Know How to Install Side Mount Drawer Slides Properly

How To Install Side Mount Drawer Slides

What’s the most basic thing a drawer does except holding your belongings? Well, slide in and out. And that mechanism happens thanks to this one thing that is a part of your drawers. Known as the drawer slides or runners. This device basically makes the whole drawer access thing that simple for you.

Now there is definitely a very wide range of types in the drawer slide universe. From ball-bearing drawer slides to the more typical Accuride drawer slides, there are quite a few names to take when talking about the categories. However today we will be discussing the installation process of very widely used roller drawer slides.

If you are planning to install drawer slides on old drawers then this is going to help hopefully. And it’s about how to install side mount drawer slides that are typically seen as a common household application for kitchen cabinets to bedroom side drawers.

Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides Installation Process

Before starting off with the process of how to install side mount soft close drawer slides, some benefits that you get to use after needs some shout out. First of all, the soft-close slides are great at preventing any damage to your drawers due to slam shutting it off.

Also, you don’t have to worry about making an embarrassing loud sound just because of an accidental slamming. As these are known to reduce those noise even when you slide it hard. Another fantastic fact about these slide types is their amazing weight loading capability. The good models out there can withstand up to 50 pounds of weight. According to your drawer’s need, you can pick from the 14-24 inches length range.

Now it feels like you are all set to walk through the process I’m about to disclose right next…

Separating the Drawer Profile Slip

Use one of your hands to grab the drawer slides to start fresh. Get the slip of drawer profile out from the slide. You simply need to press the disconnect lever to make that happen. As you trigger this lever, pull the slip out of the slide gradually. You need to completely take it out of from slide.

Decide the Drawer Placement & Mark Certain Points

The next step to install side mounting drawer slides is about deciding where you want the drawer’s placement to be. You need here a pencil or marker for making some spots. These marks are exactly where you want the slide to fix with. Also, don’t forget to check for enough clearance.

You need to look over the top and bottom sides of your drawer to ensure that. Afterward, use the maker or pencil for creating marks on the drawer box’s center portion. You also want to mark down cabinet sides at this point. Now bring a carpenter’s square. You need to create a centerline on both cabinet sides and drawer box. And we are done with making marks.

how to install side mount soft close drawer slides

Screwing Slides After Making Holes

Time to work on attaching the slides next. You want to place the slide in a way that the front end of it can hold back from the cabinetry front. It should hold back for about 1/16th inches here precisely. Now bring a power tool for creating holes, ideally a drilling machine. Use this to create some holes on the wood for attaching screws. Hold the slides in place and use suitable screws to secure them onto the wood.

Attaching Drawer Profile Next

The profile’s front needs to be flushing the drawer’s front. You need to keep this point in mind while placing the profile on the drawer side. You can refer to the centerline mark or number for profile centering on side of the drawer.

If the thing seems to be even, go ahead and make some pilot holes next. Using the screws, you need to secure the slides in place after that. And by doing so, you successfully attach both profile and slides of the drawer. Now you just need to insert the drawer back to cabinetry.

Inserting the Drawer to Finish It Off

At this point, everything should be already settled. Hold the drawer up and bring it to the cabinet’s open part where it should go in. You need to insert the back of the drawer profile first in the carrier groove.

Then gradually and of course carefully push the drawer in. So that it goes all the way back inside the cabinet. You can stop once the drawer is completely in the cabinet. And with that, you can conclude a successful slide installation.

install side mounting drawer slides

Wrap Up

That was a short and simple guide on how to install side mount drawer slides. Before buying one for your cabinet, why don’t you check our soft close drawer slide reviews? We’ve put down helpful information on some of the most promising options right now.

Also, about the installation, it’s going to be easy once you are completely aware of the entire process without any confusion. Checking a video guide before trying anything can also help in the case, you’re doubtful about a certain point.

Before I leave, just want to say that the installation of drawer slides is not a very big deal, so don’t be overly intimidated. However, if you feel not so sure about doing it yourself, remember that getting someone professional to do it for you is also not a bad idea.

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