How to Adjust a Screen Door Closer or Replace it with Easy Way

How to Adjust a Screen Door Closer

Sometimes the screen doors close too slow or too quick, even it doesn’t close automatically. in this kind of situation, we need to do simple adjustments of door closers. or even it will need to replace with a new one.

Before you get started with the replacement process, it’s best that you find out if your problems can be solved with some simple tension adjustments.

If the door slams too quickly or slowly, you have to adjust the storm door closer by turning the screws. But if the door doesn’t close at all, then you need to loosen up the bracket and move it further towards the outside or remove the pin that is connecting the bracket and barrel and place it a bit further away.

Screen Door Closer Adjustment

To adjust the storm door closer, first, you have to locate the tension adjustment screw. Generally, you’ll find them under the door closer.

When you turn the screw clockwise, it’ll tighten the door closer and make it slower. Do the opposite and loosen up the door closer by turning it anticlockwise; that’ll move the door faster. watch the video below for a better understanding.

If you see your troubles are still present, then only screen door closer adjustment isn’t going to be enough; you might have to replace it.

Replacing a Storm Door Closer with Simple Steps

You have no choice but to replace your items if the door doesn’t move smoothly. Whether it’s too fast or slow or gets stuck while opening- all are irritating. Try following few simple steps and see the result yourselves:

Necessary items

  • Storm/Screen door closer
  • A storm door closer repair kit

Step 1: Remove the pin

Start off by completely shutting off the door; this way, nothing will nudge, and you can get the job done quickly. Free the pin that is inside the bracket by pushing it upwards from the bottom. By doing that, you’ll release the closer barrel since it was connected to the bracket from where you removed the pin.

If you feel like the pin is under excessive tension, then slightly open the door- like half an inch or so. Then, slide the clip slowly and steadily against the barrel and redo step 1 again.

Step 2: Remove Brackets

Since you’ve removed the pin, now the barrel is open for removal. Slowly pull it out; it’s not that hard. Next up, loosening the screws would enable you to remove the bracket completely. Similarly, remove the jamb bracket too by loosening the screws.

Put away all the items you’ve removed and replace them with new items.

Step 3: Replacing the door closer

We start our replacement with some brand new toys. With the newly acquired screws, place the brand new bracket in the door jamb. Now, it’s time to slide in the new clip against the door barrel. Remember to face the dented side inwards.

Afterward, you’ll be inserting that pin into the closer door barrel and jamb bracket.

Step 4: Place the new brackets

Next, you install the new bracket on the storm door. It is better if you keep the screws slightly loose at first. You can always adjust later accordingly. Then, slip in the other screw inside into the barrel and bracket as well.

Step 5: Final touch

Slide the bracket away from the barrel. Keep on doing that until there is no slack, then tighten the screws. Now, adjust accordingly by testing it as we did before until it operates smoothly.

And just like that, your screen door closer repair is done! See? It’s not hard at all. You can start as soon as you get your hands on a storm door closer repair kit.


Now what? I think adjusting a storm door closer is not a hard job for you anymore. It’s a very simple task.

But, if your storm door closer doesn’t work properly after the adjustment, simply replace it as I showed you.

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