How To Lock a Bedroom Door from The Outside – 2 Ways 

How-to-Lock-a-Bedroom-Door-from-The-Outside-TCHT-IntroTelling others ‘stay out of my room lock’ will not always work if people around don’t really bother. So you try locking it when not at home. A lot of people look for the right way of using a lock for bedroom door from the outside.

Adding bolt locks and barricades can make a huge difference. You do also need a good locking system or tools that help to get the job done easily.

This calls for an in-depth guide including the procedure of locking using a key or without it. And also, you’ll find the unlocking process to know everything better.

So, give me your time, barely the next 3 minutes, so that you can learn how to lock a bedroom door from the outside in two ways.

How To Lock a Bedroom Door from The Outside?

As there’re tons of lock types for bedroom doors, and all of them are being used differently to lock. And, that’s where the real trouble starts. Can you lock a bedroom door from the outside? Yes, but using the right technique will lead to a successful latch.

With a Key:

One of the easiest ways to lock the door from the outside is by using a key. You only need to insert and twist it to the right-to-left side for easy locking. Apart from this technique, there are other types too.

  • For the portable door lock, just attach the addalock into the gaps of the latch door frame. And be sure to lift it by sliding to the metal frame.
  • If your door lock contains a deadbolt, then using the key to activate the bolt, this is how the locking system works.
  • To lock the mortice deadlock, just insert the key to the cylinder by reaching deep enough and then turn clockwise.

Without a Key:

The real challenge comes when you lost the key and need ways to lock a door from the outside. Let’s meet with some of the ideas that are helpful.

If you happen to have a door that comes with a click-style lock, then pressing the little push button will lock it.

Besides, the door lock with a clasp option is also easy to lock as you only need to move the slider to the clockwise position. And also, using the fork do a great job to lock the door but requires some pressure.

With the knot and loop technique, you can easily lock the bedroom door from the outside. For that, a flexible rope is necessary to tie to the lock slider. And then bring the rope in front while closing the door. After that, pull out the rope and the door will be locked.

And there’s some door locking mechanism that can be locked using the privacy lock keys. These are common to find near the store.

Plus, if you have to lock a door with a sock, the insert and bend it to the other side of the door. And then, just pull the sock on the gentle stroke of the northside. Using the tip of a cloth hanger or perhaps the paperclip wires help to close the bedroom doors.

The techniques are not the same as you have to insert them on the lock bar and move in clockwise positions.

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How To Unlock a Bedroom Door from The Outside?

You only have 2 options to simply open the door which are using a key or without it. And we have given both of them so that you don’t face trouble unlocking from the outside.

With a Key:

The opening technique with the private key is pretty simple. You only have to insert the key to the lock, and then gently rotate from left to right side in order to unlock the bedroom door.

However, if the lock system is different than usual, then just locate the key to move anti-clockwise for easy unlocking. And, some have click-style lock systems which don’t need a key as you can twist the knob to unlock the door.

Besides, if you own a portable door lock from outside, then just lift the addalock and press the metal flange while moving the knob of your bedroom door to unlock.

Without a Key:

  • Put on a credit card on the lock with a little force to unlock the door.
  • Grab a small screwdriver and insert it deep into the tiny gap of the doorknob. Then, twisting the tool will help unlock the bedroom door.
  • Use an Allen key inside the lower edge of the keyhole. With steady pressure and paperclip, rotate it to open the door.

Note: If nothing works out, then it’s better to hire an expert.

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Wrapping Up

Coming to the ending part, we hope the guide about how to lock a bedroom door from the outside seems useful to you. Sometimes it’s essential to know all the locking functions with or without a key.

Plus, we have added extra info like an unlocking system so that it doesn’t go in vain. Hopefully, the topic seems clear to apply in real life. If necessary, do some study on this topic. I’ll be back, till then, stay safe!

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