How To Secure A Door From Being Kicked In – Read This

How To Secure A Door From Being Kicked In

If an invader wants to break into a house, they will pick one spot which has the least protection. And to fix such leaky security areas, using only locks will not work most probably. So, how to secure a door from being kicked with such concerns?

The reason why most look for this topic is due to the security weakness, that needs proper care to be saved from theft. You have to think deeper a bit deeper to guess the moves of a robber.

The most probable way an outsider can go inside the house is through the door. And this part can be strengthened by adding some working features.

And to help you with that, I’ve come with this guide to give a detailed explanation filled with ideas that can help to improve your house security system.

Keep on reading to explore those things…

6 Easy Ways to Secure a Door from Being Kicked In

The new door, lock, deadbolt, strike plate, and jammer or security bar are some of the best things you can add for security. Also, the cameras and alarms do a great job on the outside.

For door kick-in protection, adding new safeguards on the entry side ensure good safety. And, if you insert them right, no robbers would come inside the house kicking in.

Change The Door

Replacing the old and weak one with a burglar proof front door is the first step to ensure safety. The door has to be solid and hard enough so that no person can go through it using the foot. Here are a few great mentions of strong doors.

  • Hard Wood Doors.
  • Metal Doors.
  • Fiberglass Doors.

Attach A Safe Locking System

Next, you have to ensure a good door frame lock that keeps the exterior entry secure. One research shows that 30% of burglars enter houses through breaking window or door locks. So, major focus on that.

Insert Solid Door Security Bar

Installing a good security bar on the door will add the needed protection. If you don’t know about this part, it’s a jammer that looks quite like a stick.

You need to attach to the mid-section of the door. It not only helps to strengthen the security system but also holds the door firmly against the knob.

Attach A Deadbolt

Afterward, give importance to the door deadbolt that works best against the impact of the robber’s kick.

FYI, you’ll see 3 types of deadbolts that indicate good, better, and best security systems from grades 1-3. And out of all, the strongest one is grade 1.

Take a look at their capabilities.

Grade-1 Deadbolt (Commercial-grade)

  • Handles 800k lock cycles.
  • Survive six door strikes.
  • Endure 360 lbs weight test.
  • Withstand 10 door strikes hammer test.

Grade-2 Deadbolt (Premium-quality)

  • Handles 400k lock cycles.
  • Survive four-door strikes.
  • Endure 250 lbs weight test.
  • Withstand 5 door strikes hammer test.

Grade-3 Deadbolt (Standard)

  • Handles 200k lock cycles.
  • Survives two door strikes.
  • Endure 150 lbs weight test.
  • Withstand 2 door strikes hammer test.

Change the Door Strike Plate

Check the strike plate lock as this is one of the most neglected spots. Ensure the stroke plate is solid (made of metal) that keeps the deadbolt latch inside the frame of the door. If this part stays weak or loose, then a kick is enough to pop up the door.

Fit Cameras & Alarms Outside

Cameras and alarm systems are some of the great devices to keep doors from being kicked in. Although they are expensive, still the protection of houses will increase.

So, you can add these features to the exterior door. Plus, ensure good lighting on the outside of the house to be able to catch things through cameras.


The Best Way to Secure a Door from The Inside

Some of the extra features can be added to increase security inside the door. As invaders can go through the windows to enter your house, so adding protection from the inside is a must thing. Take a look into the given ways.

Add a Door Barricade

Most experts suggest using a door brace aka barricade concentrating on 2 factors which are:

  1. The base plate.
  2. Barricade rail.

As an interior door stay in the place thanks to these parts, so focusing on their protection will solve the problem of kick-in.

Install Robust Door Chain

Although it won’t do a lot in terms of security, for max peace of mind, adding a chain is a good idea overall. It may create mixed feelings inside a robber’s mind or distract a bit.

Use Portable Door Lock

Another thing you can do to ensure the interior door is secure by adding a portable door lock. It might take only 15 seconds to install. For best protection, we suggest using this with a security device like a door wedge.

Wrapping Up

Strengthening the security system is the only way that helps from invader attacks. And, hope you’ve learned how to secure a door from being kicked in. Breaking into the house by kick on the door is an easy thing if the entry side lacks safety equipment.

The good news is adding elements to the door is possible almost everywhere from top to below. So, be sure to add all the security tools to your entry door and see the result yourself. I’ll be back with another fun topic in the new guide.

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