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All About Door Reinforcement Plate

To ensure a protective shield in the entry system of the home, the door reinforcement plate plays a big role. It not only secures the door jamb and frame but also ensures a good fit to lock the door without issues.

One survey shows more than 70% of intruders break into an apartment by kicking on the door.

If the door strike plate isn’t sturdy and high-quality, theft can break that using 3 inches nails. And most of them choose the front door to enter. In order to confirm the finest security in your home, you should have in-depth insight into the door reinforcer strike plate.

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Exactly What Is A Door Reinforcement Plate?

The door reinforcement plate is an item that people use to get protection from thefts. It as well does great to temper and latch by filling the gap in between the door jamb and frame. Entering through a door illegally can be done if you avoid giving attention to door parts.

Just like other parts, robbers target tiny items like door plates to enter a house. To prevent robbery, a good-quality door reinforcement plate is highly needed for security and overall guard.

Types Of Door Reinforcement Plate

Mainly, you’ll find 2 types of plates for door reinforcement. Which are – entry and wrap-around styles.

All doors need a reinforcement plate which is also known as a safety plate. This tiny tool is fitted on the door jamb.

Although this piece looks unimportant, it adds safety to the latching system of the door lock. As it is a required tool for doors, you might like to know more in detail on the plate types. Here You Go:

Entry Door Reinforcement Plate

Being the most used type, the entry reinforcement plate comes in square shape with sharp edges. It doesn’t reach the door lock areas as it only fits on the side.


  • Ideal for commercial or cutout door locks.
  • Adds great protection.
  • Stops others to enter.
  • Super strong.

Wrap Around Door Reinforcement Plate

Just like the name of it, the wrap-around door plate is square which covers the door lock areas. It is great to ensure better fitting thanks to the covering which helps in better latching.


  • Great for residential or interior doors.
  • Offer better armor security.
  • Confirms a good fit with its jammed entry.
  • Simple to use.

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Defender Security U9585

As a beautiful entry door reinforcer plate, the U9585 is a nice option for residential doors. It has a silver finish that ensures no scratch and the mounting procedure is pretty effortless. But it is a bit pricey. All in all, a user will love it.

Defender Security U10750

Being a safe and reliable reinforcement plate, the U10750 would be ideal for giving overall security. It has a bronze finish which goes well with standard doors. And this includes screws to fit at ease. Yet, the instruction guide seems slightly confusing. Overall, this is an excellent set.

Defender Security U10744

The U10744 is a game-changer that prevents break-ins and rust issues with its solid steel construction. Holding bronze finish, it lasts a long time and fits ideally on basement doors. However, installing it would need a bit of time.

Armor Concepts Store ‎SET-EZA-23000-BP

Taking only 30 minutes to fit, this will give a commercial door reinforcement plate feel with its jamb shield, 2 door shields, and 2 hinge shields. From the quality to the safety, it is one of the best options. As for the bad sides, this is not for wood doors. Other than this, it is great overall.

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How To Install Door Reinforcement Plate?

After reading the above, it’s time to learn the right way to attach a reinforcement plate for the door. You might need to collect all the mentioned gears before starting the real course.

The procedure to install the door safety plate would take around 30-40 minutes in intermediate skill.

Required Tools:

  • Driller with bits or screwdriver.

Follow The Instructions!

  • Remove all the older parts by detaching the screws and other parts.
  • Insert the deadbolts on the hole of the door frame.
  • Place the reinforcement plate over the frame.
  • Attach the screws on the plate (only on the very top and bottom holes). Then, use a driller with a screwdriver to tighten the nuts.
  • Now, insert the keyed side on the big hole for the doorknob. Then, attach the knobs. Add the nuts and gently tighten them using a driller.
  • Next, attach the exterior keyed and interior part of the lock. Insert the nuts and gently tighten them using a driller.
  • Put all the leftover nuts on the plate and attach them using a screwdriver or driller. Done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do door plates go?

The door strike plates go inside the door jamb so that it helps the door to latch properly. With the screws and other gears, it holds to the door frame.

Does my door need a strike plate?

If your door has a lock feature on it, then probably need a strike plate to lock well. Apart from this, it is great for anyone who needs personal space and privacy.

How do you reinforce a strike plate?

To do that, you can replace the existing nuts with 3 inches screws for better latching. Be sure to remove the nuts from the door lock areas using a screwdriver and insert the new one.

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Ending Notes

That is all about the door reinforcement plate with a bunch of details about it. And, I have given some recommendations which seem promising with good ratings of users.

No matter if you are just collecting information or need a plate to reinforce the door latching, this guide includes all. Hope you find it interesting to gain ideas and try the suggested items. Have A Nice Day Ahead!

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