6 Best Door Reinforcement Locks to Prevent Force Entry

Best-Door-Reinforcement-LocksYou’ve spent so much time and money buying stuff and stuffing your home with them to make you and your loved ones happy. But how much did you allocate for your door?

After all, it’s the only thing standing between your loved ones, loved the stuff and the dangers that are lurking outside!

If you didn’t, then you need to start right NOW! Now, where do you start from? A good start can be the door locks. Find yourself the best door reinforcement lock you can put your hand on and install it. Then you may go for some other reinforcements.

How Do You Reinforce A Door to Stop Kicking in?

The most common way your privacy and property may be violated is, the intruders kicking in through the front door. What should you do about it? Follow these steps:

Security Camera & Alarm

Win the psychological battle and you’ll avert the real one. Security cameras can keep most potential intruders at arm’s length. The alarms will also help by horning them away. If you’ve got them the burglar will understand that you mean business and go for the easier targets.

Door Barricade & Security Bar

Few other options can contend with the stopping power of a barricade. Unlike the lock that is dependent on the door frame for its strength, the barricade repels the thrust using the floor’s strength. The same goes for the security bars. They’ve some other advantages portability and adjustability.

Door Reinforcement Locks

The reinforcement door locks are the very first step to strengthen the front door. They’re very easy to use and can withstand very high shock forces. If you can choose the right one, it’ll turn the door into an unbreakable shield.

Top 6 Best Door Reinforcement Locks Reviews

Now you know that the first step to bolster your door’s security is to do it with a reliable door reinforcement lock. But the multitude of options the market presents you with can be overwhelming. To lift the midst of confusion, we’ve shortlisted 6 of the best for you.

1. Defender Security U 10827 High-Security Reinforcement Lock for the Front Door

Defender Security U 10827 High Security Reinforcement Lock for the Front DoorThis door reinforcement lock has a sleek satin nickel finish. Now it doesn’t just look the part, this innovatively designed heavy-duty lock can withstand a shock up to 800 pounds. With this tremendous force limit, the lock can even withstand the blow from a battering ram!

You’ve got kids who run around the house and make all sorts of mischief? Don’t worry, you can install the lock higher up, out of reach of the kids. The spring-loaded mechanism is not only child-safe, but it’s also resistant to tampering. So you won’t have to bother about lock picking either.

The 3-inch hardened screws make it even stronger. Its installation process is super easy. All you need is a power drill with a ⅛-inch drill bit and it’ll fit like a charm. You can call it the best reinforcement lock for the front door without much pushback.

Feature Highlights
  • Can withstand up to 800-pound shock force
  • Strongly secured with two 3-inch hardened screws
  • Simple installation process
  • Spring-loaded design, tamper-proof

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Downsides: Pre-drilling required


Secured with two high-strength screws, a counter-theft design and a force limit of 800 pounds, this lock can act as an extremely credible reinforcement.

2. WINONLY Heavy Duty Door Reinforcement Lock for Inward Swinging Door

WINONLY Home Security Heavy Duty Door Reinforcement Lock for Inward Swinging DoorOne of the cool features of this lock is its ability to be easily dislodged from the base plate without any tool. You’re like WHAT! We’re talking about unlocking it from within the house in case of an emergency.

Just like the previous one on this list, this heavy duty door reinforcement lock can repel an 800 pounder thrust. Along with the lock’s high shock limit, the 8 hardened screws that come with it give it some additional strength. Four of them are long and the rest are short. This makes the lock very versatile, in terms of application.

With a power drill and a screwdriver, you can install the lock within 5 minutes. It has a spring-loaded safety mechanism to ward off safecrackers. In the same token, your kids won’t be able to just let in unwanted people either. The lock also comes with a warranty.

Feature Highlights
  • Both long and short screws, versatile application
  • 3-inch hardened metal built, robust
  • Can withstand 800-pound shock, 12 times tougher
  • Easy emergency opening and installation
  • Theft-proof spring-loaded mechanism

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Downsides: You may have a hard time screwing the lock


The lock has an 800-pound force limit and comes with 8 hardened screws. This makes it extremely tough. The spring-loaded design will keep safecrackers at arm’s length. Overall it’s a very suitable option.

3. CRANACH Aluminum Door Latch Reinforcement Lock for Swing-in Doors

CRANACH Aluminum Door Lock Latch Reinforcement Lock for Swing-in DoorsThe premium aluminum alloy construction results in an extremely strong and durable lock. It can withstand strike forces as high as 600 pounds. The aluminum builds also ensure rust-free, extended service life. The beautifully polished steel ball finish adds to the home décor and the lock doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Besides being reliable, the reinforcement lock for swing-in doors is also of a straightforward design. This allows you to install it without any hurdle, within a few minutes. It’s provided with hardened screws; thus you won’t have to purchase additional ones.

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to easily swing it open partially for identification or ventilation. But if someone tries to force it open from outside, well, tough luck for them! The after-purchase service CRANACH provides is also substantial.

Feature Highlights
  • Can resist forces up to 600 pounds
  • Aluminum build is highly resistant to rust
  • Elegant countersunk hole design
  • Considerable after-purchase service
  • Beautifully polished finish

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Downsides: Not as strong as the previous two


Even though it’s not as shock-resistant as the previous two (800 pounds), the 600-pound resistivity is still pretty substantial. With the elegant look and rust-proof aluminum build, it’s a great option.

4. CZU Home Security Reinforcement Door Lock Latch, Upgraded Version

CZU Home Security Reinforcement Door Lock Latch, Upgraded VersionThe fourth lock on our list is the upgraded door reinforcement lock from CZU. What distinguishes it from the other locks we’ve discussed so far is its marvelous Bronze finish. Besides bringing a gorgeous addition to your home décor, the electroplated polish gives a delightful tactile feeling.

It doesn’t just look the part, this reinforcement door lock latch has tremendous structural strength because of its one-piece molding. In addition to that, the zinc alloy structure is also immune to rust. Thus it’s highly durable and you can trust this elegant beauty with your bathroom and bedroom to the front door.

Because of its innovative design, the lock can be installed in minutes. Installable on an elevated position and has child-proof security measures. Thus, it’s completely suitable for households full of kids.

Feature Highlights
  • One-piece mold structure, extremely tough
  • Zinc alloy builds, highly resistant to rust
  • Elegant electroplated bronze finish
  • Installable in minutes
  • Children-friendly design, safe

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Downsides: Doesn’t come with any warranty or guarantee


Bestowed with an innovative one-piece molding and zinc alloy build, the lock is extremely strong and durable. If you’re touchy about the looks, this Bronze polished lock is the one for you.

5. AmazonBasics Door Reinforcement Lock for Home Security and Child Safety

AmazonBasics Door Reinforcement Lock for Home Security and Child SafetyAmazonBasics has been making great reinforcement locks for ages. This time the brand brings a high-end reinforcement lock unlike anything else. It has a sturdy construction that can easily repel intruders from getting in.

Besides making it highly shock resistant, the aluminum build and nickel finish makes the latch extremely resistant to oxidizing agents. This adds to the lock’s durability.

The Brushed Nickel finish ensures that the lock doesn’t mar the beauty of the kick proof door lock. Its 3-inch screws, made of hardened steel, ensure a robust defense against potential intruders.

It comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual and mounting hardware. This allows you to attach the lock with utmost ease. Its spring-loaded mechanism prevents the children from letting in unwanted visitors.

Feature Highlights
  • Aluminum build, strong and durable
  • Spring-loaded, safe for children
  • Easy installation manual and mounting kit
  • Elegant Brushed Nickel finish
  • The 3-inch screws form reliable joints

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Downsides: Opening can be hard for older people


It is what it claims it is: a basic reinforcement lock at an affordable price. Considering that, the latch has a durable construction, high strength and a beautiful finish.

6. Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade Brushed Nickel Door Reinforcer

Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade Brushed Nickel Door ReinforcerThis one stands out among the previous locks for its location. You get to install it near the base of the door. Where it acts as an insurmountable barrier for the housebreakers. If you don’t like to make a mess around the doorknob but still want to reinforce your door, then this is just the one for you.

Made of heat-treated solid aluminum, the barricade has remarkable strength. The aluminum build also means it’s mostly immune to rust. Thus this corrosion-resistant barricade has very high durability. The nightlock security lock door barricade comes with three matching hardened screws.

The barricade is suitable for all types of floors: stone, tile, cement, wood, even carpet! It comes with three purpose-built anchors to adjust to different floorings. Its baseplate and slide rail mechanism is simple but reliable. Thus once you have it, you can rest assured for a long, long time.

Feature Highlights
  • Solid aluminum builds, extremely tough and reliable
  • Aluminum construction, rust-proof
  • Three 3-inch steel screws, strong joint
  • Sleek brushed nickel finish
  • Easy installation process

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Downsides: Minimum half-inch clearance needed


Solid aluminum construction makes it extremely strong and durable. You can install it with utmost ease regardless of what type of floor you’ve got. Don’t want a bar under the doorknob? Then this is exactly the one you’re looking for.

Additional Door Reinforcers Reviews

Once you’ve chosen the best door reinforcement lock for your door, you may look for some additional security measures. Door reinforcers are the next obvious step. Keeping in mind this need, we’ve fished out these three-door reinforcers from the market.

1. OnGUARD Door Reinforcement – Best Front Door Reinforcement Kit to Stop Kick ins

OnGUARD Door Reinforcement - Best Front Door Reinforcement Kit to Stop Kick insOnGARD has few true rivals in the home security industry. Some of the most effective door reinforcement kits are from this brand. This kit is one of OnGARD’s premium products. They’ve combined toughness, durability, and simplicity, all in one kit.

The 3000-pound shock resistance is more than enough to repel any intruder. The floor mount equipped with 5 screws provides it with unyielding strength.

Moreover, the guys in OnGUARD have put the front door reinforcement kit to a multitude of tests. Pry bars, full-strength kicks, battering rams, nothing was spared. In the end, the door triumphed!

It’s very easy to install. A drill bit, screwdrivers, and Phillips head bit, and you’re fully equipped. It’ll take less than 10 minutes to fit the kit on the door. Thus you’ll be able to save both time and money.

Feature Highlights
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Certified for a 3000-pound shock force, highly reliable
  • Easily installable, can be fitted within 10 minutes
  • Suitable for both wooden and concrete floors

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Downsides: Could be more durable


With the whooping 3000-pound force resistance limit, simple installation process, compatibility to both concrete and wooden floor, and a lifelong guarantee, it’s simply an uncontested door reinforcement kit.

2. Master Lock Patio Door Security Bar – Burglar Proof Reinforcement Bar

Master Lock Patio Door Security Bar - Burglar Proof Reinforcement BarMaster Lock is a brand known for its innovative security products. They’ve come up with this universal door security bar that’s suitable for all kinds of doors. This bar can be adjusted for 27.5 inches (0.7 m) to 42 inches (1.1m). Whether you’ve got a sliding, patio, or hinged door, this bar can be fitted to it seamlessly.

This heavy-duty door reinforcement bar is compact and portable. Its alloy steel construction makes the bar extremely tough. With pivoted ball joints and a padded foot, this 20-gauge steel monster can have full contact with the floor and ensures a titanic grip. Once you’ve installed it to your door, even if the housebreaker comes with a battering ram, the odds will be with the door and not the ram!

Finally, the installation process of this is super simple. You’ll need no skill, no tool, no nothing! Just press the release button to adjust the length, place it under the doorknob and let the bar do its magic.

Feature Highlights
  • Alloy steel construction, is extremely tough and durable
  • Adjustable bar length, fit for any standard door
  • Portable and compact, no tool required
  • Pivoted joints and padded feet ensure titanic grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Downsides: Unfinished


Adjustable for any door, the bar is superbly designed. Extremely strong 20-gauge alloy steel construction makes it completely reliable. So if you’re looking for a compact, portable, universal door reinforcement solution, this is the one you need.

3. Prime-Line Door Reinforcement Plate – Extra Security to Prevent Force Entry

Prime-Line Door Reinforcement Plate - Extra Security to Prevent Force EntryReinforcing the door and its lock with this plate, you can push the security of your home to a new height. It’s especially suitable for repairing a damaged door. Fit it in and the gate will get stronger than it originally was.

The stainless steel construction of the door reinforcement plate ensures a combination of structural strength and a sleek look. It’s suitable for both metal and wooden doors.

Whether you’ve got a mortise lock or a drive-in one, you can use the reinforcer without any hurdle. The same goes for deadbolts, combinations, and knob locksets.

With all its toughness, it’s not needlessly sophisticated. You can easily install it with the fasteners that come with it. It’ll take only a few minutes to attach this Prime-Line reinforcer.

Feature Highlights
  • Stainless steel built, completely rustproof
  • Universal reinforcer, suitable for all types of latches
  • Comes with the required fasteners
  • Can be installed in minutes

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Downsides: Not paintable, stand out, visually


It’s a simple but reliable reinforcer for all types of doors and locks. Stainless steel body ensures immense strength and resistance to corrosion. If you’re looking forward to adding strength to the door or lock or repairing a damaged door, this can be a great solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What’s the strongest reinforcement to a door?

As far as shear strength is concerned, horizontal security bars are uncontested. Even though they are of simple construction, they are extremely reliable. Secured into the jack stud, they wield the stopping force of the wall itself!

– What do I need to install the reinforcement lock for a front door?

Nothing fancy. For the overwhelming majority of cases, a power drill, drill bits, and a screwdriver, that’s it, you’re good to go.

– I’ve got little kids who’ll just open the door for anybody. What should I do?

Buy a reinforcement lock that has a child-proof, spring-loaded mechanism. It’ll prevent your kids from opening the door. You can also install the lock outside their reach.

– Which one is better: a barricade, or a security bar?

A barricade has a very high force limit. It’s because the barricade doesn’t use the structural strength of the door frame to withstand the load or shock. Rather it utilizes the immense strength of the immovable floor to repel the intruder.

As for the security bar, even though it uses a similar principle, it’s not as sturdy as the barricade. But it’s portable and adjustable. So for higher stopping power, use the barricade. Use the door reinforcement bar for versatility.

– Door chains, or plate locks, which are preferable?

In terms of the ability to resist force, plate locks are the clear winners. Especially the strike plates. They can withstand more than 50 dedicated kicks. But the chains are cheaper and can be more convenient.

Final Words

You’ve taken the most important step in the mission to fortify yourself and keep your loved ones safe. That is, you’ve armed yourself with information about the ways to stop the housebreakers in their tracks.

The next step is to pick from the list the best door reinforcement lock and bolster it with some additional reinforcements. Identify your specific needs and pinpoint the exact ones you need. Once you’ll install these, trust me, your house will turn into a ram-proof fortress!

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