Find Out How to Lock a Sliding Barn Door from Both Sides

How to Lock a Sliding Barn Door

Room privacy is something that we all need to have for our space, which is only possible if your house has a door lock. And this thing is even more compulsory when your apartment has a sliding barn door, which is clearly not the safest of all.

So, can you put a lock on a barn door? For sure, you can. The only thing you have to make sure is the type. As some locks have privacy on the inside of the door. While others let locking on both sides.

Being able to latch properly is something that can be done if you have installed the right locks in your sliding barn door. And so, I loved the fact that you tried doing personal study and research in order to recognize the type and then learn how to lock a sliding barn door.

Now, give me your next few minutes to present a guide that’s going to teach you exactly what you need. Let’s get started with it……

How To Lock a Sliding Barn Door- Here’s the Right Way

Keep on lifting or moving the knob to the right side and secure well, that’s the way often needed to lock the sliding barn door. And it will require time and practice to adapt with the lock system but eventually you’ll manage.

To lock properly, decide which type of lock you are going with. And then, choose whether you want to install the door lock inside or outside using the sliding barn door locking hardware.

How To Lock a Sliding Barn Door from The Inside?

Latching the interior barn door lock is easy if you know the lock type. As the sliding barn door locks are many in design, so we come with the idea to present some of them and explain the procedure. Let’s hop into that.

90° Flip Latch

If you are planning to lock the one-sided door, then the 90° flip latch is one of the safest options out there.

It can be fitted on the left or right side of the sliding door. And most of the time it is used from the inside. To lock this, you have to lift the hasp on the other side of the female buckle and ensure the fitting.


Hook & Eye Latch

This type of latch is suitable for bedroom and bathroom usage. Placing the big cabin peg inside the eye latch might help to lock safely. And to unlock, you have to do that reverse process of locking.

Teardrop Latch

One of the most good-looking sliding barn doors is the teardrop latch, which is mostly used on the interior doors of an apartment. And, it looks like a triangle steel piece that drops inside the slotted latch to lock and unlock.

Pocket Door Lock with Pull

This is another finest locking system that ensures privacy better for the bedroom. Plus, it can be used on the left and right sides to install. You only need to slide the knob on one side to lock the sliding barn door. And, turning the knob to the left side will unlock it.

Multi-angle Door Latch

Quite look like a square locking mechanism, this is a great solution for securing your barn door that slides. And, sliding the tiny dial to the right side will lock it when being installed horizontally.

However, if being fitted vertically, lifting the dial in the upright side will lock the multi-angle door latch. Also, unlocking it can be done by reversing the procedure.

Privacy Pin Latch

Unlike others, this type of lock system is rare for sliding barn doors. By moving the hook of it inside the holes vertically or horizontally will ensure easy locking.


How To Lock a Sliding Barn Door from The Outside?

If you want to latch your barn door that is slidable from the outside, then you need to know each lock type too. Take a look into that to learn that.

Keyless Entry Lock

For higher security in an apartment, this type of lock is super reliable and handy. As the keyless entry lock has numerical buttons where you require a passcode to enter the room, this will function and open by making a slight noise.

Door Lock with Key

One of the most common sliding barn door latches for rooms is the door lock with a key. To latch from the outside, you only need to use a key.

4 Sliding Barn Door Lock Ideas That You Can Add For Privacy

Before heading to the “how to lock a sliding barn door” procedure, you should learn the different designs of it. There are tons of locks in the market that suits house doors.

And we want to start with one of the nicest locks for barn doors that can be used for the bathroom as well as bedroom, which is the latch-style lock. Although most of them are costly, still it is a great way out for privacy and convivence.

Another finest security lock style is the hook & eye latch design. This type of door lock can be used on 1 or 2 sliding barn doors at ease. Nearly all people trust using them as the heavy duty barn door lock for isolation.

For anyone who prefers more privacy that has both sides locking option would love the barn door lock with key design. This has a 2-way option with a strike plate inside the sliding barn door and a key on the outside for easy application.

A lot of people find them unique and adds value to the house. This type of latch is pretty simple to put on and ensures great privacy.

Wrap Up

Finally, you have learned how to lock a sliding barn door along with some ideas to choose a lock style that works fab. Now try that, you only need some focus and a little bit of patience.

Since there’re many varieties of locks and each of them has an individual latching system, so it might seem hard at first. But, with a little study, you will be able to snatch the locking technique really quick. I’ll be right back with another interesting topic soon.

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