with it. This fiberglass is completely resistant to any forms of cracking and rust. Long term users have verified that.

The door requires a hardware mount to install it. While it can be quite a hassle at times, the hardware mount also contributes to the security significantly. Compared to most hardware mounts, though, this one is quite simple, and the detailed step-by-step installation guide that it comes with certainly helps the matter a lot.

Again, the door supports both left and right-handed swings. So that’s another point for convenience and versatility.

3. VIZ-PRO Quick Mount Steel Security Door with Frame and Hardware

VIZ-PRO Quick Mount Steel Security Door with Frame and HardwareThis door prioritizes a solid construction above everything else. In terms of providing the hardest and most unbreakable door, VIZ-PRO might just be the best in the game.

The materials play the biggest part in a sturdy construction. This door is made of completely reinforced steel, which makes it almost impossible to kick in. In addition to being sturdy, the door is also very durable and can stand the test of time.

The overall design is fantastic. The handles are made of stainless steel to ensure its quality for a longer period of time. The same can be seen with the hinges and the locks too. The stainless steel hinges play a huge role in making the door secure. The door also uses a 9-12 point locking system to bolster security.

Feature Highlights
  • Comes in lots of different sizes
  • Made of sturdy reinforced steel
  • Features handles and hinges made of stainless steel
  • Uses a 9-12 point locking system for maximum security
  • Doesn’t require any additional hardware to install

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This product comes in a lot of different sizes, depending on the dimensions of your door frame. So in terms of versatility and variations as well, this door has you covered.

Moreover, the installation process is also as simple as they come. It uses a quick pressure mount. So you don’t require additional hardware or any professional help to install the door.

The only issue one might have with the door is that it’s slightly overpriced and could give more at the price that it comes at.

4. Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Screen Door

Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Screen DoorAs the name suggests, this door focuses on ultimate security above all else, and that is evident in its design and construction. But Titan also tries to make it as versatile and convenient as possible.

Let us first talk about the mesh screen. The screen is expertly designed and made to provide proper ventilation. At the same time, this screen cannot be infiltrated by insects either.

The door uses a hardwood lining around the mesh screen for a stronger structure. This adds to the sturdiness and security significantly. However, hardwood may require heavy maintenance, and you have to accept that in order to reap the other benefits this door provides.

Feature Highlights
  • Has a mesh screen that ensures ventilation and keeps insects out
  • Uses a 3-point locking system for adequate security
  • Comes with a hardwood lining for added sturdiness
  • Very easy to install and doesn’t require professional help
  • Comes in lots of different colors that complement the minimalist aesthetic

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In terms of locking, the door uses a 3-point locking system. This system is great for ensuring the highest security. While it’s not as good as a 9-point system, considering the price of the door, it is justified. Besides, it is unlikely that you will need a superior system as the 3-point system is still quite effective.

Furthermore, the door uses a very simple pressure mount installation process. All you have to do is angle the door accurately and push it into place. You will not require any extra tools or professional help.

Even in terms of aesthetic appeal, this product has you covered. Not only does its minimalist design look good, but it also provides lots of different color options. All of these colors blend perfectly with the minimalist look the door aims to achieve.

5. Unique Home Designs Solstice Security Door with Shatter-Resistant Glass

Unique Home Designs Solstice Security Door with Shatter-Resistant GlassAmong other security front doors, this one is perhaps the most balanced. It has the perfect combination of sturdiness, durability, design, and convenience.

Let us start by talking about its construction. The door features complete steel construction. That is to say; this door is a composite door with steel being the primary material used in the composition. This makes the door extremely sturdy and nearly unbreakable.

The design further adds to the strength of this door. A particular aspect we really like is the sharp corners that remain at a precise 45-degree angle. This not only adds to the overall strength of the door but also increases its aesthetic value.

Feature Highlights
  • Features complete steel construction
  • Comes with extremely sharp corners that add to both the strength and the aesthetic value
  • Supports both right-handed and left-handed designs
  • Can be installed with a simple pressure mount with little to no hassle
  • Comes with a screen for better ventilation

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Furthermore, the door is extremely simple to install. Like all pressure mounts, you will not require any additional tools. You simply need to push it into the right place.

Again, the product also features a screen. This screen works really well to provide proper ventilation. Moreover, the door supports both left-handed and right-handed designs for more versatility and convenience.

But there are some flaws that can stick out in this product. For example, the hinges aren’t very durable. Some customers have complained that the hinges break down after a few months of use.

6. Rustic Mahogany Stained Distressed Solid Wood Prehung Front Door

Rustic Mahogany Stained Distressed Solid Wood Prehung Front DoorAmong home security doors, this one ranks very high. Despite having a lot of fantastic features, this door still comes at quite an affordable price.

Speaking of all the fantastic features, we must start with the construction. As the name suggests, the door is made out of mahogany. But instead of using the classic mahogany that is scarce in nature, it uses Brazilian Mahogany instead. This type of mahogany is not only abundant in nature but also provides immense strength and sturdiness to the door.

Furthermore, it comes in a wide variety of sizes. So it can easily fit in almost any door frame, and that adds a lot of points to the versatility of the door.

Feature Highlights
  • Fits perfectly with any door frame due to its wide range of sizes
  • Made of firm Brazilian Mahogany that adds the much-needed strength and sturdiness to the structure
  • Uses a speakeasy instead of a peephole
  • Comes with all the required tools for installation along with a detailed guide
  • Has a subdued yet attractive design

As for the design, it is nothing flashy, but that works for its benefit. The non-flashy minimalistic design really adds an element of style and class to the door. Another interesting detail about the design is that the door doesn’t have a peephole. Instead, it uses a speakeasy, which is arguably much more convenient.

The installation process is fairly simple. It uses a hardware mount but comes with a detailed guide to help you through it. Moreover, it comes with all the tools you will need in order to install it. But the door can be quite heavy as most mahogany doors are. Hence, you might need some extra help to get the installation done.

The only other potential flaw of this door, according to the customers, is the fact that it doesn’t come with any exterior moldings, and it could really use some.

7. Gatehouse Sunset White Screen Integrated Steel Security Door

Gatehouse Sunset White Screen Integrated Steel Security Door

The specialty of Gatehouse doors is that they pack a lot of features at extremely low prices. This particular door is the cheapest door on the list, and it still delivers on a number of factors.

Now, the door frame features a perforated metal screen, which can provide a lot of advantages. Firstly, it gives strength to the door because of the use of high-quality metal. Secondly, it allows for secure ventilation. Thirdly, it will protect you from insects coming into your house.

Feature Highlights
  • Has a perforated metal screen with solid construction for secure ventilation
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Comes with very artistic and attractive designs on the door frame
  • All required hardware for installation is provided by Gatehouse
  • Comes in a lot of different sizes for maximum versatilit

Besides the metal screen, the overall door also has a heavy-duty and high-quality steel construction. Like most steel security doors, no burglar or thief can easily bash it in.

Furthermore, the designs on this door make it aesthetically pleasing as well. Instead of going the minimalistic route that can be seen in most doors, this one has some quite flashy and artistic designs. The multiple color options accentuate the aesthetic value significantly as well.

The door also comes in lots of different dimensions so that it can fit almost any door frame. The installation process is very easy. It uses a hardware mount, but it is made easy due to the detailed guide and the company providing all the required tools in the package.

Sadly, the door doesn’t support the left-handed design, and that can be a con for some people. Again, another flaw in the frame of the door. Some customers have stated that it shows signs of cracking after a few months.

8. Gatehouse Alexandria Almond Steel Security Front Door

Gatehouse Alexandria Almond Steel Security Front DoorIn terms of style and look, this door is one of the best security front doors. Like the previous door, this one doesn’t shy away from showcasing extravagant and flashy designs. The designs are beautifully crafted and look very pretty.

In fact, the designs are so pretty that it is hard to believe the door costs as much as it does. Like most gatehouse doors, this one is extremely cheap and delivers a lot of great features despite such a low price.

Like the last door, this one also features a perforated metal screen. As we have discussed, this allows for secure ventilation alongside additional strength to the frame. And it also provides sufficient protection from insects.

Feature Highlights
  • Extremely attractive and eye-catching design
  • Comes with a perforated metal screen for secure ventilation
  • Features steel built that makes the door safe from burglars and thieves
  • Hinges are pre-hung and thus stronger, more durable, and more tamper-resistant
  • Comes in multiple different sizes

It also comes with high-quality steel construction that will make your door a burglar proof front door. Most secure front doors do come with a variation of steel construction, and the gatehouse doesn’t shy away from adopting that philosophy.

A special part of the door design in the Alexandria door is that the hinges are pre-hung. That means these hinges are pre-assembled to the door. Thus these hinges are much stronger, more durable, and more tamper-resistant than hinges in general.

The door also comes in a lot of different sizes to allow for maximum versatility. The question of whether it will fit or not isn’t one you have to give priority to due to the wide range of sizes.

The sad part about this door is that it doesn’t come with a doorknob or a deadbolt. You have to purchase each of them separately. Furthermore, you have to drill a hole for the deadbolt yourself. Besides these inconveniences, it is definitely one of the best security doors from homes.

Best wooden security front door
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Buying Guide for Security Entry Doors 

It is quite natural to feel clueless in your search for the best security doors for homes. But we are here to make it easier. This comprehensive buying guide will walk you through all the factors you need to consider before buying the security door that is right for you.


By dimensions, we obviously mean the overall size of the door. This includes the height, breadth, and thickness of the door. Obviously, there isn’t any gospel that dictates a door can only have specific dimensions. The necessary dimensions are always subjective and differ based on circumstances.

First of all, you need to determine where you want to place the door and how big you want your door to be. Then you can make the required space needed for that door. The door must simply fit into this space properly.

The ideal dimensions for a door are generally 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall. But as mentioned, this isn’t gospel, and you can definitely pick a size that suits your requirements better.

Placement of the Door

Where you place the door is just as important as the quality of the door in determining its overall effectiveness. When buying a security door, a lot of things are taken into considerations. These include being burglar-proof, having good ventilation, being aesthetically appealing, etc.

It goes without saying that burglar-proof is the most important part of the whole equation. So thought needs to go into the placement of the front door so that burglars cannot tamper with it.

For example, it is better to not place the door near vulnerable windows as it makes it much easier for thieves and burglars to get into the house. Again, in order for better ventilation, you might want to place the door somewhere where there is ample breeze.

Also, to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your house with an attractive looking front door, you might want to place it somewhere, it is visible.


Doors can be made out of a lot of different materials. The most prominent ones are Timber, uPVC, and composite of multiple materials (primarily steel). Each of the types of doors has its individual benefits and drawbacks. It is essential to know and understand these before choosing the door.

  • Timber

Firstly, let us talk about the doors made of timber. Timber is arguably the most common materials to be used in doors, and rightfully so. It offers a wide array of advantages that are really difficult to match.

Perhaps the thing that timber offers better than most materials is the sturdiness. It’s tough to match the sturdiness of a wooden security front door. Because of this sturdiness, it is very difficult to kick in, and thus it protects you from thieves and burglars effectively.

Besides the sturdiness factor, there is also the aesthetics that come into play. Very few doors can give you that smooth and clean look that a wooden door can give you. A lot of people tend to opt for this door for that reason only.

Furthermore, wooden doors tend to come with very good locking systems as well. For most wooden doors, the most common locking system is the five-lever mortise. It is an extremely effective locking system that is very difficult to tamper with. Hence, even in terms of security, these doors have you covered.

The drawback of doors made from timber is that they can cost quite a lot. These doors are not recommended for people who are on a budget. Again, these doors are also very high maintenance. So if you cannot give a certain amount of time to maintaining these doors, you really shouldn’t opt for this.

  • uPVC

These doors have gradually become more popular. In the past, people were skeptical of these types of doors and with the right reasons. They offered very little security and had little to no durability. But that is not the case anymore. The conditions of uPVC doors these days have improved drastically.

The material, in general, is much sturdier now than it used to be. It is much harder to kick in and break. So the strength of the door can give you a sense of comfort and peace.

Furthermore, these doors have anti-snap locks these days. They are great for security and will make it much harder for thieves to pick the lock. In the past, these anti-snap locks were never seen in uPVC doors, and thus skepticism existed regarding them.

Again, these doors are extremely low maintenance. You wouldn’t need to care much for them at all, really, and the doors will still be perfectly fine. If that wasn’t all, they are also very cheap. So they are your best bet if you want to save money. But do make sure that the doors have anti-snap locks attached to them.

Like everything, however, the uPVC doors also come with their sets of drawbacks. Firstly, these doors can never be as sturdy as timber or composite doors. So your security will always be limited.

Secondly, it can only support locks where it was pre-made to go. And you cannot add any extra locks to further bolster your security. These doors are extremely convenient, but if security is a big priority, you should really avoid these.

  • Composite Doors

As the name suggests, composite doors are generally doors that are a composite of a lot of different materials. As such, they can bring the best of all worlds. That is why despite timber being the most popular material in doors, these are the ones that are used the most.

Generally, these doors have a steel door frame combined with a solid hardwood lining to bolster the sturdiness. Sometimes the hardwood lining is scrapped altogether, and only the steel frame is used.

These doors generally have the perfect balance of sturdiness, durability, and convenience. That is why they are favored by most people. They also come at a pretty cheap cost compared to pure timber doors and are very low maintenance as well.

But these do not come at the cost of security. These doors generally use very sturdy materials and effective locking systems to maximize security as well. That is why we coined them the best of all worlds.


It goes without saying, but the installation needs to be as easy as possible. Installing doors, in general, can be quite a hard job. But the level of difficulty can vary from person to person. You have to understand your skill level and go for the door that you can install.

Let us consider that you and you alone will install the door. So if you are someone who has never used tools before, then you should go for doors with pressure mount instead so that you can easily install them. But if you are comfortable enough with tools, you can go for the hardware, mount yourself too.

The key is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and choosing the option that plays to your strengths.

Best security entry doors residential
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FAQs About Security Doors for Home

1. How to install a security door?

Some doors only require a pressure mount. You could do that by angling the door accurately and simply pushing it in place. But some doors require a hardware mount. In this case, you will require some tools to properly install it, and you should look for some professional help to get the job done.

2. How to make regular doors more secure?

While buying security doors is the best option, regular doors can also be made safer. You can do that by installing a door armor to make the structure more firm and sturdy. You can also change the previous locks or add new locks to make it harder to break in.

3. Where should I place the door?

As we discussed in the buying guide section, a lot of factors go into the placement of the door. In general, you should place the door in a place that offers the highest amount of security to the house while keeping your convenience in mind.

4. How much does installing security doors usually cost?

The average cost of getting a security door installed is around 1400$. The low cost would be somewhere around 600$, and the high cost would be about 4600$.

Final Words

Very few feelings are worse than feeling unsafe in your own home. No human being should have to go through that. Unfortunately, you cannot just be given the security you deserve in this world. You have to take steps to ensure it. Getting the best front doors for security is one of those steps.

We hope we could convince you of the importance of these doors and guide you through your options. Now all you have to do is assess your priorities and make the choice that benefits you the most. Stay safe, and stay secure.

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