Top Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Doors

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Doors

Even a decade ago, wooden entry doors were our only option. Of course, it does its job brilliantly, protecting your home from outsiders and keeping the weather outside. Also, it looks aesthetically pleasing in all conditions.

Nonetheless, we now have the option of fiberglass doors. Thanks to technological advancement, fiberglass door has almost replaced wooden door in many cases. If you plan to replace the old door, you should consider the pros and cons of fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass doors are eco-friendly, weather-friendly, long-lasting, and customizable. These entry doors are easy to maintain, save money on electricity bills, and are usable without storm protection. On the contrary, it might need special permission for installation, can be dangerous if damaged, and offers less protection than a standard wooden entry.

Let’s see its advantages and disadvantages to decide if you should get one or not.

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Pros of a fiberglass door

Want to install a new fiberglass door instead of the old wooden one? Here’re the top benefits you will get.

Versatile and customizable

Fiberglass doors are highly customizable and versatile. You can easily customize its look, shape, and colors to match the interior décor of your home. Also, customizing a fiberglass door is way cheaper than a wooden one.

So, you don’t need to worry about your home decoration. Whether you have a contemporary, mid-century, or Victorian-styled home, you can quickly customize the fiberglass door to match the home.

Weather, pet, user, and eco-friendly

Fortunately, when using a fiberglass door, you save a tree from falling. So, the fiberglass door is eco-friendly. Also, fiberglass is highly scratch and dent-resistant. It will be useful for pets at home. Your pet will continuously scratch the fiberglass, which will still look new.

On top of it, fiberglass won’t get damaged due to weather or water. It holds up against rain and weather without worries. So, you will enjoy a longer lifespan for these doors.

Time and money saver

Fiberglass comes with better insulation than steel and wood. Thus, it keeps the outdoor weather away from the home interior. It is a great relief during hard times. Cold and windy air won’t enter your home. It improves the air conditioning of your home.

Thus, room heaters and air conditioners will need to work less than usual. It will save electricity bills. Also, the interior is cooler during summertime by keeping the outdoor warm air away. Isn’t it amazing?

Extended lifespan

Compared to wooden or even steel doors, fiberglass ones are highly durable. Since it is more dent and scratch-resistant, it won’t get damaged soon. Plus, rain and weather won’t affect it. All you need is to repaint the fiberglass from time to time.

Thankfully, the painting cost of a fiberglass door is cheaper than the a wooden one. You can use regular wall paint to repaint the fiberglass doors. Moreover, the durability of the fiberglass will help it look better for a longer time. It will complement the home décor throughout its lifespan.

Usable without storm protection

When you have a wooden door, you will need to apply for storm protection. Also, it would help if you treated the wooden and steel furniture for rust, corrosion, and pest resistance. A wooden door can easily get inflicted by pests. Also, steel will catch rust. Thus, the special treatment of these doors can be costlier than you anticipate.

Thankfully, with the fiberglass door, you won’t need such treatments. It only needs an upfront mounting cost, and that’s all.

Easy installation and maintenance

Fiberglass doors are easily installable. It doesn’t need any high-end hinge and installation process. So, it reduces your upfront cost greatly. On top of it, it has the easiest maintenance. You can easily clean the door with a damp cloth without worrying about water damage.

Cons of a fiberglass door

Have you decided to get the fiberglass door by reading its pros? We suggest you consider its disadvantages before making the final decision.

Can be expensive

Fiberglass doors are highly expensive. The average cost of a fiberglass door can be anywhere from $700 to $2500, excluding the installation cost. It is almost 2X more than the engineered doors priced at $300-$50. It is even costlier than steel doors.

Thankfully, these doors are still cheaper than specially treated wooden doors priced at $2000-$5000.

Offers less protection

Fiberglass doors offer less protection than steel and heavy wooden doors. Thieves will find it harder to break into a wooden or steel door than with a fiberglass door. So, installing a fiberglass door will be a big concern for the security of your home.

Thieves can break into the fiberglass doors and get away with your valuable items.

Are Fiberglass Doors Dangerous?

One of the key considerations for fiberglass doors is their dangerous association. It can be highly dangerous if you cut, saw, or damage the fiberglass. Its edges can be sharp and easily cut your or your pet’s skin. Also, fiberglass items can be harmful to breathing.

Is fiberglass OK for a front door?

Yes, fiberglass is an excellent item for the front doors. It is scratch, dent, weather, and moisture-proof. So, it will last longer than regular entry doors.

Do fiberglass entry doors fade?

Fiberglass doors can easily fade away due to UV rays and sunlight. So, over the years, its paint will get removed. You will need to repaint it timely.


Fiberglass doors are expensive initially for the upfront mounting. However, these doors are way more long-lasting, customizable, and easy to install. So, over the years, its expenses has balanced out.

You will also love its matching colors and patterns for the home interior. Therefore, you should consider getting a fiberglass door when replacing the old ones. It would also be a great investment for new homes.

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