Best Door Sweeps for Exterior Doors [Top 10 Pick]

Best Door Sweeps for Exterior Doors

One of the biggest unsung heroes of our time is the door sweep.

While you’re struggling with lowering your power bills or wondering how insects keep finding their way into your home, someone out there with a door sweep is laughing.

“But what even is it!?” You ask, exasperated. “And what can the best door sweeps for exterior doors do for me?”

The answer lies in the gap between the floor and your exterior door‘s base. That’s where the trouble happens: the space is not only large enough for heat loss but for bugs to get through easily. A door sweep blocks that space, preventing cold air, critters, and noise from entering.

Find our top picks below!

List of the Best Door Sweeps We Reviewed

  1. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal 
  2. Ohuhu Door Sweep With Weather Stripping
  3. Xcluder 162602 Commercial Door Sweep
  4. MAXTID Double Sided Door Draft Stopper
  5. BAINING Metal Door Sweep Rubber Seal Strip
  6. M-D Building – Rubber Door Sweep
  7. Frost King Aluminum/Brush Door Sweep
  8. Evelots Magnetic Clip-On Door Draft Stopper
  9. M-D Building 7153 Automatic Door Sweep
  10. KS Hardware U Shaped Door Sweep

Types of Door Sweeps

Door gap seals come in 5 main varieties. Before we move on to the reviews, we’ve described each type below to help you decide which will suit your needs best.

Standard Door Sweep

An aluminum carrier strip is equipped with a vinyl weatherstripping in the standard door sweep. They are installed onto steel or wooden doors by screwing them on. Gaps measuring ½ to ¾ inches are best dealt with using this kind of sweep. If you have a hardwood or tile floor, go for this kind of sweep.

Self-Stick Door Sweep

Constructed from flexible plastic material, these door sweeps are so called because of the self-sticking adhesive that they are installed with. These sweeps are used chiefly on exterior doors made of wood and metal and are ideal for renters who aren’t allowed to make permanent changes to their homes.

Installation of this door sweep is very easy as it only requires the user to peel off the adhesive paper and stick.

Automatic Door Sweep

If your door sweeps over a carpet, then an automatic door sweep is going to be the best fit for you. That’s because these guys have the ability to rise automatically when the door is opened, but when the door is closed again, the gap is automatically sealed. These are a bit tougher to install as they must be screwed in.

Draft Door Weatherproofing

This is another non-permanent type of door sweep that is more accurately characterized as a draft stopper. Made of foam tubes measuring up to 35 inches in length, they are meant to be cut up and used as draft stoppers under the door gap. Installation is as easy as fitting the tubes into two sleeves and positioning it under the door. This type is best suited to carpet, linoleum, wood, or tile floors.

Magnetic Door Sweep

This is another variant of door draft stopper that is meant for use with metal doors. They’re a good fit for high-security exterior doors or in commercial buildings.

Top 10 Best Door Sweeps for Exterior Doors Reviews

Are you ready to step into the world of simple solutions to heat loss, insect intrusion, and cold air entering your home? Then you’re ready for these reviews!

1. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper – Best Door Sweep Strip for Drafts Noise & Air

best door sweep for draftsIf you’re looking for the best door sweep for drafts, then you’re gonna love this first pick from Suptikes. It has justly earned its high rating with a super sturdy yet flexible construction of premium-quality silicone and overall high performance.

Measuring 39 inches in length, this silicone door sweep can be cut easily for length adjustments fitting your door. Installing it is super easy after you’ve altered it, as it comes with an adhesive backing.

Feature Highlights
  • Built from high-quality flexible silicone that is adjustable for length
  • Waterproof adhesion keeps out sources of moisture as well as sound, drafts, and insects
  • Super easy to install thanks to the adhesive attachment strip
  • Available in four different colors: gray, brown, black, and white

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Once you’ve peeled that off and applied it to the base of your door, you’re good to go for year-round protection from drafts, noise, and insects. The strip will stay securely in place, keeping your home warm and insect-free.

Not just that, but this door sweep will also keep your home dry. How? With its water-resistant capabilities, of course! So if you live in an area where rainstorms occur frequently, you’ll definitely benefit from this door sweep.

But the best thing about this draft blocker, according to us, is that it’s not only meant for use with exterior doors. It’s perfectly suitable for your laundry room, bathroom, or even bedroom, depending on your needs.

2. Ohuhu Door Sweep Best for Bugs, Under Door Draft Stopper, Noise Stopper

best door sweep for bugsNext up, we have another highly rated, albeit more expensive, door sweep from Ohuhu. Available in two measurement specifications, this door sweep is one of the best door sweep for the noise we’ve come across. Wanna know why? Keep reading.

Built from tough silicone, this draft door stopper is not only going to keep in heat and keep out insects, but it’s also resistant to scratching and moisture. It’s also completely weatherproof, which is what makes it the sweep of choice for an exterior door.

Feature Highlights
  • Simple and easy installation thanks to the adhesive attachment system
  • Waterproof backing ensures that your home stays dry during rainstorms
  • Made from robust, long-enduring waterproof silicone
  • Capable of sealing gaps of up to 18mm in height

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More importantly, because of its super solid construction, this door sweep will surprise you with its ability to keep out unwanted noise. If you’re currently working from home due to the pandemic, you can appreciate the benefits of that!

You can expect this door sweep to seal gaps of up to 18mm securely. Not only does it offer a secure fit, but it’s also resistant to warping, deformity, and detachment.

We do wish that this door sweep was available in more than one color, but its smooth white surface has quite the luxe appearance. Besides, did you know this thing is also waterproof? It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it!?

3. Xcluder 162602 Commercial Pest Control Door Sweep

Commercial Pest Control door sweepsNow that we’ve had a look at some great door sweeps for residences, it’s time to move on to the big guns. This commercial-grade pest-control door sweep, constructed from hardy aluminum, is perfect for those of you who are looking for a one-stop solution to invasive rodents once and for all!

So how does this door sweep work? It’s filled with a unique fabric blended from stainless steel wool and polyfiber. That’s what makes it impermeable to rodents, which will be unable to chew through such a tough barrier.

Feature Highlights
  • Filled with special Xcluder fabric made from stainless steel polyfiber
  • Length can be altered for an exactly fitted installation
  • The door sweep’s external surface is reinforced with a rubber layer for enhanced durability
  • Can seal gaps of up to 0.75 inches; compatible with door widths up to 36 inches

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We’re also highly impressed that this door sweep is able to spring back to its original form after the door has been closed thanks to the filling’s flexible nature.

Underneath the filling is a tough base of aluminum, reinforced with a robust rubber layer. No matter what kind of rodents or insects you’re used to intruding your home, soon enough, you’ll be forgetting they ever existed. And yes, this thing is also fully weatherproof!

Installation of this door sweep is very easy, as it can be cut to fit doors measuring up to 36 inches in width. Gap heights of up to 0.75 inches can be sealed by this thing, which is much higher compared to others we have reviewed today.

Is it expensive? Definitely. But it’s a lifetime investment for your home, restaurant, store, or other establishments. Once you set this thing up, you’ll be saying bye-bye to every unpleasant external influence out there!

4. MAXTID Door Draft Stopper Air Stopper, Double Sided Door Sweep

Best under door seal for draft air bugsOur next selection is a bit different from the other ones in its design and construction: instead of a door sweep, this one is actually an under door seal with a double-sided design. Not sure how that works? Keep reading to find out!

The way this double-sided draft blocker works is by being inserted under the door. Since this is done with a sliding motion, it’s very easy to achieve. The internal construction of this product is made up of dual foam tubes which you can cut and alter according to the measurements of your door. This door sweep is capable of sealing door gaps, measuring up to 1.4 inches. It can fit doors of up to 38 inches in width.

Feature Highlights
  • Internal foam tubing can be cut and altered to suit your door’s dimensions
  • Super easy to install using included adhesive strips
  • Keeps out cold drafts, sound, light, and odor
  • Available in 4 different colors to suit the aesthetics of your home

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Some people avoid foam-tube style door sweeps because of the misconception that they are inconvenient or difficult to install. Well, if you’re one of those people, this thing will definitely prove you wrong; it moves with the door and is compatible with every kind of floor surface.

So whatever it is that you’re trying to keep out of your home, we dare say this thing will help you with that. Although the installation process might seem a little complicated at first, it’s actually a simple matter of measuring and cutting. And nothing beats that price!

5. BAINING Metal Door Sweep Aluminum-Rubber Seal Strip Door Draft Stoppers

best door sweep for drafts, Metal Door Sweep Rubber Seal StripWhen it comes to door draft stoppers, quality is everything. But contrary to popular belief, a high-quality draft stopper does not have to be expensive in order to be effective. And this one from Baining is here to prove just that.

Constructed from long-enduring, robust aluminum, this door sweep is reinforced with a silicone layer. Most impressively, it comes with a 3M adhesive backing. If you’ve ever heard of 3M, then you know how powerful it is as an adhesive, so no matter whether your door is made of metal, wood, or plastic, you can depend on this door sweep to hold its own.

Feature Highlights
  • Core aluminum construction with robust silicone backing for ultimate durability
  • Keeps away rodents and insects as well as cold air, light, and sound
  • Can be installed using both adhesive and screw-in method
  • Available in silver, black, and brown colors to fit your household aesthetics

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Measuring 36.5 inches long, this door sweep is easy to cut and re-size to fit your door dimensions. And thanks to the powerful adhesive backing, installation is a walk in the park!

Looking to make the door sweep a permanent fixture? Then skip the adhesive attachment system and switch to the screw installation. Yes, this sweep can be installed in both ways, which is another reason why it stands out from others of its kind.

Door sweeps should be simple and effective, which is exactly what this offering from Baining is. With its robust construction and straightforward design, it’s difficult to go wrong with!

6. M-D Building Products 36-Inch Commercial Grade Rubber Door Sweep

Commercial Grade Rubber Door Sweep under door draft stopperIf you came to this article looking for an affordable door sweep that can handle high-traffic doors in commercial establishments, then you’re going to love this product from M-D Building Products. With its screw-in installation, this is meant to be a permanent fixture.

Available in a number of different-sized packs, this door sweep is constructed from aluminum. Its reinforced rubber backing allows it to hold its own; although some users find the rubber backing a bit too stiff, we think that’s just what is needed for a commercial institution with a high-traffic door.

Feature Highlights
  • Aluminum construction with a sturdy rubber backing
  • The screw-in installation method makes it a permanent fixture
  • Meant to fit door widths of up to 36 inches but can be modified
  • Suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications

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This door sweep is meant for doors measuring up to 36 inches in width, but it can, of course, be modified to fit other door dimensions. Its rubber portion protects against all sorts of unwanted external elements, so whether it’s wind, insects, light, or sound you’re looking to reduce the invasion of, you can depend on this door sweep.

That being said, it’s worth noting that this is not the most durable door sweep out there. Given the low price, however, that’s not surprising, so go for this door sweep only if you’re on a budget. If not, then you can find better alternatives!

7. Frost King 36″ Aluminum/Brush Door Sweep Best for Screen Door Bottom Seal

Brush Door Sweep Best for Screen Door Bottom SealAfter reviewing so many blade-style door sweeps, it’s time for us to shift our focus to a bristle-style one. Frost King is here to help us with that, offering a highly-rated door sweep.

You might be wondering what benefits a bristle-style door sweep has over a blade-style one. Because of its brush-like design, it’s ideal for use on tiled floors as it has a cleansing effect. Moreover, it’s perfect for keeping out insects.

Feature Highlights
  • Permanent installation using the screw-in method and unique U-shape configuration
  • Sturdy aluminum construction makes it perfect for use in all kinds of weather
  • Comes with a satin nickel finish for a high-quality look
  • The bristle-style bottom keeps your tiled floors clean

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Not that this means you can’t expect energy savings as a result of using this door sweep; in fact, thanks to its aluminum backing, it’s doubly capable of trapping heat and keeping out light, sound, and insects.

That’s also what makes this door sweep a perfect choice if all-season protection is what you’re searching for. Even in the rainy season, you can expect this door gap stopper to keep out water.

Installation of this door sweep is also quite easy. They come in a unique U-shaped configuration that makes it easy to slide them onto doors steel, aluminum, and wood. However, it does need to be screwed in, so it will be slightly more time-consuming than installing an adhesive-backed sweep. On the whole, this is a highly dependable door sweep at a great price.

8. Evelots Magnetic Clip-on Door Draft Stopper for interior and exterior doors

Magnetic Clip-on Door Draft StopperAfter all the silicone and steel door draft stops you have read about in this article, it might seem strange to hear about one with a polyester fleece cover. Yet that is just what Evelots offers you, and they’re perfectly poised to defy all your expectations.

So how does this thing work? Housed inside the plush fleece cover is a metal-polyester combination stuffing, which is soft yet durable. It’s not only adept at keeping out drafts and cold air but also succeeds in blocking or masking unpleasant smells and sounds.

Feature Highlights
  • Sturdy polyester and metal body with a soft luxurious fleece covering
  • Compatible with hardwood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors
  • Ideal for use with residential external and internal doors
  • Can be installed using either magnets or detachable clips according to your needs

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But our favorite feature of this particular door draft stop is the ease of use it offers; it is compatible with almost all door types. So if you have a door made from fiberglass or hardwood, you can use the included detachable metal clips to attach the stopper. For aluminum doors, the strong in-built magnets will work perfectly.

Measuring 36 inches in length and 4 inches in width, this draft stopper is ideal for residential interior and exterior doors. Despite its substantial shape, though, this is probably the most aesthetically pleasing door draft stop we have come across, and that’s not just because of the fleece covering.

What’s more, storing this thing is super easy as well; unlike door draft stoppers made from sturdier materials, this one can be hung up on any hook using the built-in loop. And because of how securely it attaches to your door, this stopper does not need to be repositioned; it will move on its own.

9. M-D Building Products 7153 Flexomatic Automatic Door Sweep for exterior doors

Automatic Door Sweep for exterior doorsThe Flexomatic from M-D Building Products is undoubtedly one of the most highly rated door draft stoppers we have come across, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

With so many instances on the market of sturdy and unmoving door sweeps, it can be hard to find one that complies with the movements of your door. But this automatic door draft stopper is here to change that.

Built from sturdy bronze and housed in a durable synthetic material, this automatic door sweep is designed such that it can raise itself automatically whenever the door is opened. Once the door is closed, the sweep is lowered back to the level of the floor.

Feature Highlights
  • The door sweep raises itself automatically when the door is opened
  • Perfect for doors in carpeted rooms where traditional door sweeps are incompatible
  • Long-enduring bronze and synthetic construction
  • Capable of sealing large gaps of up to half inches high
  • Ideal for doors needing heavy-duty sweeping action

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We know what you’re thinking. Could this be the perfect match for doors into carpeted rooms? Well, given that conventional, fixed door draft stoppers won’t do that for you, we think that question can be answered quite positively indeed.

Although the installation of this particular door sweep is relatively more time-consuming and requires more effort, we think that’s a pretty small price to pay for the benefit of such a convenient automatic door-sweep mechanism. That being said, we would not recommend this stopper if you’re unwilling to use permanent fixtures to deal with drafts and insects.

But given the low price, which could easily compete with that of traditional fixed-style door sweeps, and the sturdy build of the product, we think this is an automatic door sweep worth investing in.

10. KS Hardware U Shaped Door Sweep – Best Under Door Seal for Exterior Doors

Best U Shaped Door Sweep, Under Door Seal for Exterior DoorsOur final pick today, from KS Hardware, is the most unique type of door sweep that we have come across. This one is entirely different from the other ones we have reviewed so far because it is neither a brush nor bristle style door sweep–it’s a double-bubble one!

The special design of this door sweep is engineered to make the most of its weather seal function. Instead of the traditional style, this door sweep uses a system combining a double bubble and a multi-fin system that goes under your door. The manufacturers claim that this is a more efficient system than the traditional types.

Feature Highlights
  • Available in 3 different size configurations from 32 inches to 42 inches
  • Adjustable up to 7/8″ inches to allow you a secure seal
  • Included installation screws and screw cover for your convenience
  • Unique double-bubble and fin combination design for ultimate protection
  • Fitted with an exterior cap to draw away accumulated water

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To enhance the double bubble system’s efficacy, this door sweep has integrated into it a punched drainage channel which makes short work of any moisture or water that might enter the sweep.

Although this door sweep is adjustable for a size up to 7/8 inches, the manufacturers have also made it available in 3 different sizes: 32, 36, and 42 inches. Installation requires screws, which are generously included with your purchase.

While some users might shy away from using a product that uses a new technology (its patent is still pending!), it’s worth noting that this is one of the most highly rated door sweeps we have come across. Accepting positive change much?

Ohuhu Door Sweep - Best under door draft stopper

How Do I Choose a Door Sweep for Exterior Door: A Beginners Buying Guide

Given the variety of door sweep types and their different specifications, it can be difficult figuring out which will suit your needs best. So keep the following factors in mind while making your purchase.


Not all door sweeps are created equal. Some are rated to conserve energy, some designed specifically to block insects or even to block light, smoke, moisture, or odors. So before you choose a door sweep, ask yourself exactly what its purpose will be.

For example, door sweeps with bristles are ideal for keeping out rats and such; but as you can imagine, they wouldn’t be very effective in helping you with energy savings. To get a better idea of what kind of door sweep is right for you, you can consult the Types of Door Sweeps section above.


Obviously, there’s no point in buying a door sweep that does not match your door size. The right size of the door sweep for you will be determined primarily by the width of your door. This will usually be 28, 30, 32, or 36 inches wide—make sure to measure properly.

The next measurement you have to take is the height of the gap between the floor and the door’s base. This will allow you to ensure that the sweep sits flush with the floor; if it’s too short, it won’t be effective in its job. If it’s too long, you can choose to trim the sweep’s blades or bristles.

Blade vs. Bristle

Door sweeps can come with blades or bristles. Blades are solid, made from sturdy materials like rubber, used to seal a room off. Because they sit flush with the floor, they prevent energy from escaping and cold air from entering.

Bristles are tough, flexible fringes that have a brushing effect on the floor, making them ideal for use with tiles or linoleum. Because of their design, sweeps with bristles are used to keep out insects. They are not suitable for blocking out the air or keeping in heat.

Construction Material

As we discussed in our Types of Door Sweeps section, door sweeps are made up of two different parts: the blade and the attachment. While solid blades are best made from vinyl, rubber, or silicone, bristle blades are made from nylon or other synthetic materials. The quality of the material used will usually have an effect on the sweep’s price.

Installation Method

Each door sweep type is installed in a different way. Either they have to be attached using adhesive or screwed onto the door. As you can imagine, the latter type is more time-consuming and requires you to know your way around a screwdriver and screws.

More importantly, screwed-on door sweeps are permanent fixtures, so you have to decide if that’s what you want. Door sweeps with adhesive strips are ideal for seasonal, temporary use.

FAQ’s about Door Sweeps for Exterior or Patio Door

Best Flexomatic Automatic Door Sweep for exterior doors

1. I live in very noisy surroundings. Will a door sweep help with that?

If you go for a blade-type door sweep, then yes, it will absorb noise by reducing sound transfer. This is even more effective when combined with a carpet as that has a muffling effect.

2. What’s the best door sweep for bugs?

Door sweeps designed to keep out bugs/rodents have to be particularly sturdy. You can consider this one from our list if you’re looking to reduce insect intrusion.

3. On which side should I install a door sweep inside or outside?

Identify the side on which your door swings—is it inward or outward? Now install the door sweep on that side. So if your door swings outward, install the sweep on the outside.

4. Will I be able to install the door sweep by myself?

If it’s an adhesive-style sweep, then installing it by yourself should be no problem at all. If it needs to be screwed in, you obviously need some DIY experience.

5. How is a brush door sweep different from a draft door sweep?

There is no difference! A brush door sweep is characterized by a wood/aluminum strip that has a plastic brush attached to it, and it’s a subcategory of draft door sweep.

Final Words

Although we don’t like picking favorites, our top pick today is the Baining Door Sweep; it’s simple yet effective and durable and available at a great price. Looking for something cheaper? Go for this Suptikes one.

When it comes down to it, you have a wide range and variety of options to choose from the list of the best door sweeps for exterior doors. But hopefully, this guide has illuminated the different types and specifications available. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy your new energy savings!

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