How to Install a Deadbolt on a Metal Door | 5 Step Installation Guide

How To Install A Deadbolt On A Metal Door

The whole matter of adding several layers of security to your home has been with you for a few days now. And you’re not sure if even with a metal door, it’s safe enough. This type of thought is pretty common where burglary is now becoming a quite common affair. Also, according to several reaches on break-in attempts, those who spend in high-end security will face three times fewer chances of burglaries.

Adding a deadbolt to your metal door is one of the few things you can do for ensuring this security scheme. And so, let’s have a chat on how to install a deadbolt on a metal door specifically. Yes, the process is a bit different from other types of doors, so the discussion is necessary.

The Process of Installing a Deadbolt Lock on a Steel Door

When you think about installing a deadbolt lock on a steel door, the whole mechanism needs to go to the inside of door. So that there’s less chance of anyone smashing it off. Once you fully let it extend, there’s less chance of pushing it back.

And that’s clearly going to reduce any risks of burglars. That is one of the many reasons why a deadbolt lock for a metal door sounds like a perfect idea. However, can you put a deadbolt on any door? By far, this lock works well with most of the door types. But especially with the metal and wooden doors. So, if you’re assured of that fact, how about we continue with the tools and process?

Things You Need for Installation

  • A wood chisels.
  • Drill bits and drill.
  • Driver bits.
  • Hole saw.
  • Spade bits.
  • And a deadbolt lock.

Check the Manufacturer’s Template to Start Fresh

Checking the template provided by the deadbolt’s manufacturer is for sure very first thing you should be doing. As the reference template that comes along makes it quite easy for you to carry on with the whole process.

It usually comes with all the important information regarding the deadbolt’s installation. You simply need to put it onto your door. And then ensure that the deadbolt’s hole is right above the doorknob for about 6 inches. There should be reference points as well with the template. You can use an awl to mark those points for later.

Creating Holes for the lock

To fix the deadbolt for hollow metal door, you need to make some holes at this point. Of course, you’ll be drilling the holes onto wherever you’ve marked the referencing points earlier. Keep on cutting until the pilot bit goes completely through the door popping on another side. As soon as the hole saw penetrates to the exterior face of your door, stop drilling.

Now you need to make some holes on the edge of your door. Here get the drill bit of 7/8 inches. You can use these bits to make some door right onto the side for fixing deadbolt.

Recessing Faceplate’s Surrounding

You need to manually fix the deadbolt inside the hole. Simply use your one hand to do so. While holding the deadbolt, you need to trace the surrounding area of faceplate using another hand.

Go for mortising it with a wood chisel at this point. That way you will ensure the rest of the door is being on a level with the area. For a flat surface, go with a regular chisel. While for the corners, you can mortise using a rounded chisel.

Fixing Bolt onto Door

Now that you are done with the mortising of the surrounding area of the faceplate, it’s time to work with the bolts on the door. You need some screws to fix the bolts on the frame. Next, you should work on dry fitting the cylinder as well as the thumb-turn plate provided. That way you will have a clear perception of how both of these pieces need to fix together.

Once you are done with that, go ahead with fitting the exterior side on door. You need to make sure it’s not loose. Now against the door, simply set the interior piece to follow up. You need to make sure that the mounting holes are aligning well with screw holes. Use a simple screwdriver for tightening the screws well.

Securing the Strike Plate

The finale of this process involves working to install strike plate metal door jamb. You need to pinpoint the bolt’s end. Simply use lipstick or paint to do so. Afterward, simply shut the door. Then turn the deadbolt. You should do this a few times. That way you’ll get spots of where exactly the lock comes in contact with the doorframe. Then get 7/8 inches spade bit. And drill on those spots using it.

Next, you need to mortise the area once again. Use a chisel to simply mortise holes’ surroundings. Right above these holes, place the strike plate. Make sure the drilled holes are aligning well with screw holes. Use screws and a suitable screwdriver to fix things nice and tight.

Using Steel Door Lock Installation Kit

There are quite a few deadbolt installation kit options you’ll find for steel doors that make the whole process simpler and time-saving. Getting one of these is definitely worth your money. The good ones come with suitable Bi-Metal hole saws that are not just good for metal but also wooden doors.

These are great to work with for exterior and interior door purposes. And usually, you get jig that is self-centering type fitting most common widths for the door. Also, these include bolt plate & hinge plate templates, not to mention router bit. And so, investing in one of these is definitely worth the hassle as it excludes many steps you’ll need to do otherwise.

Wrap Up

And now you have a pretty broad idea of how to install a deadbolt on a metal door. As a person who cannot take home security less seriously, it is very obvious of you to not trust a regular spring-loaded doorknob. The fact that you are trying to get the safety levels up by looking into deadbolt locks for your already strong enough metal doors proves enough how thoughtful you’re about the whole matter.

And that’s pretty appreciable. Look into the matter a bit more, go through several deadbolts’ options, and get things sorted as soon as you can. Wishing You Best of Luck on Upgrading Your Home’s Security to Its Finest!

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