Top 10 Best Padlocks for Storage Units

Best Padlocks for Storage Units

Whether you lack adequate space in your home, are constantly on the move, or simply want to keep certain possessions private, a storage unit is an ideal choice for storing your valuable belongings.

However, ensuring the security of those belongings is entirely your responsibility. And you can’t do that without the best padlock for storage unit.

Well, what sets storage locks apart from regular ones? Mainly, higher security. Regular locks are easier for criminals to bypass; moreover, storage unit locks should also offer accessibility, practicality, and durability.

So keeping those factors in mind, we’ve gathered for your consideration 10 of the best locks for storage units, along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you with your purchase.

Let’s go!

Best Padlocks for Storage Units Reviews

With no further ado, let’s jump right into our reviews of the top storage unit padlocks. We’ve spent considerable time and energy researching this list, so we’re confident you’ll find a good match!

If you ask me to sort this list and recommend a padlock for best security, we would say ABUS 37/60 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock is the best high-security padlock for storage units. This lock is made of heavy-duty alloy steel with over 6 tons tensile resistance which makes it difficult to break the shackle. The ABUS Plus disc cylinder offers the highest anti-lock manipulation.

1. Puroma Keyed Padlock for Sheds, Storage Unit, Garages

Best Padlocks for storage unitsOur first pick today is a combination disc padlock from Puroma, and it’s the ideal choice for those of you who are looking for the best lock for storage container on a budget. With a straightforward design and durable build, it’s easy to see why this padlock is so highly rated.

Constructed from robust and durable stainless steel, this padlock comes with a short, tough, shrouded shackle made of hardened steel. So the shackle can be expected to stay protected against corrosion and rust whether you’re using the lock for outdoor or indoor use.

Feature Highlights
  • The package comes with three keys for your ease and convenience
  • Stainless steel housing with a brass cylinder for rust and corrosion prevention
  • The shackle of the lock is made from hardened steel for ultimate protection
  • The round shielded design adds an extra layer of security

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Inside, the lock’s cylinder also comes with a brass chrome plating, which further enhances its security and strength. With a body measuring 2 3/4 inches in width, this lock has a shackle measuring 3/8 inches. As you can imagine, a lock of these proportions would be quite difficult to cut through.

What’s more, due to its lightweight build, this lock is quite portable as well. In the traditional style, this lock is unlocked using a key, so it’s suitable for use on not only your storage unit but also your garage, trailer, or shed. On the whole, this is one of the best padlocks you can get at such a low price; however, we don’t recommend it if you’re looking for high-security options.

2. Brinks 673-70001 Commercial Discus Lock for storage units, gates, large Locker

Commercial Discus Lock for storage units gatesKeeping with the theme of discus shaped padlocks, this offering from Brinks is next on our list. It comes with a time-tested stainless steel body that will not fail you for many years to come, while its shackle is made from the same material to guard effectively against rust and corrosion.

As you can imagine, that makes this lock suitable for a number of uses, including external applications. So if you’re looking for a cheap yet reliable way to secure your shed, work box, or storage unit, then this lock will definitely appeal to you.

Feature Highlights
  • Stainless steel lock body and shackle for ultimate durability
  • Rubber bumper casing prevents scratching or denting on your valuables
  • Ideal for use with lockers, storage units, tool boxes, or sheds
  • Integrated 4-pin cylinder makes the lock resistant to picking

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Measuring 70mm, this lock has integrated into it a 4-pin cylinder that is innovatively designed to resist picking. Furthermore, the disc shape of the lock ensures that the short and tight shackle will be difficult to break or cut through using bolt cutters.

One thing we really like about this lock is the rubber bumper that has been affixed to its body; this will protect any valuables from being scratched or dented by the lock’s body. It’s the little touches like these that make a brand truly stand out!

All that being said, it’s important to note that due to the small size of this lock, you might have a hard time fitting it onto the hasps of some storage unit entry points. So before you make your purchase, remember to cross-check against the hasp dimensions.

3. DELSWIN 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock for Sheds, Storage Unit, Garage, Fence

best combination padlock for storage unitThis 2-pack from Delswin could easily take the title of the best combination padlock for storage unit. Unlike our last two picks, however, this lock cannot be unlocked by a key. Rather, it uses a 4-digit code. So if you’re someone who is prone to losing their keys, you’ll definitely like this one.

Constructed from stainless steel, this disc padlock comes with a shackle made from hardened steel. This is a winning combination that guards the lock effectively against corrosion, rust, and even freezing temperatures. And due to the short length of the shackle, you can also reasonably expect potential thieves to have a hard time cutting through it using bolt cutters.

Feature Highlights
  • Robust stainless steel body with a hardened steel shackle
  • Keyless unlocking mechanism thanks to 4-digit code mechanism
  • Durable and heavy construction with minimal shackle exposure
  • Can be used in a number of applications, including shed, garage, and storage unit

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Now, if you can choose your lock properly, storage unit locking mechanisms are difficult for thieves to break through. But the fact of having to flick through the 4 digits trying to find the right combination will no doubt dissuade any thief. And of course, you can stop worrying about misplacing your keys!

Now, although this lock is well-suited to a number of different applications, we certainly would not recommend using it to lock a gate (even though the manufacturers say so). The diameter of this lock’s shackle is too wide and will not be able to accommodate the hasps of a gate. Other than that, though, we find nothing to complain about in regards to this lock.

4. ABUS 37/60 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock High security Anti-lock Manipulation

best high security padlockWe understand if you’ve had enough of affordable and accessible padlocks. For some of you, affordability is less important than security. If that sounds like you, then you’ll definitely like this heavy-duty steel padlock from ABUS, a brand that has been making a name for itself for nearly a century now.

Constructed from alloy steel, both the body and shackle of this lock have been equipped with a special black “GRANIT” coating that has been rated to offer some of the most dependable corrosion resistance you can expect from a lock. What’s more, the tensile resistance of this lock clocks in at over 6 tons, making it nigh impossible for thieves with bolt cutters to get into your business.

Feature Highlights
  • Extremely durable alloy steel body with brass and aluminum reinforcements
  • The lock’s disk cylinder has been specially made to resist drilling and corrosion
  • The lock has a tensile resistance of more than 6 tons
  • Make secure key copies using the included security card
  • Lock body is reinforced with an extra hardened steel cap

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Although this lock resembles a traditional padlock in its appearance, it incorporates elements of a disc lock, especially in its shackle. However, Abus proves they know what they’re doing by making the shackle of this lock extremely drill-resistant, further enhancing the lock’s security.

Something else we really love about this lock is that one of its two keys is fitted with an LED light. Furthermore, the lock comes with a security card that will impart to a locksmith how to create copies of the key. This will allow you to ensure that you have full knowledge of how many copies of your lock’s key have been made.

All in all, we’re no one to decide what the absolute best high-security padlock is, but I think we’d be forgiven for choosing this one.

5. ZARKER J45S Keyed disc detainer Padlock for Container storages, Warehouses

best lock for storage containerThe next lock we have selected for your consideration is another highly rated pick, and this one is available from Zarker. Although slightly more expensive than the others of its kind we have reviewed so far, this lock has earned a great reputation for a number of reasons. Let’s delve into what makes this lock so great.

Constructed from a combination of stainless steel and zinc, this lock is ideal for outdoor use, given its weatherproof body. Furthermore, the internal components of this lock have also been made from stainless steel, brass, and zinc, which further enhances its strength.

Feature Highlights
  • Highly resistant and tensile body constructed from stainless steel and zinc
  • Internal components of the lock are made from zinc, stainless steel, and brass for extra strength
  • Internal 7-pin brass cylinder enhances durability and protection from thieves
  • The purchase includes three keys for the one lock

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The security of this lock is also one of the most impressive we have found in small keyed locks. Inside it is a 7-pin cylinder made from brass, which makes it that much more difficult for thieves to break into. Furthermore, the lock’s stainless steel shackle has also been tested against bolt cutters.

That being said, this lock is only suitable for low- to medium-security situations. Although strongly made, it might lose some of that resistance over the years. In any case, it’s always a good idea to change your locks periodically, especially if you’re going for a budget option.

6. Crystal Vision Anti-Theft Alarm Lock, Weather Proof  Heavy Duty Multi Purpose padlock

Heavy Duty Multi Purpose padlock with Anti-Theft AlarmTraditional locks have retained their popularity for a good reason. They’re straightforward, easy to use, and usually of dependable durability. But why not take it a step forward? Why not fit the lock with an alarm? Yep, you read that right. From Crystal Vision comes this highly rated, highly functional alarm lock. Let’s see what it has to offer.

With a body and shackle both made from high-strength hardened steel, this alarm lock comes with a beautiful polished finish. Its shackle measures 10mm, which makes it ideal for use in a number of different applications. This is enhanced by the fact of the lock being water-resistant, as well.

Feature Highlights
  • Premium hardened steel body and shackle for enhanced durability and strength
  • 130dB alarm is as loud as the sound an airplane makes
  • The water-resistant body makes the lock ideal for outdoor applications
  • The lock’s alarm is triggered by breakage, vibration, disassembly, and cable clipping

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The alarm function of this lock is truly impressive; it starts sounding when it detects breakage, vibration, disassembly, or shackle breakage, and it goes on for 10 seconds without the detection of another vibration. And don’t worry, because you’ll definitely hear it go off… it makes a sound measuring 130db (the same level of sound that planes make!).

And don’t worry about the battery of the lock failing because Crystal Vision has ensured that it will prevail in all weather conditions; yes, even the harshest winters!

And, it’s definitely expensive, but good locks usually tend to be. Ask yourself what’s more important: a couple tenners’ worth of savings or the security of your prized belongings. Hopefully, the answer will lead you in the direction of this wonderful alarm lock!

7. Schlage 994831 Solid Steel Round High security Padlock, Double deadbolt

Schlage 994831 High security Double deadbolt PadlockNo matter how much you know about the world of locks and keys, the chances that you’ve heard of Schlage are quite high. With a century of experience in building some of the toughest locks you’ll find on the American market, this is a brand that’s easy to put your faith in. So how does this lock get its high rating?

With a super-strong body made from solid steel, this padlock comes with a shackle constructed from molybdenum for enhanced security. It’s equipped with a double deadbolt locking mechanism that only adds to its strength, while the 6-pin brass cylinder makes potential thieving difficult.

Feature Highlights
  • Durable hardened solid steel body with molybdenum shackle for dependable security
  • Internal 6 pin brass cylinder enhances the security of the lock
  • 2-pack lock comes with four keys for your convenience
  • Heavy construction with a shackle diameter of 7/16″

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Furthermore, the round design of the lock makes it doubly difficult to break; so if you’re trying to secure your possessions in an area with medium to high crime rates, this is a good choice to go with. Although you might experience some resistance in cold weather, on the whole, this is a lock that will stand up to most harsh weather conditions.

When it comes down to it, it only makes sense to put your faith in Schlage. And considering that this lock is suitable for a number of different applications, it’s definitely one of the most impressive we have come across!

8. SnapSafe Stainless Steel Key Padlock for Storage, Tool Box, Gate & Shed

Padlock for Storage, Tool Box, Gate & ShedNext on our list is a dual pack of two pretty straightforward keyed padlocks from SnapSafe. Its construction is of hardened steel, and it bears a circular disc design. The locks are keyed alike for your convenience, and each lock comes with two keys apiece.

If you’re looking for a good pair of locks to secure your outdoor storage unit, this is a good place to start, as these locks are made from heavy-duty stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion and rust. But these locks are not just weatherproof, but thieving-proof as well.

Feature Highlights
  • Hardened stainless steel body with a thick diameter shackle
  • 2 pack of locks are keyed alike for your convenience
  • Weather-proof construction make these locks resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Portable compact body measuring 2 3/4 inches in diameter

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That is thanks to the reinforced shackle of the lock, which has been given a wide diameter in order to make it difficult to break. Furthermore, opening and closing this lock is super easy and quick using the included keys, true to the name of the brand.

Moreover, this lock is compatible with a number of uses, so you’re not limited to securing only your storage unit with this thing. You’ll find this lock to be perfectly suited to securing your truck lockbox, shed, and even your gate. We do recommend using lubricating oil on these locks every 6 months or so; otherwise, they might become dysfunctional.

9. Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Stanley Hardware Shrouded Hardened Steel PadlockOur penultimate pick for today is the highly popular shrouded steel padlock from Stanley. It’s definitely one of our most expensive picks (for a good reason!), though, so this won’t be suitable for those of you on a budget.

Equipped with a hardened steel body, this lock has been integrated with dual ball bearings of stainless steel to guard against prying attacks. Within, there is also a 6-in cylinder that beautifully resists picking every time.

Feature Highlights
  • Hardy alloy and stainless steel construction with shrouding for enhanced protection
  • Double stainless steel ball bearings to guard against pry attacks
  • Internal 6-pin cylinder actively resists lock picking
  • Includes a patented Keyway cover that guards against drilling attacks

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If you have a tendency to lose your keys or if you have multiple people who need access to your storage unit, you’ll appreciate this lock. That’s because it comes with a removable cylinder, which can be used to key alike or re-key with ease. And don’t worry; the lock comes with 2 keys already included.

One of the drawbacks of this lock is that its shackle is a bit too short, so you might have trouble fitting it into tight spots (such as for a truck lockbox). And although the price might be a drawback for some, we think it’s an amount worth spending for the continued security of your belongings!

10. FJM weather resistant Padlock, best for securing containers, gates and storage units

best weather resistant Padlock for securing containers, gates and storage unitsOur final pick today is the wildly popular, highly rated padlock from FJM. Just one look will show you that this padlock is different: not only does it have a unique rectangular design that actively resists attempts from thieves, but you can choose between locks keyed different or keyed alike.

So let’s start with the design of this lock. Its innovative “D” shape is set up with a heel-toe lock, which works in conjunction with a cylindrical hardened steel shackle. The result is a lock with nearly no weak spots that can easily hold its own against cutting and sawing.

Feature Highlights
  • All internal components of the lock are made from durable stainless steel and brass
  • Resistant to picking and jimmying due to innovating 90-degree turning design
  • Heel and toe locking shackle that rotates freely and inhibits sawing/cutting attempts
  • Triple chrome plating makes this lock resistant to all weather conditions
  • Purchase includes 4 keys out of the box

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What makes this one of the strongest locks we have come across is undoubtedly the locking mechanism. Not only does the heel and toe shackle rotate freely to make sawing/cutting extremely difficult, but the keyway of the lock cannot be connected with its disks without a 90-degree turn. The result is a lock that will dependably resist picking and jimmying.

The construction of this padlock is one of the hardest that we have come across. Made from premium, robust, hardened steel, the lock has also been furnished with a triple chrome plating for reinforced strength. Not only that, but you can expect this lock to serve you well, even in outdoor situations or wet conditions.

best high security padlock on a storage locker

Padlock for Storage Units Buying Guide

What is the best padlock for a storage unit?

The answer to that depends mainly on your security needs and preferences. In order to find the right one, though, you must keep the following factors in mind.

Lock Type and Price

Locks for storage units come in various designs and types. If you’ve already looked through our reviews, you’ll notice that we’ve covered mostly disc padlock combinations. However, it’s good to be informed that there are other types as well, including combination locks and “smart” fingerprint locks. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Well, as far as durability goes, both padlocks and disk locks hold up well to tampering. However, it also depends upon the make and construction of the lock. You can’t expect a cheap lock to serve you in the same way as an expensive one. Ultimately, when it comes to locks, the higher the price, the higher the security you can usually expect.

As for smart locks, they’re understandably expensive; but it’s definitely an investment worth making given that these can usually only be unlocked by your fingerprint. You will also be paying for additional features such as customizability and smartphone compatibility.

Shackle Dimensions

The shackle of a padlock is the U-shaped metal loop that sits on top of the lock, and as you know, this is the part of the lock that secures it to whatever is being locked. Now, the diameter of the shackle is a consideration of the utmost importance because it determines the level of security you can expect from it.

A thick shackle sounds good in theory, given that it’s nigh impossible to cut through, especially due to protective coatings. On the other hand, shackles that are too long are typically more prone to being cut or broken. However, there’s no point in buying a lock with thick shackles if it won’t fit the hasp… which brings us to our next point.

Hasp Size

The hasp is where the padlock’s shackle will be secured. It goes without saying that your chosen lock must physically fit the hasp of your storage unit (meaning the hasp must be big enough). Furthermore, the positioning also matters in order to let the lock fit securely.

Shrouded vs. Exposed Shackle

As you can imagine, the shackle of a padlock is its weakest component, as it’s quite easy to cut or drill through. If you’re looking to take high-security measures, then it’s worth looking into locks with shrouded shackles.

A shrouded shackle is one that comes with a protective covering (made of materials such as plastic) that guards against drilling and cutting. Not only does this make the shackle thicker, but space through which a bolt cutter might be inserted is reduced, as well. Locks with shrouded shackles do tend to be more expensive than those with exposed shackles.

However, this doesn’t mean that locks with exposed shackles are always easy to break. Once again, it depends on the build quality of the lock. Furthermore, if the storage facility you’re using already has effective security measures in place, paying extra for a lock with shrouded shackles doesn’t really make sense.

So before you choose a lock, first determine just how much you’re prioritizing the additional security of your storage unit. If you’ve chosen a cheaper storage facility, then we’d definitely recommend getting a lock with shrouded shackles; conversely, for higher-end facilities, spending extra for a lock is, once again, needless.

Lock Construction Material

Solid steel is the most popular construction material of choice when it comes to padlocks. However, you can also look into locks made of boron, brass, or molybdenum if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. However, under no circumstances should you ever go for a plastic lock!

Storage Unit Location

One factor that is overlooked by many new buyers of high-security locks is the location of the storage unit. It’s important to consider whether the storage unit is an interior unit or located outside because that changes the requirements for a good lock.

If your lock is going to be guarding an external storage unit, then it will need to be resistant to potentially damaging external influences. So, it’s important to choose a lock that’s rust- and corrosion-proof, as well as weatherproof. If it’s an interior storage unit, though, you can spend a little less on the lock.

Another factor to keep in mind is the crime rates in the area where the storage unit is located. Is it a place where burglaries occur frequently? Well, then, you obviously need a better lock!

best storage unit locks

Frequently Asked Questions

. What is the difference between an exposed shackle and a shrouded one?

A shrouded shackle comes with a protective covering that guards against drilling and cutting. An exposed shackle, as you can imagine, does not. This means locks with shrouded shackles tend to be more expensive.

. Is it a good idea to buy cylinder locks for storage units?

Cylinder locks are undoubtedly the most difficult to break. However, they’re difficult to install and are typically not compatible with storage unit doors.

. Is it possible for a bolt cutter to cut through my padlock?

Unfortunately, yes. However, a lot depends on the hardiness and strength of the lock you’ve purchased. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good lock!

. Are disc locks effective as store room locks?

Due to being more difficult to break, disc locks have been gaining in popularity as a choice for storage room locks. However, most disc locks tend to come with keys that turn brittle quickly.

. What do I do if I lose my keys frequently?

Always buy spare keys when buying a lock. However, if you have a tendency to continually lose your keys, then it might be smarter to invest in a combination or fingerprint lock.

Final Words

Although we don’t like to play favorites, we would have to choose the ABUS 37/60 GRANIT Padlock as our pick of the best padlocks for storage units.

However, given that it’s expensive, you can opt for the Schlage 994831 Round Padlock instead. And for those on a very tight budget, we would certainly recommend the Puroma Keyed Padlock.

Still not sure which is the right lock for you? Well, you have our buying guide to help you with that. Good luck!

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