Best Deadbolt Locks for Home [ Top 9 Picks ]

Best Deadbolt Locks for Home

According to the FBI, a break-in or burglary happens every 25 seconds in the USA alone! Despite this alarming statistic, many people are still not willing to invest in quality locks.

If you are reading this, then you are an exception, and you take safety seriously. In order to guarantee safety, deadbolt locks have been used for years. They are sturdy, convenient, and strong.

However, finding the right one for your home can be tough, and we are speaking from experience. That’s why we are bringing you the best deadbolt locks for home security by reviewing the top picks of the time.

Thus, throughout this article, your safety will be our concern, so just sit back and let us walk you through the best deadbolt locks out there.

Top 5 Most Secure Deadbolts for Home

What Is A Deadbolt Lock?

Deadbolt locks are popular and high safety locks that are unlocked by a key or thumb turn. Deadbolt locks do not have springs inside, and thus cannot be breached easily using knives or safety pins.

Since they do not operate via springs, the key is the only way to unlock them. The acts to retract the bolt and make it move into the side plate that is situated on the door frame.nn n

There are fundamentally two different types of deadbolt locks. There is the single cylinder deadbolt lock and double cylinder deadbolt lock.

Top 9 Best Deadbolt Locks For Home Security

In this section, we bring you the much-awaited deadbolt lock reviews and highlight their pros and cons for your convenience.

1. AmazonBasics Exterior Door Knob With Deadbolt Door Locks

AmazonBasics Exterior Door Knob With Deadbolt Door LocksAmazon basis brings you their entry knob and deadbolt set, guaranteed to provide the maximum safety to your house.

First off, let us briefly discuss the body of the product. It is made with the highest quality brass and fitted with a steel interior. This makes the product highly durable and long-lasting.

The entry knob is suitable for all types of doors, both interior and exterior. It features an unlocking mechanism on both the outside and inside of the door.

The deadbolt that is complementary to the knob is a thumb-operated lock from the inside. From the outside, however, it unlocks with the help of a key. This amps up the security.

Feature Highlights
  • Detailed instruction supplied
  • Built with quality stuff and is durable
  • Comes with a distinct surface matte
  • 4 identical keys are provided.

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To make sure that you never lose your keys, you will be provided with four identical brass keys when you purchase this product. All keys are keyed alike, so even if one ends up getting damaged, you will not suffer a great loss.

This product has been made, keeping aesthetics in mind. That is why you get to choose from a variety of different surface finishes, including brushed nickel, polished brass, antique steel, and so on. After installing this lock, your door will be reinforced and decorated.

Finally, Amazon Basics realizes that installing locks can be tedious and time-consuming. Hence, to make installation easier, you are provided with a full set of easy to follow instructions. Now you can set it up for yourself in no time.

2. Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry Door Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack

Kwikset Entry Door Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt - best rated deadbolt locksKwikset has been making security locks for years, and their advanced technology has enabled them to make locks that evade most break-in techniques.

This product is essentially a combo pack that contains a doorknob and a deadbolt. The deadbolt is a single cylinder deadbolt and is customized for doors where significant security is required.

The knob is keyed from the outside and can be installed on both rights and left-handed doors. This makes it a good choice for all types of doors.

Part of the reason why this set is so popular is that it has been engineered to be resistant to all types of evasive and break-in techniques.

For instance, it is capable of resisting sawing, drilling, and picking. Another amazing feature of this set is the rekey mechanism, which is place.

Feature Highlights
  • Can be attached to both left and right-handed doors
  • Features anti-sawing, anti-picking, and anti-kick mechanisms
  • Can be rekeyed easily
  • Has a disinfecting surface

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If you ever lose your key or it gets stolen, you do not have to get a new lock entirely. To reset the lock and make it operate via a new key, you just have to follow a few easy steps.

Insert the old key into the lock and turn clockwise 90 degrees. Then insert the smart key tool into the smart key port. Then, remove both the old key and smart key tool and insert the new key inside. By rotating the new key 180 degrees, followed by a 90-degree rotation back to its initial position, the lock has been reset.

Hence, this means the old key will no longer work. Of course, you should make copies of the old key to ensure you can use this reset option.

Finally, this product comes with advanced bacteria protection that is coated on the surface. It gets rid of 99% germs on contact, sterilizing the surface.

3. TMC Full Plate Modern Door Handleset with Deadbolt for all Exterior Doors

TMC Full Plate Modern Door Handleset with Deadbolt for all Exterior DoorsThis is a deadbolt and door lock handle set that has been made to not only provide top-notch security but also throw in a fusion of style and quality.

The set is made from the best and highest quality material. And the handle set is made of copper and features an anti-rust protective coating layer.

The single-cylinder deadbolt lock is keyed on the outside, and for convenience, it features a thumb lock on the inside. This lock will complement the handles of the door amazingly well.

If you are looking for a customized finish, then this product is for you. The set features components with a distinct chrome finish and slim and elegant looking build. It is truly the center of attention.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy to follow instructions and installation
  • Single-cylinder deadbolt with durable copper handle set
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust handle set
  • Compatible with all standard sized doors.

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This product also fits all standard size doors. Starting from doors with thickness 1-3/8 inches all the way to 1-3/4 inches, with everything in between. The latches also fit standard size doors, ranging from a thickness of 2 3/8 to 2 3/4 inches.

The set includes all the necessary components for installation, and all you need is a screwdriver. The instructions are easy to follow and can be done singlehandedly.

4. Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave Deadbolt –  Best Smart Keypad Deadbolt Lock

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave Deadbolt - high security deadbolt lock for home or officeGone are the days of having to search frantically for keys when leaving home. Now, Yale Assure’s coded locks are the talk of the town.

This lock is incredibly easy to operate. All you have to do is set the passcode, and you are done! No key is required to unlock it ever again. In addition, you can set the auto-lock feature to lock the door as you leave.

This product also features remote unlocking. That means you can unlock the door by linking the lock with the Z wave smart home app, or any other 3rd part app, like Samsung SmartThings. All that this requires is that the app is compatible, and nothing more.

Feature Highlights
  • Passcode protected for additional protection
  • The passcode can be deleted or customized for different people
  • Easy to install and won’t consume much time
  • Compatible with the home alarm system.

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If you are a person who is used to the old key and lock tradition, then do not worry. This product comes with an additional set of keys just for your peace of mind.

Because it such a high-security deadbolt lock, it offers a fair bit of user control too. In addition to setting your own passcode, you can delete codes, too, if you think it has been compromised. What’s more, you can set different combinations for different people. This greatly amps up security.

Installation is easy, and you have the app to run you through the process. Hence, you can install this over the old lock yourself.

Finally, it pairs like a charm, so do not have to replace your old knobs or levers or handle sets.

5. Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Heavy Duty Deadbolt Lock for Home Security

Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Heavy Duty Deadbolt Lock for Home SecurityBerlin Modisch brings you state-of-the-art deadbolt door locks, and this product is a testimony to that fact.

It is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. This is what makes it so versatile and popular. It has a modern look and will compliment your door nicely.

With their reversible feature, both the door deadbolt and lever knob makes for perfect fitting in both left-handed and right-handed doors.

Feature Highlights
  • Specially made for offices
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Perfect for standard sized doors
  • Compatible with left and right-handed doors.

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The door lever fits on a square base, which adds to the stability of the handle. The backset latches come in sizes between 2.375 inches and 2.75 inches, which is the perfect size for doors with standard thickness.

For office rooms, this product has a special feature. The lock knob is activated using a thumb and can also be opened via a special key.

Speaking of keys, you will be provided with four keys set, and all the keys are identical to one another. Thus, loosing or damaging a key will no longer mean that the entire set up has to be changed.

With a matte, black finish, this product is as good to look at as it is efficient. Furthermore, installation is extremely easy, and you will supply a detailed diagram to walk you through the process.

6. Schlage Connect Camelot Most Secure Electronic Deadbolts With Built-In Alarm

Schlage Connect Camelot Most Secure Electronic Deadbolts With Built-In Alarm - Most secure electronic deadbolt lockOne of the most secure electronic deadbolts you will find out there, it comes as no surprise that Schlage is the brand that delivers this amazing product.

First off, this product has an ANSI grade 1 certification. This is the highest form of certification and is an endorsement of durability, strength, and impact resistance. Hence, you can sure you will be getting a long-lasting product.

This electronic deadbolt lets you connect to the Z wave app and allows you to link it up with the alarm system. As a result, the lock can be controlled remotely, and intrusions will be notified at once.

Speaking of alerting you, there are 3 distinct alert modes, namely activity, tamper, and forced entry, so now you can know whether the police should be notified or not.

Feature Highlights
  • Can be linked with Alexa or Siri for voice control
  • The touchscreen is well protected against smudges and tampering attempts
  • Store over 30 different codes
  • Comes with the highest ANSI certification.

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Not only can you set your own unique code, but the system can retain up to 30 different codes. Consequently, everyone in the house can set their passcode, and this greatly maximizes the overall safety.

The touchscreen is also state of the art and is resistant to smudges and fingerprints. This is because of the protective coating on the screen that shields it from such nuisances.

This product is ideal for people who have kids at home. If you need to share the passcode with a babysitter, you can provide the code and later reset it to something new from the control panel. You do not even have to remove the lock or tamper with it.

7. Berlin Modisch Single Cylinder Best High Security Deadbolt Lock, Heavy Duty

Berlin Modisch Single Cylinder Heavy Duty Deadbolt LockAnother product from Berlin Modisch, this it is the square styled, single-cylinder lock for all types of doors.

This product has been specially crafted for both interior and exterior use. This implies that it can be used on doors inside the house as well, and still provide the same level of security.

If you are interested in higher security for front doors, the high-grade deadbolts will ensure top safety. With a single-cylinder system, the keyed entry is on the outside, while the thumb lock entry is situated on the inside.

Feature Highlights
  • Dual keys will be provided
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Works with left and right-handed doors
  • Powder coat finishes for an appealing look.

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The adjustable latch comes in the usual standard sizes and is manufactured to fit perfectly well with your standard door sizes.

The exterior keyway and interior thumb lock mechanism are especially useful for offices. This is also because it is completely reversible and can fit into right and left-handed doors.

With its nickel satin finish, this product is conveniently portable and can be carried around anywhere, anytime. Since it is also easy to install, you can use it after spending just a few minutes setting it up.


8. Kwikset 92640-001 Electronic High-Security Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Best Wireless Deadbolt Lock

Kwikset 92640-001 Electronic High-Security Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Best Wireless Deadbolt LockKwiksets 92640-001 electronic, single-cylinder model is their best deadbolt lock for front doors, and it utilized technology to guarantee safety.

This wireless deadbolt lock is perfect for doors where security is most needed. This mainly includes front doors of apartments, offices, or other residential buildings.

Featuring an automatic locking mechanism, the lock will be activated automatically after 10 to 99 seconds. This provides a sense of assurance regarding the overall safety this product provides.

There are a total of 6 customizable user codes that can be applied or implemented. In addition to that, there is also the option of setting a temporary code that will be implemented just once.

Feature Highlights
  • 6 different codes to choose from
  • The alarm is activated after 5 consecutive failed attempts
  • Temporary codes can be set and reset
  • An automatic locking mechanism in place.

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This nifty feature allows you to share codes with guests or babysitters who will be residing temporarily within your house. You can delete or reset the temporary codes whenever you want, providing you with a fresh slate.

Because it’s a single-cylinder deadbolt lock, it opens via a key from the outside and is thumb-operated from the inside. The key mechanism is to provide even more security and peace of mind.

In case of attempted intrusions, the alarm will go off after 5 failed code entries, and the keypad will lockout for 45 seconds. This will alert you in case of danger from forced entries.

The motorized deadbolt lock is amazingly easy to install, and all it requires is a standard-sized screwdriver. Furthermore, it is compatible with all standard door settings.

9. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt  - Best Rated Deadbolt Locks for Entry Door

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt  - Best Rated Deadbolt Locks for Entry DoorThe final product we will review today is the smart WiFi deadbolt from Schlage. This WiFi activated lock is as sharp and efficient as they come.

To start off, this product requires no accessories to make it work. If you pair it up with Home App from Schlage, you can customize up to 100 different codes for your family and friends.

All you need is the WiFi to activate these codes from practically anywhere.

Since it supports voice control, you can pair it up with Alexa and tune in to view your security status anytime. You will get live updates regarding battery health, so you can promptly order a new one if needed.

Feature Highlights
  • Offers up to a 100 different, customizable code combinations
  • Can be paired with voice control software like Alexa
  • Touchscreen performance is unaffected by smudges from fingerprints
  • Highly sensitive alarm system.

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Because of the high-quality touchscreen, fingerprints and smudges will no longer be an issue. Furthermore, you can control it via voice commands, so using your hands will not even be necessary.

The highly sensitive alarm will be triggered at the slightest security breach prompting you to take action.

This product is amazingly easy to install, and all that is required is a screwdriver. As a matter of fact, your hands will be free and unoccupied during installation because the deadbolt will stay latched to the door via the Snap 'n Stay technology.

someone unlocking their Glass door deadbolts lock

Beginners Guide for Picking the Best Deadbolt for Home Security

In this section, we will discuss some pointers you should keep in mind when picking the best-rated deadbolt locks. Hopefully, this section will prove to be insightful and informative at the same time.

ANSI Certified

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. They are an institute in charge of quality control and overseeing the maintenance of standards that are required in manufactured goods.

An ANSI endorsed or certified lock has been rigorously tested for impact and resistance to fracture. They have also been tested against attack by intruders, using tools such as saws and cutters.

Always make sure you are getting an ANSI certified lock as those will provide the optimum performance.

Coded Locks

With the rise of technology, locks with codes are becoming highly popular. The reason for this is the amount of security can now be controlled and maximized by the customer.

Coded locks have the advantage of being connected to an alarm that will be triggered if the wrong code is entered a certain number of times.

Having such a lock is highly beneficial and can amp up the security. But remember to always protect your code and make sure it is something easy for you remember, but hard for others to guess.

Birthdays are not a good option, as they can be easily guessed. Instead, try something like the day you started work or the sum of the ages of all people in the house. Be creative!

Type of Material

There are many different types of materials out there in the market; some are better than others.

For most uses, steel is a good choice, as it is strong, durable, and resistant to abrasions. However, copper is also another viable candidate.

Suitable Door

One of the most important aspects of fitting a deadbolt lock is the type of door you are fitting it on.

A deadbolt is strong, no doubt, but it requires an equally strong door to compliment it. A weak door fitted with a powerful lock would be counter-productive, as the door can easily be breached.

Ease of Installation

A good lock should be easy to install, so you do not have to spend to much time manipulating it. Most deadbolt locks are easy to install, but you still want the one which you feel is the easiest and most convenient.

Thumb lock or Key Lock?

Another very important aspect you must consider when getting deadbolts for home security. To be a bit more technical, the key lock is called the double cylinder lock system, and the thumb lock is called the single-cylinder system.

A key lock provides more security, especially to doors with windows on them. Breaking the windows will not enable the intruder to simply turn the lock if the key is not present.

However, the key lock is dependent on the key, and an emergency situation, losing the key can be disastrous.

The thumb lock is operated from the inside only and is much faster. There is also no chance of losing the key, as it doesn’t depend on it. Hence, it would be a better option of the door is without windows.

golden colour deadbolt lock

FAQ's about Deadbolt Locks for Home

Time to answer some of your burning questions. This section will be brief, but hopefully, informative.

1. How will I know if the deadbolt is locked?

There is a tuning mechanism that tells you this. If the turning mechanism is horizontal, then it is locked.

2. Should I install deadbolt locks on doors with windows?

If the lock is a single-cylinder deadbolt, then it’s not recommended. A person can break the window and turn the latch. A double cylinder deadbolt lock would be better in this case.

3. Are deadbolt locks resistant to sawing or drilling?

Generally, yes, they are. They are highly fortified and thus provide a very high level of security.

4. Where can I find the best-rated deadbolt locks?

That depends on your definition of best. A certain type of deadbolt lock may be suitable for one person, but not good enough for another.

However, this article compiles the best ones available, so see if any of the products meet your criteria.

5. I lost the passcode to my electronic lock. What should I do?

The first step is to reset the code immediately. A lost code could fall into the wrong hands and compromise your safety. If resetting doesn’t work, contact the customer care service of the company you bought the lock from.

Final Words

We take safety seriously, and by now, we know you do as well. Our picks for the best deadbolt locks for home will guarantee that safety, so you can sleep soundly at night and have one less thing to worry about. For now, stay safe!

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