Different Type of Door Closer Options To Know About

Different Type of Door Closer

Visualize this scene. You are really working hard on this super important project that your boss trusted you with. And so, you’ve put all your focus on that one clause that needs some attention. Bang! What just happened?

Well, the door just banged because the wind from opposite side window was suddenly blowing.

Now anyone in that scene will be angry as heck. Don’t you think so? Add another point to that part. These frequent boom and bangs are actually also causing the door to deteriorate faster. This means apart from the annoyingness from time to time, a door replacement cost is also coming up real soon.

But you can avoid all of that by getting this tiny little savior stuff, door closer. Plus, you can actually choose from a whole range available. Now to decide which type of door closer your door setting will go best with, exploring the several options is necessary. Basically, what we’ll be doing today!

Choosing The Right Type of Door Closer on The Basis of Purpose

Apart from being called door closer, it’s also known as arms, closers, and closer-arms sometimes. Several types of door closer are made with the manual, automatic, and electromagnetic swing style of doors in mind.

There’s also the concern of having the proper size that can help with the door’s efficacy. Considering the point that a wrong size can lead to difficulty in operating the door.

Also, there are areas several specific purposes that you may want to focus on. For example, maybe you don’t like the way closer is visible to people visiting your home or office. Also, keep in mind, having the closer visible will make people seeing it worry less about injuries.

So, you may want to go for the hidden varieties. And the list of such purposes ends up bringing types such as hidden in-frame, surface mounted, in-floor, in-frame, in-door, and automatic door closer.

One thing is sure from that. Classification of the closer on the basis of doors that you own and purposes you want to have, sounds to be the most appropriate way to pick one when you have no clue about the existing variants.

So, make sure you keep your door and the purpose in mind while going through all of the types. Now assuming you don’t know how many types of doors closer are available at the recent time, simply start from this point.

Standard Arm Closer – Speed & Power Can Be Adjustable

The standard arm closer is a type that fits best for commercial and private buildings application. And a few good examples would be medical instructions as well as schools. Some even like to have them for the homes.

The great thing about this particular closer type is that it gives you the freedom of changing speed as well as power range. And that’s why these areas work best with such type of closer as there’s a flexibility of adjustments depending on requirements.

Standard Arm Door Closer Installed in Front Door of a Home

Electric Closers – Best for Environments That Needs Pindrop Silence

The situation I just talked about at the starting, if you can relate to it quite much, then this is the type you should go for. Basically, it works best for the office environment because the mechanism helps to keep whole set silent.

There’s no audible noise and you can focus on your all-important tasks without getting your temper up with nasty banging of door sounds. Also, because of the silent mechanism, it can be a great choice for hospitals. Because clearly, that’s also a setting where patients need to rest without any noise annoying them.

You can bring it to your home too. The elderly family member who might be sensitive to sudden noises will thank you in their mind.

Concealed Door Closers – Because Aesthetics Are Important to Some

The concealed door closer types are your go-to solution if you really hate the visibility of closer at your office or home doors. Sometimes the closer standing out basically kills the whole vibe or décor of that room.

Or it could be simply a preference of yours that you like the hinges to stay hidden. In that case, opt for this particular type and you won’t be disappointed. Also, it’s known that hidden closer is better at resisting damage than typical ones.

So, it can also work for areas such as public buildings as well as schools that have a lot of traffic basically.

Automatic Door Openers/Closer – Settings with Highest Hygiene Levels

Even before the whole covid situation, hygiene and sanitary levels of some certain places have been high from the beginning. For example, hospitals. As well as huge shops or anywhere that is usually busy including the washrooms.

Because of how these environments are, closer with automatic operations are highly necessary to serve the specific sanitary levels. Because when leaving the washroom, a person might have to make physical contact with the door handle.

And this is true for everyone visiting that specific washroom. Imagine the number of germs passing, especially in an area like this. So of course, an automatic door opener or closer will be a relief to have in such spots.

Overhead Door Closer – One of The Most Common Type for Medium to Heavy Traffic Door

No matter if it’s a commercial front door or for the interior door of an office, this type of closer is very common and you’ve probably seen it already. Overhead door closers are meant for settings that have a crowd of medium to heavy scale.

So, it’s meant for pretty busy places. Also, this one has a few types as well. The most popular ones are parallel arm door closer, regular arm, and top jamb. The first one is meant for commercial buildings as well as schools. It is a less power-efficient variant.

Then the regular arm is great for your door’s exterior side. This one is the most power-efficient overhead door closer type. And finally, we have a top jamb that would be great for storefront doors made of glass. The power efficacy for this one is in-between.

Floor Spring Door Closer – Perfect for Durability & Aesthetic Purposes

This type is a very favorite variant that would last you a good number of years and at the same time won’t ruin any aesthetics of a spot. This type will serve spots that are full of lots of traffic most of the time.

And because it stays hidden, it won’t ruin the look of any professional setting at all. The floor spring door closers are best for doors made of glass. The installation takes place on the hinge side and this is why it’s not going to be visible.

Surface Mounted Door Closer – The Cost-Effective Option To Go For

After the overhead door closers, this type is the next most popular one to exist. This one basically gets installed within the frame of door as well as backside bar. You can explore a bunch of colors to match your door.

Also, the surface-mounted closer is known for being super affordable. Installation is easy to conduct yourself, even if you have no experience with anything like this.

A Few More Types:

  • Modern type closer is also a pretty famous variant. And it’s mainly for commercial buildings. You can have these with a cover or even without one. There’s a tension-loaded spring that works once the door is open and that makes it close eventually.
  • There’s the transom closer as well, which is a hidden style that installs on the transom above the frame the door.
  • To install with a building’s existing electronic fire and security systems, you can opt for this type, the electromagnet door closer.

Wrap Up

And that’s basically the list of most common type of door closer options to get for regular purposes. You are the one who would need to eventually decide which type will best fit your application purpose.

No matter if it’s for commercial use or simply for a room at your home, being aware of all your options and choosing a suitable one wisely is important. So best of luck on that and I’ll be seeing you soon on some other similar topic. Bye!

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