How To Open A Locked Sliding Glass Door: Get It Unlocked!

How To Open A Locked Sliding Glass Door

The locked sliding glass door can give pain in your mind to figure out a way that works to open it without causing damage.

If you are inside, then use the matching key, knife, or credit card (I know it seems funny, but it works) to unlock the sliding glass door. Otherwise, try a screwdriver or pry bar to open it if the door is locked from the outside.

Don’t stress over how to open a locked sliding glass door too much first and foremost! Instead, try the following method based on your right now situation to unlock it.

How To Open A Locked Sliding Glass Door From The Inside?

Okay, your sliding glass door is locked when you are left alone inside an empty house. In that case, here are some hacks which you can try to get out of this situation. 

1. Using Matching Key

  • Look for the matching keyset which comes with a real key. 
  • Insert it on the lock pad and move it in an anticlockwise position.
  • It’ll open up easily.

2. Try Unlocking The Door With Knife.

  • If you are looking for how to open a locked sliding glass door without key, then the first thing you should try using is the knife.
  • Hold it in a horizontal line and gently squeeze inside the gap of the sliding door. Try to place the knife near the latch pawn.
  • Use downward pressure with the knife really hard. So, the pawn gets inside the latch to open the door.

3. Open Sliding Door With Credit Card.

  • Grab a credit card that is thick and solid enough to move the pawn of the sliding door.
  • Slip it inside the gap of the locked sliding door.
  • Take your time and gradually use pressure on the card to move the pawn downward.
  • If in one try it doesn’t work, do it several times until it gets unlocked.

How To Open A Locked Sliding Glass Door From The Outside?

Now, you are standing outside your home while the sliding glass door is locked. To unlock it, try the given ways.

1. Use A Screwdriver To Open The Door.

  • Place the plain screwdriver below the rails of the sliding glass door. It will help the sliding panel to sit a bit upward. 
  • Hold the screwdriver while with your right hand slide the door to the left side. 
  • Again, try using force which will cause the pawn to go inside the latch and let the door open. 

2. Go With Pry Bar.

  • Insert the pry bar below the sliding glass door sill. 
  • Lift the sliding door by pressing the pry bar. 
  • Slide the door to the right then immediately move it to the left side. Continue doing it until the door unlocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you open a locked sliding glass door?

Yup, it’s possible! However, you’ll need to know the techniques (which are mentioned above) and the hand skill of the tools to use and achieve the goal. As the tempered glass is pretty hard to break in, you only have to focus on the latching part to unlock the locked sliding glass door. 

How to prevent sliding glass door from being lifted out?

Adding the metal screws with a washer or individually in the upper of the frame will help you get rid of the sliding door being lifted out of the frame. These elements will work as a stopper to keep it in place.


How to remove sliding glass door from outside?

Take a flathead screwdriver and start to detach the threshold. Then, unbolt the upper, middle, and lower brackets. With slight pressure, pull the door up in order to remove it safely from the tracks. Ask your friend for help if it seems hard. Do the same thing on another side.

Wrapping Up

All in all, it’s all about physics which will help you overcome to unlock the sliding glass door. It’s super easy to open if you just hit on the latching point. So, that’s all about how to open a locked sliding glass door from inside and outside which you should know. 

Hope you find this guide informative and problem-solving to attempt. Keep On Trying To Achieve The Success Or Call A Locksmith!

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