What Size Screws For Door Hinges Will You Require? 


If it’s your first time looking for the most fitted wood screws for door hinges, you might be very confused. What size screws for door hinges will you need? Can you go for a random number?

Obviously not! The screw size will vary according to the type of hinges and door material. For instance, If you have a wood front door, choose number #9 between 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch long screws, depending on the door size and weight. Metal doors are super heavy and require large diameter number #12 screws. In contrast, a small diameter number #6 screws of 5/8 inches are perfect for loose cabinet doors.

In our article below, we have highlighted a variety of screws for door hinges and their sizes accordingly. We have also answered all the frequent queries to clear up the misconceptions. Be very wise as a wrong decision can have a remarkable negative impact on the overall security of the door.

What Size Screws to Use for Door Hinges?

The screw size, specifically its diameter and length, will solely depend on the hinge of the door.


Most house door screws are around 7 or 8 gauge long. If you go through the market, you will come across a huge variety of 8-gauge screws. According to our research team, it is best to go for screws minimally one inch long compared to the door hinges.

Many users may even choose screws of 1.25″ or 1.5″. Be very wary while determining the length as it is responsible for superior durability between the door hinge and joists. In fact, it may have an impact on the overall security of the door.


Screws generally feature a shank hole and a head bore. The Shank hole is basically the sharp portion of the screw. An 11/32 inches bore is typically compatible with door hinges.

On the contrary, the shank-holes are around 5/32 inches. Never go for a low-diameter screw, as it will loosen up the door eventually.

 7 Gauge Screw8 Gauge Screw 
Size Of the Head Bore5/1611/32
Shank Hole Size7/647/64
Length3/8 to 1-1/21/2 to 2

Before determining the screw size to hang a door, a house owner must be clear about the material & type of the door as well. Apparently, the size of the screw needs to be increased with an increase in weight & durability. For instance, if you own a metal door, you may have to choose large screws like number #12 or more. On the contrary, cabinet doors are usually loose & lightweight. So, the number #2 screws are adequate indeed.

What Size Screw Do You Need For Exterior & Interior Doors?

Exterior Door:

Do you want to determine the perfect screw size for the exterior door hinge? I bet yes, as the security of the exterior door is essential. We would specifically recommend screw number 9, and the screws should be 1.5 inches long minimally.

However, it would be best to go for hinge screws up to 2.5 inches. The Bore-head’s diameter should be around 5/32 inches. In order to replace the hinge, you will require large screws of 3 inches as they will cross the door jamb and tightly anchor the door frame.

Interior Door:

What is the most appropriate screw size for the interior door hinge? The seven gauge screw is the most compatible screw size for the standard 6.5 feet interior doors. Their length should be around 1 to 1.5 inches. However, in order to replace the interior door hinge, you will require the large diameter eight gauge screws instead.

What Size Screws Do You Need For Door Hinges Of Different Types?

Metal Door:

The Large screws like Number # 10 are specifically suitable for classy and durable metal doors. They should be minimally around 4 inches and maximally around 5 inches. The most compatible diameter is 3/15 inches. In case you have a door of hollow metal. Go for the 12-number undercut screw instead of the number 10.

Cabinet door:

Cabinet doors are usually quite loose, and so a moderately powered flathead number 6 screw of 5/8 inches will be sufficient indeed.

Garage door:

In order to install door hinges in a metal Garage door, you will require a screw of ¼ x ¾ inches.

Fire door:

Go for number 8 screws which are around 1 1/3 inches long. Their average diameter is around 9/64 inches.

Front door:

Installing the front door hinges is mandatory indeed as it is the main door of the house. Actually, the screw’s size will vary as per the door’s material. Most front door hinges are compatible with 1-inch long screws.

Commercial Door:

The door hinges of the commercial doors can be easily accustomed to the large screws of number #12 & number #10 only. They shouldn’t be small, and their average length is 1/2 inches.

Mastercraft Door:

If you are going to install screws for the Mastercraft doors, the number # 2 screws of 1/2 inches long will be sufficient indeed.

What Type of Screws to Use for Door Hinges?

As a beginner, all screws might look the same to you, and you may feel totally lost in a puzzle. However, it’s quite straightforward as only four types of screws are commonly used to install door hinges, such as –

Quadrex Head:

Among all, Quadrex head screws are the ideal choice for wooden doors. Most professionals love it for its convenient installation procedure, ultimate strength & screw size to hang the door.

Star Head Screw:

Star Head screws or six lobed screws are renowned in the market as they are well suited for both hard & soft wooden doors.

Truss Head screws:

If a user is looking for the perfect screw for the external door hinge, he must check out truss head screws. Due to their large & reliable head, none can kick the door & gain an entry.

Flange Head:

Flange head screws show perfect fittings with the metal door hinges. Moreover, a user can install them conveniently within minutes.

How To Measure The Size Of The Screw?

Professionals usually measure the screw sizes in inches or centimeters.

Measure The Length:

Firstly get a measurement scale and place the screw on a measurement paper. Take a pencil to mark the screw’s ends on the measurement paper and determine the length.

Measure The Diameter:

You don’t basically need to measure the diameter as the number of the screw states its diameter itself. For instance, the number #2 screws show a diameter of 3/32″.

Screw SizeDiameter In FractionInches

If you still want to measure the exact diameter, get a Vernier scale.

Measure Thread Spacing:

Measuring the tread spacing is relatively complicated. Firstly, multiply the thread numbers & per inch length and then subtract the result from the actual diameter of the screws. Thus, the formula is –

Diameter- (Threads Per Inch X Length).

Can You Go For Long Screws For Door Hinges?

Nowadays, more and more people are focused on long screws as they offer better security. According to the most recent research, door strength is directly proportional to the screw’s size. Moreover, large screws don’t cause any potential damage to the door hinge, frame, or overall structure. Due to the long screws, none can break the door just by kicking.

Professionals recommend utilizing 1-inch screws for installing door hinges. However, you can use long screws of 2 to 3 inches to fasten the hinge with the door frame more tightly. Be aware as the screw length should be lower than the joist thickness. So, determining the screw size is indeed essential as you can’t always go for the long ones.

How to repair a Misaligned door?  

Firstly, the user has to observe the misaligned portion of the door by opening & closing it simultaneously. Now tight up the screws of the door hinge and stick it up tightly with the door frame.

Where should you place the hinges on a door? 

You have to place the hinge at a high aspect, around 10 inches from the door’s bottom and 5 inches away from the top. If the door features a light Hollow-core design, only two hinges will be enough indeed. However, you must install three hinges to set up exterior or hardcore doors.

Final Words:

What size screws for door hinges will you require? I believe it has become quite easy to choose the perfect size screw for the door by now. Generally, the 1-inches screws are perfect for ordinary yet standard size doors. If the door is a heavy-duty, durable one, you will definitely require longer screws.

Check out our detailed content again if you are still confused, and choose the best wood screws for door hinges now!

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