How to Install Automatic Door Sweep After Choosing It Right

How to Install Automatic Door SweepThings can be a bit daunting when you are out for an automatic door sweep. This stuff exists in a lot of variation and design.

And getting lost in the wide range not knowing which one to go for is a very common scenario that can happen to you, me and anyone. So being a bit prepared by knowing about the types are available and of course it’s installation process can be very helpful.

So, today let’s get things covered a bit and talk about how to install automatic door sweeps.

Steps to Install Automatic Door Bottom Sweep for Exterior Door

With the seal that only drops once you close door, the whole benefit to this thing becomes more obvious. As you install automatic door bottom seal along with, there’s a good chance that the tight seal as rubber pushes downward on floor making chances of dragging very low. And it is that’s why it is so preferable for not just keeping external elements out from house but also protecting the floors.

Get the Door Bottom Ready

Once you get your product selection right for door sweep, make your door bottom ready for installing it. You need to get the door out first. Then on the bottom, you should cut down mortise according to the dimensions provided. Now, what if you have a door that comes with fire labeling. You contact the door manufacturer for preparing mortise. The same goes for doors that come with special construction.

Trimming the Door Sweep According to Measurements

Now sometimes setting the exact door bottom size that matches your door’s side-to-side measurement becomes not possible. You can simply trim the door sweep in such a case. Get some measurement tape and calculate the side-to-side distance for your door. Then according to this, you need to trim the door sweep. Get a table or chop saw for the cutting. These tools are great at giving a straight cut.

Also, you should remember that the brass nut side isn’t a good spot to start trimming from. As this can ruin things. You should start from the opposite of brass nut. Go for trimming up to one inch of the screw.

Fixing the Automatic Door Sweep

Now that you have your door removed, focus on installing the sweep. To do so you need to work right onto the hinges side with plunger of door sweep going on it. There should be screws provided already. Use those to fasten it properly. And then you can put the door back to its opening.

Make Needed Adjustments

Next, you need to work on actuating the plunger by screwing it in or out. Do so until you can see the gasket is in contact with sealing surface. And that should happen once the door is closed. There’s no need to squash the gasket for getting any seal efficiency. And once you are done with this simple step, the automatic door sweep is pretty much ready to be used.

Seal Everything for Good Weatherization or Sound Proofing

Now different people use this door sweep thing for various reasons. Finding out how do you install an automatic door seal is important but after you know about weatherization and soundproofing requirements. Both of these purposes are widespread reasons for people to get a door sweep.

But the most common one is for weatherization. To maintain proper temperature or seal the weather conditions, this is a must. Go for the automatic door sweep that comes with a double seal for the best results. There are fine options that provide the outer seal to be connected with the interior. And this means not just the casing’s bottom but the entire inside will be sealed. In such cases, you should not allow a gap for then half an inch.

Now some people may want to soundproof things so that no noise can leak under their doors. And that’s also possible with proper sealing. If you are going for residential use to avoid noise leaking from your dining room or bedroom, then the basic automatic door sweep works pretty much enough. But for confidential work environments or home theaters, you need a heavy-duty version for controlling the high sound level.

Also keep in attention that by installing an automatic door sweep, you only cover one aspect of proper sealing. There’s a need for door gaskets as well as jambs and header compatible weatherstripping for better results.

There is spring loaded automatic door sweep that can get activated with less operating force giving limited mobility a chance to get benefit from the whole thing. The ones that are made for sliding doors are also good with preventing drag while closing action goes on. The quick drop of the seal makes this a very preferred option.

And then there is the version that drops automatically when it senses heating to stop a fire or smoke spreading. This one is another great purpose filling type that works excellently.

Wrap Up

This guide was hopefully more than just knowing how to install automatic door sweeps. Make sure you check our door sweep reviews for exterior doors to find out some of the most promising options right now.

Being aware of the whole thing is always better than buying things randomly and regretting later. So, if it’s necessary, give yourself some more time on researching about it and once things seem legit, go for a purchase. Good Luck.

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