How to Install Self Adhesive Door Sweep for Your Home

How to Install Self Adhesive Door Sweep

There are quite a few indoor items at our home that are not significantly noticeable. But behind the scene, these are definitely working to make our space better.

One such thing is door sweeps. This thing is relatively inexpensive and at the same time pretty effective. Especially for giving you the best results in increasing draft protection.

It plays the role of a physical barrier and stays attached to bottom of your door. So that it can work against cold making sure to prevent any seeping through door bottom and floor cracks.

This is a great way to save money while getting protection against dust, insects, and moisture. So, let’s find out how to install self adhesive door sweep and more today.

Various Types of Self Stick Door Sweep Installation Process

Selecting the proper type of this weatherstripping door seal is very important. So, we’ll get into the available variety, some information that’ll help you make a choice among them, and finally simple processes of installing those types. Keep on Reading…

A Bit About the Types

For the adhesive door seal, there are commonly two types. One is mainly for aluminum or steel doors and comes in a U-like shape. And the other one is a metal-made strip that works with screws, nails, or staples to connect with door bottom.

However, nowadays, the self stick door sweep can be seen in many other varieties. First of all, there’s the slide on type that is easiest one to install. You can simply replace these by sliding old one out while the new in. These are great for doors made of steel or fiberglass.

Then there are snap-in ones that work well by fitting into kerf cut of door bottom. You don’t need to remove the door for installing this type. It’s meant to work well for fiberglass and steel doors.

The wrap-around type comes with adjustability benefits. However, you need to create some new holes on the door for installing these. This type typically needs to be screwed into the door’s inside surface. It’ll come off once you detach the screws.

Then there is the L-Shape type that fixes door inside surface with screws. These are super easy to install as well as adjustable. However, the effectiveness is known to be somewhat poor. If you can change it regularly, things can still work. Benchmark steel doors work best with this type.

Finally, the staple-on type is there that needs you to get door out from frame for installation. This type works fantastically for doors made of wood. Let’s proceed towards how you can install door bottom sweep of each of these types next.

How Do You Install a Self Adhesive Door Sweep?

As you can see there are several types of door sweep to install, I’ve put down the installation process of each variety.

Slide-On Sweeps

Let’s start with the installation process for slide-on door sweeps. You need to pick a suitable design for this type. Then get rid of the existing door bottom if there’s one. Usually, it takes only sliding off.

Then you need to cut the sweep into required length. Simply slide the new one and that should be done. However, if the sweep feels loosely fitting, then get an adhesive or even a caulk. You need to apply this between the door bottom and sweep.

Snap-In Style

Now if we are talking about the snap-in type of door sweeps, then once again start by determining suitable design. In this case, you may also need to choose from varying height door sweeps. These are suitable for doors that comes with single or double kerf cut beneath.

Here you can lock the sweep into easily. This spacing of kerf however can vary a bit. And that’s why you need to work on matching the profile a bit. If there’s an existing door bottom, then you simply need to pry it off for the new one.

Then cut the new sweep into necessary length to easily snap or push it onto door’s bottom. Use adhesive in spots that feel loose, so that the sweep fits nice and tight.

L-Type or Wrap-Around Sweeps

These two types are commonly used as door sweep for exterior door. Most of the exterior doors are 1-¾ inches thick while some older homes may have more than that. Depending on the thickness you’ll need to decide wrap-around sweeps.

The existing door bottom needs to be detached by removing screws. Then cut the new one into length and fit it properly. You need to use new screws for keeping the door in place. Make sure the fit is tight enough but not too much. Or else the fins or bulbs have a chance of wearing out too soon because of extra pressure.

Staple-On Sweep

Match the profile and height for picking a suitable staple-in sweep for your door first. Then you need to get the hinge pins out from door. On its edge, lay it nicely. You want to avoid spots that can get the doors unwanted scratches. Also, it should be safe from sudden falling.

After that, you can cut the new sweep into necessary length and then place it on door bottom. You can apply a tiny bit of caulk or adhesive to make the staple-on sweeps seal better. Simply apply the adhesive or caulk onto bottom of door and then install sweep. Touching both surfaces should be enough here.

Then you need to start from the center and staple till both ends. So that there are no chances of forming ripples. This also makes it easier for staggering on both doors sweeps inside and outside.

Visual Guide: Frost King Self Stick Door Sweep Installation

Wrap Up

Now you know how to install self adhesive door sweep all by yourself. If the process makes you remove the door then make sure to reinstall it very carefully. As that process can cause hurt to you. Since wooden doors are pretty heavy. Also, you can utilize the shims coming under door for alignment needs. This particularly helps when one tries to connect hinges. And that’s pretty much it.

By the end, I hope this guide will come into use for you. Good Luck!

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