Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges | Top 7 Picks

Best Soft Close Cabinet HingesAre you tired of that weird creaking noise your cabinet doors make every time you try to open or close them?

We can understand exactly what you’re going through. At times like his, even oiling or adjusting the hinges of your cabinet won’t help. This can happen due to a lot of things. Your hinges might be rusty and old, or they might not be the right choice for your cabinet.

Luckily, we’re here to help you find the best soft close cabinet hinges. Down below, you will find hinges that help close your cabinet door automatically without having to use much force. Not only will these keep your doors in good shape, but they also won’t make any noise.

So why wait? Let’s get started!

Top 7 Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Reviews

Having trouble finding the best quality kitchen cabinet hinges? Check out these options. We’ve reviewed the top soft close cabinet hinges for you down below so that you know exactly which one to purchase.

Here is the list of Best soft close cabinet door hinges we reviewed:

  1. DECOBASICS Face Frame Cabinet Cupboard Door Hinges
  2. AmazonBasics AB-4013 Soft Close Hinge For Cabinet Door
  3. Blum 38N355BE08x50S Compact 1/2” Overlay Soft-Close Hinge
  4. Revinte Store 1/2” Overlay Soft Close Hinges For Kitchen Cabinet
  5. Probrico Soft Closing Clip-On Face Frame Cabinet Hinges
  6. Blum B039C355B.20 1-1/4″ Overlay Soft Close Cabinet Hinge
  7. Luokim Soft Close Concealed Hinges For Frameless Cabinets

1. DECOBASICS Face Frame Cabinet Cupboard Door Hinges

best soft close kitchen cabinet door hingesOur first option is one that is going to solve all your issues with noise. To ensure quire operation, these hinges have built-in dampers. Not only will these make your cabinet door close quietly, but it will also help close the door smoothly.

As your cabinet doors are not shutting abruptly anymore, they will stay in good condition for a longer time as well.

Feature Highlights
  • Built-in dampers make closing and opening cabinet doors a quiet task
  • Soft-close hinges that help keep your cabinet door in good condition for longer
  • The Three-way adjustability feature allows easy and quick set up
  • All dowels, screws, nuts, and accessories that you will need are included
  • High-quality metal construction is compatible with any cabinet door material

Made with high-quality metal, these hinges will last you a lifetime. They usually don’t rust or get damaged with any exterior weather conditions making these the best soft close kitchen cabinet door hinges. If you make an effort to keep them dry anyway, these will never need a replacement.

This metal also does not react to any other material. So, you can use it on wooden cabinet doors without having to worry about damaging the construction of the door.

A three-way adjustability feature makes installation a piece of cake. The instructions are so clear and straight forward with these hinges; you’ll need just a few minutes to set these in. All dowels and screws that you will need are also included with the purchase.

2. AmazonBasics AB-4013 Soft Close Hinge for Cabinet Door 

heavy-duty soft close cabinet hingesLooking for cabinet door hinges that are durable? We’ve got just the thing for you.

This pack of 50 hinges from the Amazon basics store is a set that is worth the purchase. Made with high-grade metal with a nickel-plated finish, these heavy-duty soft close cabinet hinges will last you a couple of years without any trouble.

Water, cold weather, or heat won’t do any damage to the construction of these hinges. As these won’t rust, they are safe to add to kitchen cabinets.

Feature Highlights
  • Pack of 50 hinges available at a great price
  • Made with durable metal with nickel plating; will last ages
  • Can be installed within minutes, all screws included along with a three-way adjustability feature
  • Auto damping feature that reduces noise
  • Promotes smooth, soft closing of cabinet doors

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Along with 50 hinges, you get two flat head screws, one pan head screw, and mounting screws included. No need to make any separate purchase, a screwdriver at home is all you need!

You get sound damning features with these stylish silver hinges as well. They reduce sound and also promote smoother closing and opening of cabinet doors.

For easy installation, you get a three-way adjustability feature. No need to call in for help; you can install these hinges on your own in minutes. There are only a few screws that you need to position and screw in carefully. The installation process is quite basic and doesn’t require professional skills.

3. Blum 38N355BE08x50S Compact 1/2” Overlay Blumotion Soft-Close Hinge

Overlay Blumotion Soft-Close HingeYou’ll only need one of these ½ inch Blum hinges to renovate your kitchen, wall, or bathroom cabinet door. Just one of these sturdy hinges can handle the weight and movement of a small to a medium-sized cabinet door.

Yes, these hinges do cost a lot more than other ones available in the market. But once you use them, you’ll see just how worth it these are.

These have a solid metal construction with a nickel finish. The material is rust-resistant and also heatproof.

Feature Highlights
  • The strong, soft closing feature makes slamming doors shut impossible
  • Solid metal construction that is rust and heat resistant
  • You only need one hinge per small to a medium-sized cabinet door.
  • Edges crafted carefully to protect the cabinet door material

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The sturdy metal will last ages. Even if you have to change the door of the cabinet, you can just unscrew and reuse them. They’ll work like they’re brand new!

Edges of these hinges have been crafted carefully so that it doesn’t penetrate or scratch the surface of wooden cabinet doors. No need to worry about paint or wood chipping while installing these into place.

With these hinges installed, you will get a 105-degree opening angle. So, you can open the door fully to reach for your necessities in the cabinet without any barrier.

A strong, soft closing feature makes it impossible to slam your doors shut. This is the perfect hinge to get if you have kids at home to protect the cabinet doors and to also stop the door slamming.

4. Revinte Store 50 Pack 25 Pairs 1/2 inch Overlay Soft Close Hinges for Kitchen Cabinet

best self closing cabinet hinges soft closeLooking for high-quality door hinges that won’t harm your fancy cabinet door? Check out these hinges from the Revinte store.

High-quality stainless-steel hinges such as this one are a great addition to any wooden cabinet door. Even with years of use and being stuck in the same place, these hinges won’t dig into the surface of your cabinet. There are no chances of scratches on the cabinet door.

The damping feature on this cabinet door is well designed. There will be no creaking or squeaking noise when you open or close the cabinet doors.

Feature Highlights
  • 105-degree wide opening angle
  • Stainless steel construction with a nickel-plated finish
  • Does not harm your kitchen cabinet doors material
  • Includes 50 hinges along with 100 plastic dowels and 150 mounting screws
  • Heavy duty; lasts years without needing replacement

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You also don’t need to slam the door shut; a light push will close the door completely. Even if you do push quite hard by accident, the soft closing feature stops the force just before closing and gently shuts the door.

There really is no other soft closing cabinet door hinge better than this if you want to keep your cabinet doors in good condition!

This pack of 50 hinges is also available at a great price. Considering you get 150 mounting screws and 100 plastic dowels free with the purchase, this set is quite the bargain.

5. Probrico Full Overlay Soft Closing Clip-On Face Frame Mounting Cabinet Hinges

best soft close cabinet door hinges Face Frame MountingCabinet and door hinges can be a bit too bulky at times. Although this is a part of the cabinet that stays inside, hidden, it can ruin the outlook of your cabinet.

If you feel like you’re suffering from a similar problem, you could give this Probrico soft closing door hinge a try.

A minimal and simple design that does not take up much space successfully adds a damping feature without taking over much space. This hinge won’t ever get in your way.

Feature Highlights
  • Compact in size, concealed hinges that are not too noticeable
  • Can be added to cabinets with or without frames
  • Flexible and versatile hinges that also work on furniture or room doors
  • Mounting screws included; easy installation
  • Does not need frequent oiling

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The clip-on, the concealed hinge will only take you a few minutes to install. Regardless of whether your cabinet has a frame or not, this hinge will secure itself properly to the cabinet door. Mounting screws that are needed for the installation are included with your purchase.

Eliminate all kinds of noise and enjoy a silent cabinet door that closes as soft as a feather.

The flexible hinge can also be installed on furniture or room doors. You might need more or fewer numbers of hinges depending on the size of the door. But these hinges will give you the same damping and soft closing benefits as it would with cabinets.

You won’t have to oil these hinges that often, which makes this the perfect tool to install in any hard to reach areas of your house, such as high kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

6. Blum B039C355B.20 1-1/4″ Overlay Soft Close Cabinet Hinge

Overlay Soft Close Cabinet HingeThis Blum overlay soft close cabinet hinge is probably one of the easiest cabinet hinges to install.

With this one-piece wrap around the hinge, you won’t have to hold the two pieces on the hinge and mark them separately on the doors and the frame.

As the hinge is one whole construction, you can hold it once and mark the places where you need to drill the holes at one go. This makes the drilling process more accurate and also saves you a lot of time.

A 110-degree wide-angle opening feature gives you more space and access to the interior of the cabinet.

Feature Highlights
  • One-piece wrap around the hinge makes drilling holes for installation easier
  • 110-degree wide opening angle gives you better access to the interior of your cabinet
  • Overloading feature that sends out alerts
  • Can be deactivated when installed on small to medium doors
  • Can be used on wooden, PVC, and glass doors as well

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If one hinge is not enough for the door that you want these installed on, there is an overloading feature that alerts you beforehand. Blum is a company known for making hinges that protect your cabinet doors and also meet safety standards.

When installed on small or medium-sized cabinet doors, you get a deactivation switch. Use this to turn off the soft closing feature if needed.

This hinge cup structure makes sure there is no noise when opening or closing.

You can safely mount these on to wooden, PVC, or even glass doors without causing any damage.

7. Luokim 20pcs Soft Close Cabinet Concealed Hinges for frameless cabinets

best quality kitchen cabinet hingesThe Luokim concealed cabinet door hinge was made specifically for frameless cabinets.

A wide 110-degree opening angle allows you to reach into the cabinet easier. So, you can open the doors wide enough to be able to clean thoroughly.

This wide-angle also makes oiling the hinges easier. You won’t have to do this too often, but a bit of oiling every two or three months on the Luokim soft closing cabinet hinge has been known to improve and stabilize performance.

The 35 mm hinge will fit any door that is up to 16 to 25 mm thick. This hinge was designed to make opening and closing fr4ameless cabinet doors easier and smoother. But if you have a door of similar thickness, you can also add these to it.

Durable steel structure keeps these hinges rust-free. Put these on your kitchen cabinets, and you won’t have to worry about any health hazards.

Close and open your cabinet doors more than 80000 times without seeing any change in performance. You will still get noiseless and smooth opening and closing even after that much use.

The soft-close feature on this hinge closes your cabinet doors smoothly but fast. This way, you don’t risk any bugs or dirt getting into the cabinet.

Feature Highlights
  • Made especially for frameless doors
  • Does not need frequent oiling
  • Wide 110-degree opening angle makes cleaning and oiling easier
  • 35 mm hinge that fits onto doors of 16 to 25 mm thickness
  • Closes cabinets softly but fast to prevent dust and bugs from getting in

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Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Buying Guide for Soft Closing Cabinet Door Hinges

Soft closing cabinet hinges are probably not something that you would want to spend hours doing research on. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of the crucial things that you would want to keep in mind while buying this part of your cabinet.


One of the main reasons why you’re changing your cabinet hinges is because it is not smooth enough. You need to make sure that the hinges you buy have a very smooth mechanism. You shouldn’t feel any resistance at all.

The best self-closing cabinet hinges don’t even have to be shut close. Just a slight push and the door will close automatically.

If the hinges that you settle on cannot operate smoothly, you will risk harming the material of your wooden cabinets.

A lot of factors will affect the smoothness of the cabinet hinge, such as the attaching screw, compatibility with the material, and also the design of your cabinets.


Nothing is more annoying than the creaking noise of the cabinet. You can’t fetch a snack without waking up the entire family!

Therefore, you should always be alert of how much noise the cabinet hinge is going to make. Soft closing cabinet hinges that are smooth or oiled are the best options to go for if you want a low-noise kitchen cabinet.

Ease of Installation

Hiring someone to attach and install kitchen cabinet hinges can be quite expensive. Also, if you’ve bought hinges that need to be set up by a professional, you’ve bought the wrong kinds.

These fancy hinges are quite hard to maintain and end up costing you a lot.

Instead, try and get ones that come with thorough instructions. You’ll need a screwdriver and a few bolts to screw the hinges in place.

Don’t go for ones that are unnecessarily complicated and cause you too much hassle. A cabinet hinge is a simple tool that shouldn’t require so much heed.


When buying a hinge for your cabinet, it is crucial that you get material that is rust-resistant. Otherwise, you will have to change the hinge from time to time as they can cause health hazards. Rusty old hinges also become noisy with time, defying the purpose of buying new hinges in the first place!

Also, try and get hinges made of a material that is compatible with the material of your cabinet door.


Although this is not absolutely necessary, getting hinges that match with your cabinet door will improve the overall look of your house by a whole lot. You can get matching ones or ones that add a good contrast with the door.

The choice is yours. But because you’ll be stuck with these hinges for quite a while, if you buy durable ones that are, you might as well get ones that are easy on the eyes.

FAQ’s about Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinges

Reading a few commonly asked questions always helps clear out any remaining queries. Here are some that might help you out.

1. What is the best lubricant for cabinet door hinges?

Silicone sprays are the best type of lubricants to use on hinges. They are quite cheap, available everywhere, and keep your door from squeaking all the time.

2. How often should you oil your cabinet hinges?

You can oil your cabinet door hinge every month. If you feel like that is too often, just oil the hinges when you notice too much noise.

3. When do you need to replace cabinet hinges?

A good rule is to replace hinges when they’ve gone out of shape or have become rusty. The best soft close cabinet door hinges will last you about 3 to 4 years.

4. What is the best material of hinges to choose for wooden cabinet doors?

Solid stainless steel hinges go quite well with wooden doors. They provide the necessary support without scratching into the wooden surface.

5. Can you get the rust off of cabinet hinges without removing them?

Sometimes if the rust id not too old, you might be able to get it off using some vinegar and baking soda. But this is not recommended as rust on the hinges of a kitchen cabinet is too close to your food and might cause health hazards.

Final Words

Gone are the days of having to deal with the cringy noise of closing cabinets. With the best soft close cabinet hinges installed in your home, you won’t even have to make an effort to shut the door. Trust us; this small adjustment is going to change your life for the better.

Say goodbye to noise and rust and welcome in easy to operate, smooth, and functional soft close cabinet hinges!

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