How to Install Hinge Pin Door Stop the Right Way

How to Install Hinge Pin Door Stop

A door that has nothing to control its limit of motion is quite dangerous for your walls. Because when the door decides to swing terribly far open, there’s a good chance it’ll hit your walls badly and way too easily. This is the case of your lightweight interior doors as well.

One of the finest solutions to this problem can be installing hinge pin door stop. This will require you very minimal time and also effort. So, today let’s figure out how to install hinge pin door stop safely and properly.

Here’s How to Install Hinge Pin Door Stop Properly

The mechanism of a hinge pin door stop is rather simple. It is basically a straightforward device that attaches to the hinge assembly. It works by basically preventing the door to open far enough causing any sort of bash into alongside wall. You’ll need five minutes to execute the hinge pin door stop installation process. Let’s Go for It…

Hinge Pin Removal

In some models of the hinge pin, manufacturer may ask you to get door removed at its hinges before installation. However. That’s not always necessary. Start by closing the door which you’re planning to install door stop at. Now you need to get the upper hinge pinout. For this, you’ll use a simple hammer and screwdriver. A small chisel can also work just fine here.

You want to place the screwdriver’s blade right beneath pin’s head. In case of using a chisel, place it onto the very exact spot. Now onto the bottom part of chisel or screwdriver, you need to make gentle taps.

Be very careful not to use too much force while tapping. The door needs to be still and steady while you do so. That’s why it’s recommended to ask another person for holding the door while you remove hinge pin without a problem.

Door Stop Installation

Use your hands for holding the hinge pin securely. Now carefully slide the doorstop. There should be a couple of rubber-tipped sides with it. Toward the door, you need to put side of stop that is fixed. While the side that is adjustable will go towards wall.

Change the Hinge Pin Next

Now that the stop is in its place at hinge’s top part, you need to gently slide pin back. Just like how the door was all wiggly and moving crazy while you were removing pin, this time too it’ll show a similar problem. So, you must manage to make it steady or call someone for helping in holding the door. And this will allow you to freely insert the pin into its spot properly.

Sometimes, the pin shows a hard time sitting in its place. In that case, you need to tap the pin’s head very gently. Also keep in mind that, the pin will not be able to sit as low as it previously did. Since you have a doorstop installed at this point.

Make Some Adjustments

Once you are done with replacing the pin, time to adjust back leg. It’s the one that is facing toward wall. The doorstop’s rubber end will need some turning. Do so until the rubber end is maintaining an approximate distance from your wall. To determine where you would want it to stop, try opening and closing the door a few times.

Keep in Mind:

You should never set the maximum angle of the door any less than 90 degrees.

People have confusion with installing multiple hinge pin door stops. Exactly how many hinge pin door stops per door do you need will depend on the door’s weight. If you are trying this process on a heavy door, then you’ll need to repeat the same process and install another hinge pin door stop for lower hinge. This is required for the added safety concerns.

When choosing the hinge pin door stop, make sure to consider its finish and design. The doorstop needs to match with your existing hardware. Or else it can draw some unnecessary attention. You can also try an invisible door stop to avoid the situation of inviting unwanted awareness.

Wrap Up

And that’s how to install hinge pin door stop. Once you are okay with the absence of a doorstop in a door that is very likely to slam on your walls, you’re inviting dents by the handle sooner or later. And that’s definitely not okay for your wall’s wellbeing. So, don’t sit back and be tolerable with it. Also, it takes only a few minutes anyway.

The best visual guide on hinge pin door stop installation

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