Best Door Hinge Jigs to Mortise Hinges Simply [Top 8 Picks ]

Best Door Hinge Jigs

Getting the measurements of door hinges accurately and cutting them properly are instrumental in installing the door in the right way.

But people often make mistakes while cutting the hinges and thus mess up the door installation. What if we told you there was a way to avoid this problem easily?

With the best door hinge jig, your hinge measurements will always be accurate, and cutting the hinge properly will become a piece of cake.

To give you a much more solid idea about what these jigs are, we have chosen six of the very best ones currently available to review.

Hopefully, these reviews will help you get a better idea of what you need to expect from a door hinge jig.

Top 8 Best Door Hinge Mortise Jigs Reviews

We shall kick this article off with individual reviews of the selected products. These reviews will give you a clear idea of the definition of good and bad in the world of door hinge jigs.

1. Ryobi A99HT2 Door Hinge Installation Jig – Best Door Hinge Mortise Jigs

Ryobi A99HT2 Door Hinge Installation Jig - Best Door Hinge Mortise JigsRyobi is a very trusted company in its world and is renowned for producing the best door hinge mortise jigs.

Since it consistently delivers on both performance and convenience, it has been able to build up this trust.

The Ryobi door hinge jig lives up to the reputation of the company by being exactly what it promises to be.

Firstly, this jig supports both routers and chisels. All jigs work with routers but not all work well with chisels as well. So if you are an old fashioned person, this jig will benefit you greatly.

Feature Highlights
  • Uses a clamp design that fastens the jig perfectly
  • Supports both routers and chisels
  • Works on hinges of varying sizes
  • Has a very strong and sturdy build

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Secondly, it has you covered in terms of versatility as well. You can adjust the size according to your requirements, i.e., the size of the door hinge. Furthermore, the jig has a very strong and sturdy build. Thus it can bear a lot of heavy-duty tasks as well.

The clamp function of the jig really deserves praise. It fastens the jig very tightly, and thus, you don’t need to worry about the jig being loose while cutting the hinge. However, you do need to be a little careful with it as it might affect your paint job and leave scratches on the door.

We should also mention that this door doesn’t work particularly well in too much heat. It uses a plastic template, and they are never a good match for hot environments.

2. PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Jig Template – Best Hinge Template Kit

PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Jig Template - Best Hinge Template KitWhile PORTER-CABLE is generally known for making very expensive products, this one is actually quite affordable. Despite costing less, this one delivers quite a stellar performance.

Firstly, let us talk about how convenient this jig is. Compared to a lot of other jigs, this one cuts much faster due to its sharper and more efficient router bits.

Again, this jig is equipped with lock-in pins that save a lot of hassle for you. In particular, it makes it very easy to hasten and remove.

Feature Highlights
  • Features lock-in pins for better fastening
  • Very easy to remove
  • Comes with router bits made of durable high-speed steel
  • Supports doors of all thicknesses
  • Can cut hinges in a wide variety of sizes

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Secondly, we need to go into detail about the router bits. These bits are made of high-speed steel. Because of this, they are both durable and efficient. You can use these bits multiple times.

Lastly, this jig is extremely versatile. It can work with almost any door, regardless of its thickness, as long as the thickness isn’t an absurd figure. It can also cut the hinge in a wide variety of sizes. So you can maneuver the functions of the jig to your requirements.

However, fastening the bits that come with the jig can be a little difficult. This is a complaint made by many customers, and so you should be careful.

3. Trend H/JIG/C 2-Piece Hinge Jig Skeleton – Best Full Length Door Hinge Template

Trend H:JIG:C 2-Piece Hinge Jig Skeleton - Best Full Length Door Hinge TemplateAre you a busy carpenter or workshop owner? looking for the best full length door hinge template to increase productivity, then you should get this one, my friend.

Trend skeleton hinge jig has to be one of the best products that you can find in the market.

This item has versatile features and can be used both as an external and internal door. The linings and frames have rebates and are 25 mm thick.

Furthermore, the positions of the hinges are copied with great precision on the frame and door. This is done by only one setup to increase the productivity in the workshop.

Feature Highlights
  • Every hinge block has built-in guide offsets which makes setup fast
  • Is versatile enough to be used both outdoor and indoor
  • Comes with a durable carry case so perfect for the workplace
  • Can be utilized to attach brand new door in an old frame

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You would be glad to know that you can use this to fit a new door into an old frame. This would be great for any sort of renovation work you want to get done at your house. Also, the aperture blocks are completely adjustable. Along with that, the edge guides have three preset hinge widths and are adjustable as well.

Because of all of this, you would not have to be a professional to use this product. Another great thing about this is that you can use this on doors made up of timber and square butt hinges. You will not have to mark them out like the traditional way.

Lastly, the thing comes along with a strong carry case, securing bradawls, and a 16 mm guide bush. All of this makes it perfect to use in a work environment.

As you can see, the trend hinge jig is fitted with numerous impressive features. You will not regret buying it for yourself. Go for it especially if you are looking into renovating your home.

4. Milescraft 1222 HingeMate150 – Hinge Mortising Kit for Interior Doors

Milescraft 1222 HingeMate150 - Hinge Mortising Kit for Interior DoorsIf you are looking for the best hinge mortising template for interior doors, then you should get this one. This item over here is compatible with almost any size of interior doors.

Not only that, this can be attached to jamb and doors. This model is perfect for interior use.

It has a steel frame which certifies the fact that this unit is indeed very strong and durable. The template material is ABS plastic. So, you can use this to mount doors without any worry.

Besides that, the item has templates which are essential to do hinge mortises. The template comes in two sizes and they are 3-inch, and 3 and a half inches. This could be used to get ¼ and 5/8 inches radius.

Feature Highlights
  • Template frame has sturdy steel construction and can be changed
  • Is compatible with almost any door sizes
  • Can be easily attached to jambs and doors
  • Ideal for interior use

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Along with that, it comes with a ½-inch bearing guided straight router bit, and the router bit shank is ¼ inches. The kit also includes two screws to attach the template to the jamb and the door. This will further help you to secure the door in place.

If you pick this item for your doors, the security and privacy of your homes will be increased by simply replacing the indoor doors. You can do this without causing damage to the door frame or the jamb.

There is a learning curve for using this item. But once you get a hang of it, you will be able to secure your doors very easily.

5. Kreg Tool Company KHI-Hinge Jig – Best Concealed Hinge Jig

Kreg Tool Company KHI-Hinge Jig - Best Concealed Hinge JigThis is the first concealed hinge jig on the list. It is designed for modern doors. A huge reason for conceal hinge jigs being so popular nowadays is the added convenience that it provides compared to other jigs.

Unlike a lot of other jigs, this one uses an electric handle. Because of this, the operation is much smoother and efficient. Furthermore, the build quality of the jig is very impressive. Because of such a sturdy build, the jig is also very durable.

Feature Highlights
  • Uses an electric handle for a smoother operation
  • Fastening and removing the jig is extremely easy
  • Has a very simple setup owing to its simple design and detailed setup guide
  • Comes with a very strong build quality

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Again, the setup for this hinge jig for doors is also extremely simple. People prefer conveniences above everything else these days. And Kreg Tools understand that. That is why they have made the setup as simple as possible. The detailed guide helps a lot in that department.

Moreover, this comes with easy removability. Fastening it to the door and removing it requires little to no work and saves you a lot of trouble.

If all of that wasn’t convincing enough, the jig is extremely affordable. At a very low price, it delivers features that a lot of expensive jigs fail to deliver. All of these features really help make a case for this to be considered the best-concealed hinge jig.

Sadly, this door isn’t very versatile. It only supports doors of very specific thicknesses. So if you wish to purchase this, you have to be extra careful that you have the door with the right measurements.

6. Blum M31 1000 Eco Drill Hinge Jig with Bit & Driver – Heavy Duty Blum Hinge Drilling Jig 

Blum M31 1000 Eco Drill Hinge Jig with Bit & Driver - Heavy Duty Blum Hinge Drilling Jig Before we move forward, we absolutely need to address the price of this hinge jig. It is very expensive compared to all of the other door hinge jigs that we are reviewing. So this is something you should avoid if you are on a budget. But a lot of the features this jig provides go a long way to make up for the high price.

At first, we need to appreciate the fact that this jig works with electric and cordless routers and drills. Because of this, you are guaranteed a much smoother operation compared to its contemporaries. Thus, the jig has a reputation for being very easy to use. This jig is great for mortising the hinge hole and the dowel holes of cabinet doors.

Feature Highlights
  • Extremely easy to remove without much hassle
  • Comes with a very tight and secure clamp
  • Supports almost all doors regardless of thickness for maximum versatility
  • Fantastic accuracy and precision owing to the high-speed router bits
  • Works with cordless routers and drills

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The easy removability of the jig backs up that reputation very well as that solves a lot of inconveniences. Furthermore, the jig comes with a clamp design, and the design is extremely well done. The clamp is very secure and fastens the jig tightly.

We have to give the jig credit for its versatility as well. Regardless of how thick your door is, you can rest easy with this jig as it supports almost all doors.

When it comes to the router bits that come with this jig, few bits are as well made like these ones. They are made of very durable high-speed steel. Because of this, you can count on the accuracy of these bits. This precision is what makes the hinges made with this so fantastic.

7. BI-D Tool Door Hinge Drilling Jig – Best Concealed Hinge Jig for Doors and Cabinet

BI-D Tool Door Hinge Drilling Jig - Best Concealed Hinge Jig for Doors and CabinetThis door jamb hinge jig provides one of the best values for money. The sheer amount of amazing features that it provides at such an affordable price is honestly outstanding.

While there are some issues and faulty instructions with the setup guide that have been inconveniencing the customers, few can deny the quality of the jig. It offers fantastic performance in multiple departments.

Let us start by talking about the build. Like most jigs, this uses plastic. But the plastic used on this jig is an extremely strong and sturdy engineered plastic that makes the jig quite a bit more durable than its contemporaries.

Feature Highlights
  • Made of very strong and sturdy engineered plastic
  • Supports electrical handles as well
  • Works with doors of almost any sizes and able to cut hinges of varying sizes
  • Equipped with extremely sharp and efficient router bits

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Even though this is not a concealed hinge jig, it still has the ability to use an electrical handle. Thus, you are guaranteed a much easier operation. This jig has you covered in terms of versatility as well. Moreover, the jig can also cut a hinge from a size of 25 mm to that of 25 mm.

Lastly, the performance of the jig is absolutely top-notch. The router bits that come with the jig are extremely sharp. So that gives them a point for efficiency and accuracy.

And while there are some faulty instructions in the setup guide in terms of how it’s used, the setup is fairly simple, and the guide does a good job of depicting that.

8. Milescraft 1214 Hingemate 200 – Best Door and Jamb Hinge Template Kit

Milescraft 1214 Hingemate 200 - Best Door and Jamb Hinge Template KitThis jig is easily the cheapest hinge jig on the list. However, it still manages to provide quite a satisfactory performance despite costing so less. If you are someone who really doesn’t want to spend too much on a jig, you should keep an eye out for this one.

A very interesting thing about this jig is that it has a steel frame. You would think they would take liberties with the construction since the price is so low. But instead, they give you a strong and durable steel build. That is a complete win right there.

Feature Highlights
  • Has a sturdy steel frame
  • Extremely easy to set up and use owing to the detailed manual
  • Comes with sharp router bits for maximum efficiency
  • Has enough versatility to support doors of various sizes

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It also gets points for convenience. The jig has a very simple setup with little to no complications. This is further helped by the detailed guide. It not only includes clear cut instructions on the setup, but it also includes instructions on how it’s supposed to be used.

The kit also comes with very sharp router bits. These bits make sure that the cutting of the hinge is done efficiently. Furthermore, the jig works with doors of all sizes. So even when it comes to versatility, this jig gets a point.

However, this jig does not use a clamp design. Instead, you have to use screws, and that can be quite a hassle if you need to use the jig multiple times. Again, the steel used on this jig isn’t very durable. Apparently, it shows signs of rust after only a few months, and that is definitely a bad sign.

Mortising hinge with RYOBI A99HT2 Door Hinge Installation Kit

Buying Guide for Door Hinge Jig Template

Now that we are done with the reviews, it is time to look at the general features that you should consider before buying the best-concealed hinge jig. These features will give you a general overview of what you need in a jig.

Compatibility with Door

Before looking for the right jig, you need to know about your door. That means you should take proper measurements. The thickness is the most important factor here.

Not all door hinge jigs are versatile, and some might not support your door in particular. So you have to measure the thickness first. Then you must ensure that the jig you are buying supports this thickness.

Build Quality

The build quality is always a very important factor when it comes to jigs. A good build essentially translates to a durable product. The quality of a jig with a poor build will eventually deteriorate, and you definitely do not want that.

So make sure the jig you are buying has a solid construction. Good quality engineered plastic is generally good enough for a door hinge jig.

Router Bits

All door hinge jigs are equipped with a few router bits. These bits are meant to be installed on your router and then used to cut the hinges. So these are instrumental in getting a good performance out of your hinge.

To ensure that the quality of these bits is good, you need to check its material and its sharpness. Usually, bits made of high-speed steel are good enough for all purposes.

The sharpness is something that cannot be examined without testing. But you should still refer to reviews like these to make sure that the bits are sharp enough.


The door hinge jig is meant to make your task of cutting the hinges for the door easier than it is. A difficult setup gets in the way of that and makes the work much harder than it needs to be. No matter what happens, you must avoid this. You should make sure that the setup process of the jig is easy.

Usually, jigs with detailed guides are quite easy to set up as long as you follow the instructions. But not all door hinge jigs have them. So you should look for jigs that come equipped with a detailed manual as well.

FAQ’s Related to Door Hinge Jigs

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the top door hinges.

1. How to use a door hinge jig?

Firstly, you need to take proper measurements and make sure that the jig you are using is right for your door. Secondly, place the jig in such a way that the slider will be on the top of the hinge length. Thirdly, make sure the settings on your router are accurate and attach the router bit to it.

Lastly, turn the router on and slide it across the jig to cut the hinge according to your requirements.

2. What is a router bit?

Router bits are nothing but standard mortising bits. The only difference is that the depth of cut is shallower than other mortising bits. These bits are to be attached to the router, and they work to cut the hinge properly.

3. Is chiseling necessary?

Chiseling is something that requires a lot of skill to properly pull off. So if you are proficient in it, then you can give it a shot. Otherwise, we would suggest avoiding that entirely.

4. On which side of the door do the hinges need to be?

The hinges can be placed on almost any side. It depends on your convenience. It can be on the right, left, or it can be reversible.

Final Words

Small errors can often lead to disastrous results. This is even truer when it comes to cutting hinges without jigs. By making a small mistake, you can completely ruin the design of the door. So in order to get the perfect door hinge, getting the best door hinge jig is paramount.

Hopefully, you now know a lot about door hinge jigs after reading through the article. Now, you should have an educated opinion on door hinge jigs. So you should know what you need from a jig. Based on that, get the one that fulfills your requirements and get your work done easily.

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