What Are The Pros And Cons Of Glass Front Door


After staring at the boring home entrance door, you might be thinking it needs some change in looks with something that adds value and good looks like the glass front door.

If you can relate, don’t rush by immediately buying it.

Instead, you should learn about the pros and cons of a glass front door along with some hints on the decision to pick it or not.

It will take a whole bunch of thought to understand if it suits your home or not. So, stick with me until the end to know it all.

The Pros And Cons Of Glass Front Door

It’s true that the glass front door offers tons of strengths that make it a popular and lavish choice for aesthetic lovers. On the other side of the coin, you can’t get over the bad sides as it contains some. Let me present all the ups and downs below!

the advantages of a glass front door

1. Marvelous Appearance That Adds Value.

The look is the main reason why most choose the glass front door. It beautifies the overall look of the home and increases its value.

With the sleek and rich-like vibe, it creates a diverse impression on the exterior and interior home environments. This as well gives a positive appeal to the unknown guest about you.

2. Let Natural Light To Enter Home.

The glass-added front door ensures better lighting to get insight into the home to make the whole environment bright and happy.

No matter if it has a pattern or exclusive design with a wood frame, still the door would let the light inside. It would be annoying to walk down the front door, which is dark and dull, especially in the daytime.

But this can also be a trouble if you don’t like to face UV rays getting into your house. This trait also lets you save the electric bills (by turning off the lights) and letting the natural light.

3. Allow Sighting Outside View.

Thanks to the transparency of the glass front door, it let you see the natural stuff like sky, birds, hills, lakes, rain, and snow. However, the jagged or printed type won’t let you have this amazing facility.  

Sometimes it’s essential to view outside in order to cheer the mood which the transparent glass would do great in the main entrance door.

4. Pretty Simple To Upkeep.

Unlike most (including solid or wood types), the glass entry door is a lot easier to take care of. No matter if it’s a full-glass or half-glass type you will find no hassle during the cleaning or upkeeping session.

It only requires a lint-free cloth with a homemade solution by mixing 1 part of vinegar in 10 parts of lukewarm water.

As the glass never wear or splint, it’s easy to maintain. But, once the glass tear apart, it might take time and energy to replace a broken glass front door.   

5. No Issue Of Bugs Or Insects.

You’ll find no bugs or small creatures (like mosquitoes or bees) coming inside of the entrance door. Unlike windows or solid doors, it doesn’t require opening which might cause the bugs to enter the home.    

Drawbacks Of Having Glass Front Door

1. Lack Of Home Security.

Is it safe to have glass front door? The glass front door has no assurance of home security or protection against theft. As it’s a fragile element, the glass can break easily, unlike solid doors.

If using some smart gadget, it can help the security so that no one can break in and cause a mess inside your home. These includes:

  • Using a few deadbolts in the interior.
  • Focusing on the locking system.
  • Attaching an alarm system.
  • Adding a security camera to monitor.
  • Insert sensors that signal when someone breaks the glass.

2. Outsiders Can See From The Glass.

There are some glass front doors which has see-through visibility which causes a lack of privacy even if you are inside the apartment.

However, using the big curtain in front of the glass door might solve the issue and ensure privacy from other people’s peek.

3. The Price Point Is Expensive.

The total cost of it is huge if you go for the best quality. So, how much does a glass front door cost? It would be between $700 – $4,100 (including the panels and sidings) in general.

However, you can choose from the basic quality one which is around $100 to $600. Since the expense is low, the quality won’t be equal to the best quality glass door.  


Should I Have Glass In My Front Door Or Not?

To decide on one side, just take a notepad and write down the 3 most vital traits which you can’t compromise. For example, I can’t sacrifice the look, security, and maintenance facility in the front door as it’s the highlighted point of my house.

You should get the glass front door if you prefer a premium aesthetic, natural lighting, upkeep facility, and bugproof atmosphere.  

Along with these facilities, you might need to compromise your privacy and security at a high expense. Or else, avoid adding glass to your front door. Simple As That!

Ending Notes

After the long talk, you might have good knowledge about it. By acknowledging the pros and cons of glass front doors, this action will help you go through the analysis and decision-making part.

This means you can easily know which good or bad points are favorable or forgivable to pick a side.

Hopefully, this guide is able to serve relevant details so that you can understand its worth. Decide Wisely & Trust In Your Action!

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