Introducing Different Types of Drawer Slides Available on the Market

Different Types Of Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are a very regular thing if you randomly think about it. But when you get to know the categories this little buddy has, then things become quite surprising as it’s pretty wide. There are different types of drawer slides serving various purposes. And the one who needs to install these requires careful choice based on the purpose and features.

If you are in such a situation of picking the best type for your need, then hopefully today’s piece of writing will serve you right. As I’m going to walk through several common varieties of this amazing drawer mechanism. Keep on Reading…

Different Types of Drawer Slides and Purpose of Use for Each of Them

Apart from what are the different types of drawer slides, you also want to aware of their usage. Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to decide on a certain type. I’m writing this guide keeping the point in mind, hopefully, it helps.

The Wooden Drawer Slides

These are common in so many household applications, for example as dresser drawer slides. Exclusive furniture often has wooden slides instead of plastic or metal made ones. These are made from wooden strips and works with guides based on the drawer’s face.

As furniture drawer slides, there’s a need for proper assembly as well as fabrication, to provide smooth movement. Being too loose or tight can disturb its performance. These are very well known for providing a good aesthetic value to owners. However, because of some limitations on extension, there are also a few drawbacks with this type. Wooden slides may upset with sticking tendency, unsuitability to humid climates, and lack stability due to not being a full extension.

However, if you prefer only the gold standard for your furniture, there’s no replacement for them undoubtedly. Also, these fit very nicely to give the drawer a snug fit that’s not too tight for making it harmful on closing or opening.

The Roller Drawer Slides

This type of slide has two composed profiles. These are made of metal with epoxy coatings. One fixes to the drawer. While the other one sticks with cabinet frame. With nylon wheels, it makes moving super smooth and quiet as well. You will need an extended drawer front lip in case of concealing it as they attach to sides.

A false face can also help. These are available in bottom mount variety too. More commonly the latter type is called European bottom mount option. For lightweight applications, roller slides are known to be compact and easy-to-install solutions.

The Ball Bearing Full Extention Drawer Slides

To ensure the steel alloy or metal steel profile component can smoothly run and make movements without any noise, the ball bearing component sounds like the best option. These components are found in ball bearing slides that are also amazingly sturdy and can have high load handling abilities. If we compare it to roller slides, you can have more items inside the drawer that uses ball-bearing slides.

Because of the smooth opening and closing motion that also excludes noise, the ball bearing is a very favorable option for cabinet makers. The side-mounted subtype to this is heavy-duty as well as affordable. These are really dependable with a wide range of optional features. With special abilities such as extra heavy load handling or easy to install facility, these are a very ideal option for those looking into price practical range.

You can also mount these into the cabinet’s back or front using a mounting plate. These go well with deep drawers as well as the shallower ones. It’s not absolutely impressing with something out of ordinary. But when it comes to flexibility, there’s no doubt ball bearing slides are one of the finest lifesaver options to route for that costs you a very low price.

You get full extension capability as well as drawer construction freedom. Even the removal process of a drawer is super simple, only needs to disengage a lever. Just make sure you keep the alignment right when reinstalling it. As that can cause damage.

Now the drawbacks basically fall behind if you compare to its good notes. But let’s still mention them for you to be completely aware of it. First of all, the slides are not wholly silent. There’s some sound due to the metal-on-metal construction which is obvious and nothing major. Another so-called drawback is its need for space in the width of the cabinet. And probably the only legit concern is the fact that these slides are not invisible when the drawer is closed.

The Self-closing Undermount Drawer Slides

This type is basically the one that does not allow drawer to open without a user pulling it out. With technology improving in every sector, there’s no way cabinetmakers will stay behind and not introduce an option for slides that can combine silent operation with full extension flexibility. And the self-closing under-mount slides are one good example of the case. One of the finest versions has to be the Blum drawer slides Tandem variant.

These work excellent as kitchen cabinet drawer slides as well as fit pretty well with a proper locking device. In adjustability also, these are providing some great dimensions overall. You can go with up or down, back or front, and angle drawer movements too. The only area that needs your concern is ensuring the dimensional requirement precisely. It needs to have the right width and depth of drawer to be compatible.

Also settling the bottom of the drawer wherever you want won’t be possible. A minimum half-inch recess is necessary for allowing sides and front of the door to sit over runners. Drilling a few holes for working with can help.=

The Soft Close Drawer Slides

The soft closing slides are a great addition to any drawer that faces slam closing often making a horrible noise. As these won’t let those slam shutting create any troubling sound thanks to the hydraulic dampening components.

There’s a mechanism of the sled in this type of slide that makes sure to catch and prevent any sort of slam. The closing force slows down by damper and springs basically help to pull shut of drawer. A student or writer or anyone who loves the silence around would definitely appreciate this function-based type of slide for their drawers.

A Few More Types of Drawer Slides

Apart from the above discussed types, there are still many slides available that come for specific purposes or features. These are optional functions that are not commonly needed but may make it easier for certain people who need them.

For example, the push-to-open slides. This type basically allows the drawer to open whenever there’s a force applied on the front face. And so, you don’t need any additional components with these.

Then there are assisted open or close type. These will open or close around ¾ of the whole way through motion playing the role of an automatic assistive mechanism. Recently the hold-in/out as well as the lock-in/out are also earning many praises for their unique function and purposes.

Visual Guide: Different Types of Drawer Slides Explained

Wrap Up

Basically, we can conclude that these different types of drawer slides are all great in their own way. There are certain cons that might not be a huge deal for a person with a different need than yours. And similarly, you can find a slide pretty useful that someone else skipped on buying. It’s’ all about thinking for individual requirements based on function, feature, and usability.

Best of Luck Picking the Right Type for Your Need!

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