6 Best Door Reinforcement Kits to Prevent Kick-in


Whether you live in a high crime area or not, you should be extra careful about the security of your home. A bit of extra caution never hurts. After all, what deserves more care than the safety of your loved ones!

The overwhelming majority of the break-ins involve forced entry through the doors. So to upgrade your home’s security, the first thing you should focus on is a sturdy door and reinforce its vulnerable points. This means you’ll need the best door reinforcement kit available.

With all the different available options, it can get confusing to pick the right one. So we’ve done extensive research and shortlisted 6 of them. Go through the list and the tips and tricks we’ve added here, and you’ll pinpoint the one you need in no time.

What Are Door Reinforcement Kits and Why Do You Need Them?

The phenomenon of breaching doors is as old as doors themselves. To prevent this, traditionally closed doors used to be reinforced with beams, either wooden or metallic. Ever seen the doors of forts in movies? Those doors had beams to protect them from blows from battering rams!

Door Reinforcer — a General Need

In modern times most doors are designed assuming a safe and peaceful scenario. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. Burglary, break-in, etc., are rather common. Even if they’re not in your area, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why everyone has a general need to reinforce a door to prevent kick ins.


If you’ve got a door that’s pretty old and worn out, oh boy, you need to repair it. I mean NOW! Otherwise, your possessions and, more importantly, the privacy of you and your loved ones may get violated. A door repair kit will come in handy to do the fix.


Reinforcement kits are used to brace the door. Latch plate being the weakest point gets the first priority. The minimalist kits reinforce the latch. Then comes the deadbolts, hinges and finally the jambs. Best kits are those that provide a holistic reinforcement, resulting in an all-around solution.

Top 6 Best Door Jamb Reinforcement Kits Reviews

In this review section, we have compiled a list of the top six best door jamb reinforcement kits that are available in the market today.

1. Door Armor MAX Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame & Hinges

Door Armor MAX Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame & Hinges

When it comes to reinforcing the door to the point of turning it into a ram-proof castle gate, few other products can compete with Door Armor MAX. The galvanized steel kit is many times stronger than those made from cold roll steel. So, even if the assailant comes with a battering ram, this ultimate door reinforcer won’t give in!

Installing this beast is a true pleasure. And the good thing is: you can do it all by yourself! All you need is a power drill, and you’ll be able to install this reinforcement plate within 30 minutes. The bucks you were supposed to pay the alarm company? Cross them out.

Finally, this 3-piece reinforcement kit comes with a lifetime guarantee. Armor Concepts is so sure of the reliability of its product, it’ll refund you 500 bucks in case of any break-in.

Key Features

  • Super-reliable galvanized steel built
  • Detailed instruction manual, very easily installable
  • Coated with heat-sealed powder, highly rust-resistant
  • $500 check refund in case of a break-in


  • Relatively high cost


With extreme toughness, this sleek, rust-free door reinforcement kit is definitely one of the best in the market. The $500 refund guarantee speaks volumes for its reliability.

2. Door Armor Mini Door Security Reinforcement Kit for Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate

Door Armor Mini Door Security Reinforcement Kit For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate

Armor Concepts being one of the leading brands of the industry has come up with this innovative 3-piece door reinforcement kit. Both the 46-inch jamb shield and the two 4-inch shields are extremely tough and shock-resistant.

The lock area and the jamb are the two most vulnerable points of the door. This door jamb shield is specialized to focus on these areas to prevent any kick-ins. The manufacturer is so confident in its impeccability; they’ve guaranteed a $300 refund in case of any break-ins.

This reinforcement kit is extremely easy to install. With the easy-to-follow detailed instruction manual at your disposal, you’ll be able to fit it on in less than 20 minutes. All you need is your trusty power drill.

Key Features

  • Add Special reinforcement for the lock and the jamb
  • You can easily install it within minutes
  • Comes with an instruction manual guide
  • Extremely reliable, $300 refund guarantee for break-ins


  • Unlike Door Armor MAX, it doesn’t have hinge shields


Both the 46-inch jamb shield and the two-door shields are extremely tough. The $300 refund guarantee inspires confidence. It’s a cost-effective, reliable solution.

3. Defender Security U 10893 Mega-Jamb Reinforcement Kit

Defender Security U 10893 Mega-Jamb Reinforcement Kit

Through the years, Defender Security has marketed some of the most user-friendly solutions for safeguarding doors. This Mega-Jamb reinforcement kit is one of its special-purpose products. It’s designed to fit indoors of 1 to ¾-inch thickness.

Instead of providing an all-around reinforcement, it’s focused on the primary weak point of the door: the jamb. Its first impression can be deceiving; the entry door jamb reinforcement has a hardened steel core that’s deep inside a white powder-coated external layer.

The door jamb, whether it’s a worn-out old one or a new sparkly one, you’ll be able to easily repair or reinforce it with this reinforcing kit. It’s perfectly suitable for any standard door.

Key Features

  • Specialized for 1 to ¾-inch thick doors
  • Comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, easy installation
  • A combination of steel core and powder coating, extremely reliable
  • Suitable for repairing or reinforcing any standard door
  • Its L-shape provides added strength


  • Protects only the door jamb


A combination of rugged steel construction and white powder coating makes it extremely durable. It’s a minimalistic yet cost-effective solution for most average doors.

4. Prime-Line Prime-Line U 10750 Lock And Door Reinforcer

Prime-Line Prime-Line U 10750 Lock And Door Reinforcer

If you’re worried that the reinforcement shield will stand out like a sore thumb, this is the kit for you. Its paintable finish coated with white powder is perfectly suitable for doors of any color. The kit also comes at a pocket-friendly price.

With a total of 10-8 Inch height and 12-gauge thickness, the door jamb reinforcement kit provides impressive protection. The kit comes with six-section plates and two edge guards, enough to impart substantial additional strength to any door.

The door shields fit perfectly around the existing locks and protect them. Being non-handed, the kit is suitable for both left and right-handed doors. It also fits perfectly in both double and single-hinged systems.

Key Features

  • Paintable finish retains the original aesthetic appeal of the door
  • It’s very budget-friendly
  • Three overlapping sections make installation easier
  • Covers 59.5-height and provides 12-gauge thickness


  • Though the three-part assembly makes it easy to install, it reduces the overall strength


The reinforcement kit combines versatility with an affordable price. If your priority is simplicity, aesthetics, and affordability, this is the one for you.

5. Armor Concept Fix-A-Jamb Door Reinforcement and Repair Kit

Armor Concept Fix-A-Jamb Door Reinforcement and Repair Kit

Armor Concepts have come with some of the most time-tested door repair and reinforcement kits. The Fix-A-Jamb kit is one of them. From kicks, pry bars to battering rams, this repair kit can withstand them all. Its L-shaped design gives it tremendous structural strength.

One of the most outstanding features of this door jamb reinforcement kit is its simplicity. You won’t have to hire a professional locksmith to put it on. All you need is a power drill and you’re good to go. If one is completely inexperienced in fixing up doors, it’ll take 10 minutes. With a little bit of experience, you’ll get it done in 5!

This police-certified entry door jamb reinforcement is suitable for any door. With the 18-gauge thickness and 40-inch length, the kit can provide a very high degree of protection.

Key Features

  • 40-inch long and 18-gauge thick, high level of protection
  • No cutting or nailing is required for simple installation
  • Added strength is provided by its L-shape
  • Police tested, highly reliable


  • Relatively high price


High-quality material and optimized architecture make it extremely tough. Free of nailing and cutting, it’s very easy to install.

6. OnGUARD Floor Mount Door Reinforcement

OnGUARD Floor Mount Door Reinforcement

In the field of security tools, OnGUARD is a brand towering over most of its competitors. They’ve designed some of the most effective door reinforcement kits you can put your hands on. This beast is one of OnGUARD’s best.

The 3000-pound shock resistance is not just impressive, it’s downright insane! Even a raging gorilla won’t be able to break in, late alone petty intruders. The innovative floor mount with 5 screws provides it with titanic strength. The manufacturers have tested the kit with kicks, pry bars, even battering rams. The door didn’t give in.

Despite being a high-performance door reinforcement kit, it’s very easy to install. All you need are a drill bit and Phillips head bit, and you’re good to go. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to install it within less than 10 minutes. Thus it’ll save both money and time.

Key Features

  • The reinforcement kit comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Can withstand as high as a 3000-pound shock force, extremely reliable
  • Easy to install, can be fitted within 10 minutes
  • Compatible for both wooden and concrete floors


  • Removing it frequently might cause a damage


With the whooping 3000-pound violent force resistance, lifetime guarantee, easy install process, and compatibility to both concrete and wooden floor, it’s the best door reinforcement kit, hands down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a burglar-proof front door?

To make your front door completely burglary-proof, you’ll have to go for a reinforcement kit that provides reinforcement for all the weak points of the door. The latch plates, the hinges, and the jambs all should be covered.

Why do I need to reinforce the door? Aren’t alarms enough?

Alarms are perfect for what they do. They may deter some intruders and give an SOS to everyone else. But they’ll not stop a determined burglar from getting in. So you’ll have to reinforce the get to increase your chances.

My front door is highly decorated. I want safety, but I’m worried about the looks too. What should I do?

Select a reinforcement kit with a paintable finish. A good camouflage will prevent the reinforcement from spoiling the beauty of your decorated door.

What tools do I need?

Nothing fancy, all you need is a screwdriver (mostly Phillips head, though there are exceptions), a power drill, and drill bits.

What are the properties I should look for in a door reinforcement kit?

First and foremost, effectiveness. Printability can be an issue for some. Finally, those with a “kick-in” guarantee are generally the best. A galvanized steel core, powder-coated jamb shield will definitely secure a door from being kicked in.

Final Words

Congratulations on coming this far! A bit of extra caution can make the difference between getting violated or saved. And you’ve taken steps in the right direction. With all this information under your belt, you must have already picked the best door reinforcement kit.

If you haven’t, rest assured, all the kits listed here are great in their own right. But which one is for you? Consider your priorities and practicalities once again, and you’ll be able to choose the one that’s perfect for you.

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