How to Install Undermount Drawer Slides Without Messing Up

How to Install Undermount Drawer Slides

There’s a reason why these days people are more interested in under-mount drawer slides instead of the typical ones. And by the conventional style, I mean side-mounted ones. Now because you are supposed to slide in and out the drawers quite a few times during the day, these are very prone to wearing out.

And that’s one thing not happening anytime sooner in case of under-mount drawer slides. These stay hidden while quietly functioning to open or close the drawers. Once you decide to bring these for your kitchen cabinet drawers being impressed with the functionality, getting confused by its installation demands is a very common scenario. And that is why I’ve chosen to talk about how to install undermount drawer slides for today’s piece of writing.

Undermount Drawer Slides Installation & More Related on It

There’s more to the whole why the under-mount soft-close slide is so popular story. Not just because the slides are hidden well excusing any interference with the outlook of your kitchen or any other space, but also due to the fact that these slides are very good at holding the weight.

Most people decide to install blum undermount drawer slides typically for this weight holding benefit. Some also chose to install everbilt under-mount drawer slides as it’s another classic option that provides easy adjustment as well as weight holding facilities. Another such example is the grass under-mount drawer slides. And on that note, let’s proceed towards the actual guide.

Start with Some Checking

First of all, it’s important if your drawer really needs a undermount soft close drawer slides. These are meant for drawers that come with pretty little clearance between the cabinet carcass and drawer box’s side.

The slides need to go right onto the underside of the drawer. There are however certain types within that works well with sole installation on the box bottom. However, these require you to have some raising of drawer bottom to make space for the slide assembly’s accommodation. If these fit well with your drawer then choosing an under-mount drawer slide seems the right choice and you can proceed with the installation.

Attaching Mounting Bracket

How do you install undermount drawer slides when the bottom area of the drawer is hard to access? Well, you turn it upside down on a surface to work on the opposite body side. right to the upper left corner will go the left front mounting bracket.

This needs to be on the left side of the drawer box against the front of course. And then you grab some mounting screws to attach those brackets on this place. Then do the very same thing for the right-side mounting bracket.

Get Some Quick Measurements

Use a tape measure to calculate the drawer slide assembly’s width. You also need the measurement by placing the tape along edge with lower left-hand corner of box all the way to top edge on back. Make pencil marks and extend this along with the due. Using a combination square bring the markdown on the drawer box’s back face for reference.

Calculate the distance between the drawer bottom and box’s edge. This distance between the lower edge of the box and the lower face of bottom should be half an inch typically. You want to transcribe this onto the left and right sides of drawer’s back face part.

Placing the square right onto the lower edge of drawer back, create a parallel line with the drawer bottom that is across drawer’s back edge. Until this basically meets the previously made line. Both of these lines should be making a perpendicular outline that refers to a notch. You need to cut this tight onto the drawer’s back. So that it can hold the slides. Create a similar mark for the right drawer slide as well.

Cutting Notches & Drilling Holes

Use a jigsaw to cut two notches. The notches’ long edge needs to flush with the bottom of drawer. Between the front bracket and back notch of drawer, place the left slide. You need to mark the pin location onto the back of drawer slide. This is where a hole need is to be drilled. Do the same for the right-side slide too.

Then for the roller drawer slides, you need to use a quarter-inch drill bit and create holes. It should be just shallow enough for holding the pins at marked position on back of the drawer.

Measuring Once Again

Use a level to span distance from the bottom left edge of drawer to carcass back portion. You can make adjustments until the level shows perfect centering for both lines. Then make a pencil mark on carcass back referring to the level on bottom edge as a guide. Do the same thing for carcass right side.

Next, you need measurements of distance between drawer opening front left edge and carcass left side. Transfer the measurement on cabinet back and mark down the inset’s location. Do this for the right-side bracket too.

Attaching Slides

Place the left rear mounting bracket for slide onto carcass back. Make sure the bottom edge is aligning with pencil mark. The bracket’s left edge should be along with left inset mark. Attach with provided mounting screws. Follow the same for the right-side rear bracket.

Then place left drawer slide on carcass and push back onto the bracket. Attach front edge onto the side of face frame. Use mounting screws to attach. And you can similarly fit the right-side slide.

Finally, you can extend the slides out and settle drawers inside. It should click into the front mounting bracket. Once you are done with the right-side slide, test drawer operation. If it slides in and out easily, you are done with the installation.

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Wrap Up

Now you know how to install undermount drawer slides. Once you choose soft close drawer slides for the cabinet, you’ll install it on, knowing about the installation process will keep things on safe side. As when you try the installation, there will be enough knowledge with you on how to deal a particular situation if things seem to go a bit off. Good Luck.

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