How to Install a Schlage Deadbolt Lock All by Yourself

How to Install a Schlage Deadbolt Lock

Giving your front door some attention and time makes you discover that it badly needs a deadbolt replacement. And while being on that, you go through several available options finally bumping into one of the finest deadbolts locks out there. And that’s the Schlage deadbolt lock.

With an inexpensive deadbolt installation kit and some careful research, you can definitely nail the replacement process. Let me help you with that a bit. Today, I’ll be talking about how to install a Schlage deadbolt lock and things you should be aware of for trying something like this. Keep on Reading.

Here’s Everything on How to Install a Schlage Deadbolt Lock

Getting started with a new deadbolt is easy and then again, a task that demands careful observation. A little bit of misalignment and the whole thing can go down the hills just like that. However, any DIY skill level person can still do it pretty right. The key is to have proper preparation though.

You need to gather some tools. There should be a paper template inside the installation kit that can help very much. It comes with guidelines on where to drill on your doors if it’s not already drilled. Also, you need a speed square for checking the placement. Let’s get into the process below to grasp more.

Get the Old One Out

The very obvious one out of Schlage installation instructions is getting your existing deadbolt lock removed. As now you’ll be installing Schlage keypad deadbolt or any preferred type, make sure that it works with your existing door.

Since you’ve already had one previously, there’s a chance that only a certain type is compatible with your door. If you want to go for a different type, then you’ll need to add a few more steps extra. The best way is to get someone professional in such cases.

You may need to get rid of a few screws from inside to detach the existing deadbolt of your door. The keypad varieties that are operated through battery are typical designs you’ll find a bit confusing to work with. If you have a simple deadbolt design, however, this step will finish quite soon.

Once you are done with removing the screws, carefully get cover off as well. Use a hammer to gently tap on it if there’s some difficulty with removal. That way it should come off after a few trials. Make sure you are not too rough during this.

The inside portion connects with outside part through more screws, you need to detach those as well. As soon as you get those out too, carefully pull apart the whole lock. You want to begin from the interior section for sure. Then follow up with removing the outside portion. Go for the latch existing screws next and remove them. Finally, you can detach the latch from your door. And there you have a clean slate to fit your new Schlage deadbolt lock.

Installing Connect Next

Now with the new deadbolt, first thing you need to do is getting its latch fixed. This basically depends on the door’s mortise that you have already. There are quite a few variations when it comes to faceplates that are usable. And this includes a rounded or square faceplate or even one without any. You need to match with your previous door latch in this case for making things work.

Start by inserting the latch in door. Here you need to ensure the door’s hole is centering well with the latch’s middle hole. If that’s not happening get the latch out. Turn the mechanism 180 degrees while holding onto the deadbolt latch. And this will change the middle hole’s position hopefully. Now once again insert the latch. The TOP mark should be facing upward on latch.

There should be a total of four screws along with it. However, you only need two threaded ones at this point. Use both screws for fixing the latch to your door. Then you want to insert the keypad portion into the door’s outside part. The door hole needs cable feeding through it. The lines that are sticking up need to slide inside the door latch’s middle hole.

Working on The Plate

Now time to work on the deadbolt strike plate. On the inside part of the door goes this support plate while maintaining the against door sign of it. The cables need to be fed from another side. Also, make sure they are lining up with bolt holes.

At this point, you need to pick a suitable strike plate installation tool according to the model. Usually, there are two non-pointy types of bolts included that are pretty long. You need to use these for securing the support plate.

Then grab the interior assembly to carefully get the battery cover out. The back of the assembly should come with user codes as well as programming code that you should jot down for future usage.

After that, grab the inside assembly and remove the battery cover. Then simply hold the assembly in place up to lock. And you need to plug the cable right on the rear to it. Simply route cables onto the grove and insert assembly on the support plate. Push all the lines up on the knob. Secure inside assembly using black bolts. Use the same screws for securing the upper part.

Then take the battery tray out and put four batteries inside. You can then put the battery tray in its place and connect it. Place the cover back as well. Check if the lock is working or not. Open the door while pressing on the button that is placed on top of the keypad. If it lights up then things are good. You can enter the user code. And the deadbolt should settle for manual usage.

Connecting It to Smart home Hub

Once you are done with the Schlage deadbolt replacement, go ahead and connect it with your smart home hub. This makes controlling and managing even easier for you. The type of hub you own will decide how you’ll need to set up the connection. Let’s hold the example of wink hub in this case.

Open your smart home hub app to find the search mode for adding the device. Open the door for extending deadbolt out. This makes it come to the locked position. You need to press the code for your lock following the provided programming code plus 0. There should be an orange dot blinking after a few moments. And you should see the green light concluding the connection was successful.

To do this, you’ll first need to open up your smart home hub app and navigate to where you add a device to the hub to put it in search mode. If you don’t face any Schlage deadbolt installation problems, by now you should be easily controlling it through your hub’s app and enjoy a long list of benefits.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to install a Schlage deadbolt lock. Don’t forget to check some of the best and smart deadbolt locks before deciding on any random one. Because the purchase phase does need you to be having proper information through a bit of research. The installation process can also come along with the lock itself.

You should always check the manufacturer’s provided guidelines to understand if there are any particular instructions about it. Being aware of what you’re dealing with wholly is the key to keep things safe and sound.

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