How to Install a Magnetic Door Stop with Easy Steps

How to Install a Magnetic Door Stop If you live in hot and humid areas, keeping those windows open for the majority of time is nothing unusual. But with that being said, it’s also quite probable that your doors are constantly getting slammed to shut. Since weather may trade with winds causing the slamming. One great solution to keeping those doors away from causing trouble to your walls is installing magnetic door stopper.

There are plenty of other types too. But these are super convenient considering the fact that it uses a magnetic mechanism. Today, let’s route for knowing how to install a magnetic door stop that can save your walls from calamities. 

Here’s How to Install a Magnetic Door Stop

The whole point of magnetic door stop installation is not just to keep the doorknob away from banging into your walls. This will also greatly help to keep those doors open when in need. I’ve tried to break down the installation process in simple words right below. I hope it helps.

Things That You’ll Need

  1. A drill.
  2. The new magnetic door stops.
  3. Marker or Pencil.
  4. A flat headed screwdriver.

Start by Preparing

First of all, you need to bring together the magnetic catch assembly and doorstop. This means both magnetic ends are coming in contact. Now the spot where you’ll be installing, you need to place entire assembly together on this very location.

The door stop’s mounting end must be positioned against wall trim. Also, make sure that the catch assembly’s mounting end is positioning against door. On the wall trim, you need to trace doorstop piece in a circle. Use a marker or pencil to do so. Now time for the catch piece. You need to trace another circle around it using the same pencil or marker.

Mount the Catch Next

In this step, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver. Simply place the blade of flat head right on a specific slot. This slot should be on the underside of catch’s mounting plate. You need to hold the catch section to keep it still. And at the same time, use a counterclockwise rotation with screwdriver. This will make the mounting plate detached.

Now on the marked circle of your door, place plate right here. You need to use the pencil to mark down holes for screwing at this point. The included two screws need to go right here. Attach the plate along with door using screwdriver or drill.

Time to assemble the catch body. Into the body section, you need to place magnet. It should come with a button-like shape. Make sure the magnet is sticking through hole properly. Then go ahead and add the spring.

Make sure the narrow end is sitting well inside this button. The end that is wide needs to fit right against plate, however. Now carefully hold the catch body that you just assembled right against plate. You need to turn in clockwise motion this time. It should make the catch body and plate attached together.

Door Stop Mounting

Now you need to follow the same method that you’ve just used for mounting catch plate. And fix the mounting plate using it this time. On the circle of your wall trim, place plate centered properly. Then mark down those holes for a screw with the pencil.

Put the base plate screw into holes next through bottom. Then let the base plate get back on circle. Make sure the marked screw holes are lining well with plate. Now using included screws, you need to attach securely the mounting plate with wall trim. You can use a screwdriver or drill for this. The base plate screw’s threads should stick through it. Carefully put the stop body over screw. Use a clockwise turning motion to securely attach the plate and body together. And you are done!


And that was a simple method on how to install a magnetic door stop. A slamming door is definitely the problem behind a wall with terrible holes or marks. But you can’t just get the door out for obvious reasons. At the same time, ignoring chances of these marks taking place is also not quite sensible.

So, the best midway path is going for a door stopper. And if you’ve chosen the magnetic doorstop for this task, you took right decision undoubtedly. Best of Luck Installing It Properly & Bidding Bye to The Spots Curse!

Video Guide for Magnetic Door Stop Installation

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