A Simple Procedure to replace door sweep without removing door

How To Replace Door Sweep Without Removing Door

Doors are supposed to keep every unwanted thing out of the house. Even then, things such as dust, splashes from rainwater, insects, pests, and many others sneak into people’s houses through the slight gap underneath and sometimes above the door. A door sweep helps you prevent this issue.

But things start to go south when the door sweeps start falling apart. When that happens, pests come in and it also becomes a hindrance because they create a problem opening and closing the door. That’s when you need to replace them. But do you need to remove your whole door in doing so?

No, and that’s why I’m about to show you how to replace the door sweep without removing the door. So, keep scrolling.

Which Door Sweep Is Compatible with Your Door?

Due to the huge Versatility of door sweeps, it’s natural to be confused. You might have wondered, ‘Which Type Of Door Sweep Will I Choose For The Exterior Doors?’

Most users prefer to slide-in or snap-in sweeps for their steel and fiberglass doors. L- shaped bottoms are specifically compatible with steel benchmark doors. The wrap-around & L-shaped ones are the easiest to replace & install. Just pull out the screws, and the sweeps will eventually come off.

Peachtree sweeps are made up of durable rubber and can easily adapt to the door’s bottom. If you require the best door bottom for the wooden doors, the staple-on type door sweeps will be the perfect option indeed.

Changing the Door sweep without removing door

Since door sweeps act as a security guard, you have to make sure that it works perfectly. Otherwise, your house will be overrun with pests such as cockroaches and mice while also being perpetually dusty if you live in urban areas.

Now if you notice that your previously installed door sweep isn’t working properly, that means it’s damaged and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. But the good news is that you don’t have to take your whole door down to do this. All you need are a few tools and to follow some very simple steps and you will have yourself a new and working door sweep.

Things you need to replace a door sweep

Before we go to the steps of replacing the door sweep, you need to know what tools you will need to undertake this task. The tools you will need are as follows:

  • Putty knife
  • Scissors
  • Mallet
  • Wooden plank
  • A new door sweep

If you have gathered all these tools, it’s time to move on to the actual replacement work. Follow these simple steps mentioned below.

1. Removing the old door sweep

Before putting the new door sweep in, you must remove the old one. Never install one door sweep over the old one as it will damage both the door sweeps further down the line. To remove the older door sweep, take a putty knife and wedge its edge between the door sweep and door. Then little by little, take the door sweep apart from the door.

Don’t rush while doing so, as it will damage the door as well. Initially, it will be a bit tough for you to take the door sweep down as it would’ve been there for a considerable amount of time. But after you’ve separated a few inches from the door, the rest will be easier to take down.

2. Installing the new door sweep

Now that you’ve pulled the old one out, it’s time to install the new door sweep on your door. First, take the door sweep out of its packaging and fit it with the edge of your door. Then start pushing it towards the end of the door where the hinges are at. While doing so, you will see that it is even harder to install a door sweep than it is to remove it.

It is so tough that using just elbow grease won’t cut it. Either it will take too much time or you won’t even be able to budge it at all. That’s why you need a mallet and a wooden plank. Place the wide part of the plank vertically against the front end of the door sweep. Then hit the plank on the opposite side with the mallet repeatedly.

You will see the door sweep sliding along quite easily and smoothly. While installing it in this way, you will notice that the door sweep keeps going downward (or upward if the door sweep is above the door) as it moves forward. Keep adjusting it at a regular interval until the final blow of the mallet. Then cut off the excess part of the door sweep with scissors and you’re done.

How to Install Exterior Door Bottom Seal?

Installing a door sweep is super indeed. Just be sure to choose the most compatible one as per the door’s material and requirements. If it’s a total newbie, he will require a bit of assistance, especially during positioning the sweeps & marking the oval holes. Trust me; it’s not even 10 minutes of work. So, are you ready to jump in now?

Tools Will You Need

  • Door Sweep.
  • Hacksaw.
  • Measurement Tape.
  • Cordless drill.
  • Scissor.
  • Pencil.
  • Driver bits and drill bits.

Step 1: Measure The Door

  • Take the measurement tape and determine the width of the door bottom carefully.
  • Don’t just go for the actual measurements but count the door stops as well.

Step 2: Trim The Door, Sweep Frame & Insert

  • Mark the aluminum Insert with a pencil according to the previous measurements.
  • Take the hacksaw and trim it carefully as per measurements.
  • Switch to the scissors once you are done with aluminum Insert.
  • Trim The vinyl portion carefully.

Step 3: Determine The Position Of The Drill Holes

  • Observe the inside of the exterior door and position the sweep carefully.
  • The sweep’s edge should touch the door bottom.
  • Now mark the oval holes according to the position of the sweep.
  • This marking should be very accurate as it will later assist in adjusting the sweep upwards or downwards.

Step 4: Drill The Holes

  • Take the drill machine and make holes on the specific marks.
  • The drill you will use should have a narrower bit than the screws.

Step 5: Attach The Door, Sweep

  • Switch to the screwdriver.
  • Hold the sweep carefully and insert the screws onto the door.
  • Don’t strip the head while tightening the screws.

Step 6: Observe & Test The Door Sweep

  • Once the door sweep is installed, open & close the door several times.
  • The door should move smoothly while being in firm touch with the threshold.

Step 7: Adjust The Door Sweep If Required

  • Loosen up the screws and move the sweep up or down slightly for further adjustments.
  • If the floor is uneven, adjust the specific portion of the sweeps according to the threshold.


Can you replace a door sweep without removing the door?

If your previous door sweep has cracked, don’t worry, as you can surely replace it without removing the door itself.

Do you put a door sweep inside or outside?

As entry doors generally swing inside, you can install most door sweeps inside the door. It’s only logical to install door sweeps outside if the door is an out-swinging one.

Final words

As door sweeps are usually in the areas of the door that are harder to gain access to, people often think that they need to remove the entire door while replacing them. But that is not the case at all.

All you need is to know the proper technique of replacing the door sweep without taking down the door and you’re life will be much easier.

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