How To Fix Gap Between Floor And Door Frame – 2 Easy Methods!

How To Fix Gap Between Floor And Door Frame

When trying the DIY installation of the door frame, a noob can face mistakes like having a huge gap between the floor and door frame (casing or trim). If that happens, how to fix gap between floor and door frame?

You have 2 options to fix the gap. The first method is to replace the door frame completely. And the second method is to glue matching trim (slicing it to match the size) between the floor and door frame gap.

Both ways require difficult level skill and patience to get success. I’ll explain the procedure on point by presenting the steps.

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2 Ways To Fix Gap Between Floor And Door Frame

Figure out which area is the issue and then think of trying one method. It should have at least 1/16 inch or less gap between them. The finest ways to fill gaps between door frame and floor are given below. 

Method 1: Replace The Door Frame

  • Take a screwdriver and remove all the nuts from the door hinge. 
  • Gently take out the hinges. 
  • Hang the door and pull it out. 
  • Grab a utility or putty knife and cut the foam tape which is holding the door frame into the wall. Be sure to target the caulks to get this right.   
  • With the pry bar, pull out the foam from bottom to top motion. You can use downward pressure to simply remove it. 
  • Remove the nails if the door frame contains any. Then, pull out the door frame completely. 
  • Insert the new door frame which is perfect in size to use the previous door. If you can’t find one, it would be better to buy the door and frame at once to avoid misalignment.  
  • Align it nicely and then attach the nails to mark where you’ll use the hinges. Use galvanized casing nails to mark on the frame. 
  • Place shims on the top, bottom, and midway. You can use wood sticks as an alternative solution.
  • Use spray foam around the gaps in the frame. Be sure to apply it more on the bottom part so that the door frame and floor get along well. It might take 5 – 8 hours to dry but wait for a day to ensure no dampness. 
  • Measure the corners of the door to insert the right size trims. Take new trims and cut them with a circular saw to get the right size which fits around the door frame well. If you want to cut at a 45-degree angle (to use on the top side), use the miter saw. 
  • Place the trims around the frame and attach finish nails with a hammer. After that, sand the trims to perfectly level the surface. Be sure the gap around the door trim and floor is around 2mm – 6mm. 
  • Use caulk around the perimeter of the door trim and level it is using your finger.  
  • Insert the doorknob and lock system (if needed).
  • That’s how to cover gaps between the floor and door frame.

Method 2: Inserting A Matching Trim Piece

  • Measure the gap between the floor and door frame which needs covering. 
  • Gather some pieces of matching trim (you can grab them from a nearby store). 
  • Cut each of them in an appropriate size using a circular and miter saw. 
  • Use a strong adhesive or glue on the matching trims on the gaps. 
  • Apply slight pressure to stick them well. Dry the surface for a day. 

Tip: If nothings work, use casing kickers on the gap between the floor and door frame.

Should There Be A Gap Between Trim And Floor?

The bottom part of the door frame (casing or trim) will require a few millimeters gap to ensure airflow beneath.

If your home has carpet attached which is around 1 inch or more, then it’s relevant to have a good gap between the trim and floor.

However, this might not be the right thing to add gaps when not using carpet on the floor. The door needs to swing in a certain airflow which is only possible if the trim has an appropriate gap from the floor.

Otherwise, you will find yourself pushing the door too hard which doesn’t move smoothly or can cause stuck and noise issues. In short, it’ll make the door useless.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put around a door frame?

There are tons of stuff that can be attached around the frame, and these include foam tape, vinyl, tubular silicone, rubber, pads, and so on. Some users even try using weatherstripping after cleaning with alcohol as it also works to cover the huge gaps.  

Should the door jamb touch the floor?

The door jamb and floor need to have a good gap of around 3/8” or less. Meaning it doesn’t need to touch the ground or get too close to the land. This way will help to get the desired clearance to work latch and hinge.  

What is the gap between the door and door frame?

After confirming the 1/8” opening, the door and door frame gap needs to be around ½” to ¾” gap in the bottom or rear sides.


That’s how to fix gap between floor and door frame. It will take a lot of time and energy to complete the task. If possible, try to call a friend who will help you fix the gap. 

Do not skip a step when following the instruction as it’ll ruin the effort and task. Also, use quality tools when doing the methods. 

Hope you find the 2 methods easy to try in real life in order to solve the issue easily. Thank You For Reading!

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