Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers | Top 10 Picks

Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers

From early risers to night owls- toddlers can be all sorts of things. But above all else, they are curious; and hoping them to stay in their own rooms is like the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

This is why you need child-proofing products for your home. Starting off with the best child proof door knob covers is a smart choice because not every nook and cranny of our home is safe for children.

Besides, limiting your little one’s access to staircases, living room, front yard, and patio really helps you relax after a day’s work.

Without further ado, let’s look at some door knob covers as the first step towards a babyproof home!

Top Picks of Best Baby Proofing Door Knob Covers

Not all baby-safe door knobs will hold up under your baby’s keen wriggling and turning. Worry not; we have listed the right products for you!

1. EUDEMON Baby Safety Door Knob Covers – Baby Proofing Large Door Knob Covers

Best doorknob covers for toddlersAmong all the doorknob covers for toddlers we tested out for our reviews, EUDEMON’s pack of four safety knob covers is our top favorite. It features an exceptional double button layout with soft TPR rubber for making any door knob inaccessible to your child.

To begin with, it runs 2.76 inches from the base to the knob and 2.56 inches from side to side. It fits all oval-shaped door knobs easily and requires no tool for installation. However, you need a screwdriver to release the lock, and only then does it completely come off the knob.

Feature Highlights
  • A safe, non-toxic blend of high-quality polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber
  • Extremely durable for daily use
  • Resistant to abrasion, tear, and breakage
  • Suitable for door knobs up to 2.76 inches wide

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Since the covers are made of soft, non-toxic rubber, they feel gentle to touch. It protects your toddlers from running into steel knobs and hurting their hands. Once properly installed, your little one won’t be able to turn the knobs and, therefore, stay safe in their room as you get your work done.

These large door knob covers are odorless and resistant to tears and abrasions. Needless to say, they are in it for the long haul. EUDEMON also manufactures some other top-notch babyproofing products such as freezer door locks, finger pinch guards, and outlet protectors.

2. Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers – Best Oval Door Knobs Covers

Safety 1st Best Door Knob Covers for Oval KnobsIf you’re looking for door knob covers for oval knobs, Safety 1st has a brilliant pack of four in charcoal color to easily fit any home decor with a dark theme.

These polypropylene covers are your getaway to a relaxing time knowing that your little one is safe and sound in their room!

Truth be told, in the world of Driddle Store and Jool Baby, Safety 1st is effortlessly reaching for the top spot with its remarkable selection of baby products. Their child-friendly door knob covers were one of the finest baby products we tested out in a long time.

Feature Highlights
  • Charcoal-colored knob covers are suitable for dark, wooden doors
  • Might fit oversized door knobs as well
  • Polypropylene snaps stay as good as new in the long run
  • Made of environment-friendly materials

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For starters, these charcoal-black door knob covers are made of the safest material there is! Polypropylene is our number one choice for baby products because they are non-toxic, environment-friendly, and strong at the same time.

We are impressed by these soft door knob covers because of how gentle they feel to the hands. Make no mistake; a doorknob protector cover by Safety 1st won’t budge under whatever havoc your child may wreak upon it.

Let the two parts snap firmly into place and stay worry-free as long as they are on. Their snap-and-lock design makes it super easy to install on any oval-shaped knob, even the bigger ones.

Well, thanks to their wide base, the Safety 1st knob covers are very likely to fit any oval door knob there is!

3. Jool Baby 4-pack Door Knob Covers – Child Safety Door Knob Cover to Prevent Locking

Child Safety Door Knob Cover to Prevent LockingFeaturing a truly minimalistic design and full-on safety, this is one of our favorite door knob covers by Jool Baby that does the trick! Coming from a family company that has experienced what it’s like to have exuberant toddlers, Jool Baby door knob covers are the ones we trust.

Children up to four years old can be disciplined with these door knob covers without any issue.

The covers come in vivid white color and go well with any room decor. So, your guests won’t mind the door knob covers too.

Feature Highlights
  • Suitable for children up to four year olds
  • Its subdued design keeps a low profile
  • Adults can comfortably turn the knob through the cover
  • Easy to install

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On a similar note, it is quite simple for teenagers and adults to turn the knob and access the rooms. Getting the hang of it can be somewhat annoying at first, but that’s what it takes to keep prying toddlers away from danger.

Although these covers do not block the keyhole, they sure make it hard for the little one to simply turn the knob and get away. The installation is a breeze considering all you have to do is snap the two parts into interlocking slots. We didn’t find the fit troublesome at all. In fact, Jool Baby door knob covers were a great fit for our knobs.

4. KidCo 5-pack Door Knob Covers Door Knob Lock – Best Baby Safety Door Knob Covers

KidCo Door Knob Lock - Best Baby Safety Door Knob CoversThese door knob covers by KidCo look a lot different than the rest. Although they work splendidly for oval knobs, their unique design alone makes KidCo door knob covers an absolute must-have!

Leaving your child home with a babysitter feels a lot more relaxing when you know that your house is completely safe for the little one. That said, you can try out the KidCo door knob covers for different parts of your house where you don’t want the toddlers to enter.

They flaunt a beautiful tear-shaped design with a simple locking mechanism.

Feature Highlights
  • Unique, pinch-and-grip design
  • Fits all standard door knobs
  • The plastic tabs are not ideal for daily installation and removal
  • Turning the knob aimlessly does not open the door

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You can install them like any other door knob cover. The only difference is that instead of pinching two bare points on the knob, you have to pinch-press the two lower sides of the cover itself for opening the door!

Moving on, KidCo door covers are a breath of fresh air for baby-proofing products as a whole. Their unique yet straightforward design eliminates the need for gripping two small fixed areas on the door knob to access a room.

In short, these KidCo door knob covers are great for elders with arthritis for their innovative shape. When handled incorrectly, the covers will simply rotate under pressure- making it unsteady enough to actually turn the knob!

5. Grenfu Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids – Soft Door Knob Protector Cover

Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids - Soft Door Knob Protector CoverEven with heavy embellishments on, no door knob is irrelevant with Grenfu door knob covers. They are a perfect fit for all the knobs there are and could be! We suggest Grenfu ones for their unique spherical shape initially, but the fact that they accommodate doorknobs of all shapes and sizes made us love them even more!

First of all, these soft door knob covers by Grenfu are made of eco-friendly materials that are safe for your baby’s skin. These polypropylene knob covers are strong, and they firmly stay on without falling apart amidst vigorous wrestling and turning. Although they are not flexible, we found the exterior gentle and smooth enough.

Feature Highlights
  • Suitable for door knobs up to 2.7 inches wide
  • A smooth exterior with sturdy polypropylene fiber construction
  • Easy to set up without the help of tools
  • Thick material is ideal for long-term use

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As a door knob protector cover pack under 15, Grenfu has outdone itself in terms of reliability and safety. Starting off with odorless, non-toxic materials and ending on a strong, circular shape, Grenfu door knob covers never disappoint.

Each of them runs 2.7 inches from side to side- leaving enough space for larger knobs while fitting regular ones just the same. Their bigger shape was a relief to many parents who had trouble installing these products for irregular door knobs inside the house.

6. Driddle Door knob Baby Safety Covers – Best Decorative Door Knob Covers 

Best Decorative Door Knob Covers Babies wriggling a door knob cover and it cracking open is not a new scenario. Lucky for you, with the Driddle door knob covers, you won’t face this type of situation ever again!

Featuring a contoured flower petal shape on the outside, Driddle has come up with the most excellent door knob covers for toddlers. To begin with, these covers look nothing like the obvious baby products your guests can identify at first glance.

Driddle manufactured this specific set to not only protect your child but also give your home decor a nice lift. Then again, most families will get a baby gate to restrict the toddler’s access to certain spaces and forget about knob covers altogether.

Feature Highlights
  • Rotates freely when turned without a solid grip
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Doesn’t require any tool for installation
  • Ideal for large-sized spherical door knobs

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While baby gates will prevent very young children from getting into anywhere other than the enclosed area, they become less and less effective as your kids grow up. On the other hand, these large door knob covers work perfectly for preschoolers before they learn to care for themselves.

Additionally, these door knob covers for oval knobs are super easy to assemble and lock into place. Only adults can pinch and turn the knob through the cover. You have to exert a certain amount of pressure on the knobs. Driddle covers make it very hard for children to work their way through this smart mechanism.

7. Defender Security S 4180 Doorknob Lock-Out Device – Best Door Knob Protector

Doorknob Lock-Out Device - Best Door Knob ProtectorJust when you thought door knob covers could not get any more interesting, Defender Security comes up with an outstanding tool for your toddler’s safety. This is the only product on our list that is made of diecast. If you’re wondering why the answer is right below!

A baby-safe door knob cover is not the right name for this lock-out device because it does much more than that. Featuring a keyhole and a dedicated key, this one is a door knob by itself.

Feature Highlights
  • Ideal for round doorknobs with up to 2-⅞-inch outer diameter
  • You cannot remove it when the lock is closed
  • Not suitable for lever-type knobs
  • A diecast cylinder knob cover with an O-ring
  • Restricts access to your door’s keyhole

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Whereas the common products simply surround the door knob and keep the keyhole free, Defender Security doesn’t let you get to the keyhole in the first place.

If you have a dog that likes to chew on door knobs or unruly kids in the neighborhood who have attempted credit card break-ins before, you are going to love the Defender Security S 4180.

This door knob cover is securely held in place with dependable O-ring support. It is only removable after you have turned the right key into its keyhole. Although, you need to keep in mind that this is not a door knob cover to prevent locking. Its sole purpose is to keep away any keyholder other than you to access your home.

Finally, all spherical knobs no wider than 2-⅞ inches will comfortably fit the product and provide you with uncompromised security.

8. CUTESAFETY Child Proof Door Knob Cover – Best Door Knob Covers for Toddlers

Child Proof Door Knob Cover - Best Door Knob Covers for ToddlersAfter going through a ton of baby products, we were quite skeptical about this one. But CUTESAFETY really took safety seriously- implementing a simple yet effective design that keeps the preschoolers exactly where you put them.

These stretch rubber door knob covers are sure to fit the oval door knobs of your home. And the fact that they are white helps the products to seamlessly blend in any white or light-colored home decor. This way, you can have an elegant interior that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also safe for your kid.

Feature Highlights
  • Ideal for spherical and oval-shaped knobs
  • You have to interlock the two halves around the knob for installation
  • Keeps the keyhole open for access
  • Constructed from soft polypropylene

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When it comes to baby safety door knob covers, parents naturally prioritize safety over looks. But CUTESAFETY seals the deal with this brilliant door knob cover- blending efficiency and elegance in high-quality polypropylene!

You get 4 covers in the pack, and you can choose to either babyproof four doors or keep a pair as extras. They are made of top-notch PP material and flaunt a plain layout. Once you click and shut all the tabs, only a screwdriver can get them off the knobs.

And finally, we loved how simple it had been to set up all four of these door knob covers in 5 minutes! For door knob covers under 10 dollars, this is as good as they can get!

9. Max Strength Pro Door Knob Covers & Corner Protectors for Baby Safety

Best door knob protector coverThis budget-friendly pack by Max Strength Pro features six premium door knob covers to keep your kids under control. We especially liked their super gentle TPR construction- a thermoplastic rubber that resists moisture, heat, and abrasions wonderfully.

For starters, these are not the cheap, smelly door knob covers that give your toddlers a bad rash. Their thermoplastic rubber construction is of the finest in class; not to mention, the durability of TPR is not an easy one to beat.

Feature Highlights
  • Doesn’t block your access to the keyhole
  • Includes 4 complementary corner protectors
  • Made of non-toxic TPR for extra safety and durability
  • A pack of 6 door knob covers

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Max Strength Pro is the best door knob covers for us because of their premium quality and hassle-free installation. Although we would be lying if we said the four complementary corner protectors had nothing to do with it. That’s right; you pay for three pairs of door knob covers and get four corner protectors for free!

One pack easily covers doors to your kitchen, washroom, balcony, living room, and two bedrooms. For small to medium houses, a single pack is enough to babyproof the doors.

Compared to silicone door knob covers, these TPR ones are more resistant to stains and scratches- lasting up to several years for all the siblings

Last but not least, you need a lot more than four corner protectors to babyproof sharp corners of miscellaneous objects and furniture. But if you haven’t gotten them already, the corner protectors you get with the pack can give you a good trial run!

10. Exttlliy Silicone Door Handle Cover & Wall Protectors – Stretch Rubber Door Knob Covers

Stretch Rubber Door Knob CoversMade of eco-friendly and durable silicone, this pack of two door knob covers is all about simplicity. Instead of rotating loosely around the knobs, they fit snugly- covering the notches around the actual knob that helped you turn it before.

Since its dimensions are 5×5×4.2 in centimeters, you might think twice before getting them for large door knobs. Let us tell you; these stretch rubber door knob covers are satisfyingly flexible. Although, expecting them to fit 5.7-inch or wider knobs will be a bit of a stretch.

Feature Highlights
  • Sports a simple, one-piece construction
  • Ideal for kindergartens, schools, and day-care centers
  • Protects the knob from hitting the wall directly
  • Silicone door knob covers are non-toxic and harmless

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That said, you can expand the cover to some extent to fit spherical doorknobs in large sizes. We also liked that it’s a true “one-piece construction” without the two-part design. This way, there’s no chance of the knob cover to come apart or fall off.

Additionally, the Exttlliy door knob covers will help you reduce the metallic noise as you open the door. It also prevents polished door knobs from forcefully hitting a wall and blemishing its surface. Thanks to its many benefits, you can install Exttlliy door knob covers in kindergartens, schools, and daycare centers beside your home!

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Child Safety Door Knob Covers

How to Choose the Right Child Safety Door Knob Covers

Picking the right safety covers for door knobs is not an easy task. You have to consider the material, fit, durability, and, of course, the safety measures that hold it together. And even after all that, your witty toddler might still escape from his room- turning your good night’s sleep into an absolute nightmare!

We have researched quite a few door knob covers to know exactly what you should look for! Keep on reading!

Eco-friendly Materials

Door knob covers with environment-friendly materials are the safest ones. Considering that any toddler will spend a significant amount of time trying to break away from them, getting cheap covers is a big no-no. We always suggest getting non-toxic polypropylene door knob covers for their babyproof qualities.

Since these are non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about harmful exposure effects, rashes as well as common skin and digestive concerns. In fact, polypropylene is so safe that the FDA has now approved polypropylene to be used as food container materials!

You’ll also be happy to know that this eco-friendly material doesn’t have any cancer-inducing effect at all. Grenfu has a few brilliant door knob protector cover sets made of polypropylene. They are odorless, non-toxic, and durable- lasting till your little one outgrows them in pre-school!

Rubber vs Silicone Door Knob Covers

Then we have soft thermoplastic rubber, which makes a great material choice for baby safety door knob covers. It’s becoming more and more popular for childproof products because of their tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant properties.

TPR has a gel-like feel to touch. You can use it again and again before sending it to recycling. Needless to say, a blend of TPR and PP makes a cool option for baby-safe products. This is why EUDEMON introduced both of these super safe materials to their brand-new door knob covers.

Moving on to silicone door knob covers, they are just as safe but more affordable compared to the other two. Although food-grade silicone is non-toxic and BPA-free, other forms of silicone are also harmless. That said, you can easily find silicone, thermoplastic rubber, polypropylene, and other plastic-rubber blends of door knob covers in the market.

Simple Yet Effective Design 

The best door knob covers will have a straightforward design, which is easy for you to access; but hard for toddlers to figure out. Even for intelligent preschoolers, turning a protected door knob is difficult. It takes both an adult’s strength and wit to turn these knobs.

For example, EUDEMON safety door knob covers feature a dual-button design. You have to press two points simultaneously to turn the knobs. Once the door knob cover is securely installed, it takes more than bare arms to get them off.

That’s right; you need a screwdriver to remove these high-quality covers. Otherwise, getting rid of them is practically impossible. That’s pretty foolproof if you ask us!

However, that’s not the only door knob cover design there is. Defender Security Store came up with this exceptional lock-out device that acts like a safety door knob cover but blocks access to the keyhole at the same time. It keeps other keyholders out of the room- giving you next-level security at a super low cost!

Quantity & Size

A cool thing about door knob covers is that one size usually fits all. Unless your door knobs are extremely peculiar in size, there shouldn’t be an issue with the fit.

Even so, we included door knob covers for oval knobs and large door knob covers at the same time on our list. This way, you can have everything in one place, even with varying knobs for different doors in your house.

Since you won’t be getting door knob covers for a single door and rather for most of the doors in your house, it’s wise to get a multi-pack that takes care of them all. Nearly all the safety covers we tried so far came in a handy pack of four.

Then there is the budget-friendly Max Strength Pro set that comes in not four but six-door knob covers for toddlers! On top of that, they include four complementary corner protectors to help you babyproof the house!

Frequently Asked Questions:

baby proofing door knob covers

What else should I get with door knob covers?

Door knob covers prevent your child from turning a door knob and entering into the lesser baby-safe rooms without your supervision. Similarly, corner protectors will protect your kid from bumping into sharp furniture corners and such. You can also get door stoppers, outlet protectors, bath spout covers, and most importantly, a baby gate to protect your little one from harm’s way.

Does one size door knob cover fit all knobs?

If your door knobs are of the usual oval shape, then any door knob cover is sure to fit them snugly. There are also large door knob covers for bigger knobs. It’s risky to put on either a tight or a loose safety cover because it might break and come off, allowing your toddler to roam unsupervised around the house.

What is a safe material for door knob covers?

While polypropylene is considered the safest material for baby-safe door knob covers, thermoplastic rubber and silicone don’t fall too far behind. In fact, silicone door knob covers are cheap, durable, and nontoxic at the same time. Silicone is soft, but it is not as tear-proof as TPR.

Then again, polypropylene door knob covers easily beat the others in terms of durability. Considering that it’s difficult to find odorless rubber knob covers, get the Grenfu door knob covers and thank us later!

Can adults have trouble turning a baby-safe door knob?

As far as baby-proof door knobs go, one should find it quite easy to open them, even with the safety cover on. However, adults with arthritis in the hands will find it hard to work through. It’s because, in order to open a baby-proof door knob, you have to pinch two distinct points and turn from there. Repeating it a few times a day is a hassle for regular adults too. But it’s all good once you get the hang of it!

Why are door knob covers so important?

Door knob covers work for toddlers and preschoolers just the same. It keeps them in their rooms at night after you’ve tucked them in. Moreover, door knob covers look nowhere as intrusive as a few feet wide gate. It protects your baby while keeping your home decor untouched.

Final Words

Even after attending to all the little details, toddlers still find a way to cook up new trouble. Well, not when you have door knob covers installed on every door!

We have rounded up what material, size, and design to look for in door knob covers to make them last, but importantly, serve their purpose.

At this point, you are already introduced to top-notch baby brands like Driddle, Grenfu, EUDEMON, and Safety 1st. Truth be told, it was hard to pick a clear winner because all of those were carefully picked from experience alone.

But EUDEMON knob covers, with their soft, non-toxic rubber and secured design, make the best child proof door knob covers for us!

We also liked the Exttlliy silicone door handle covers for their unique, one-piece construction and gentle feel. The ones from Driddle particularly piqued our interest with their elegant pattern and simple installation.

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