How To Keep Bugs Away From Door At Night!


The struggle of dealing with bugs at night can get really irritating. No one would like to face such incidents, especially at nighttime (who has the strength after a day of hard work!).

Using a door bottom seal or sweep is a great trick. Other than that, you might have to change the light, increase or decrease room temperature, install a mesh door, and consider getting rid of the trash bag every day to keep out the bugs.

In case you are a victim of this kind of incident and want to know how to keep bugs away from door at night, this guide with all the 5 methods explained, should help!

How To Keep Bugs Away From the Door At Night!

Before wondering which method would work best in keeping bugs away from the door, just explore all of them in detail first. By the end, you’ll know by your instinct which method to try!

1. Raise Or Lower Your Room Temperature

Nearly all kinds of bugs won’t last if the room temperature is more than 97° F (36.11° C) or less than 55° F (12.78° C).

So, if you have AC in your home, turn it below 55.4° F (13° C) to make the interior super cold. You’ll see the bugs are not entering the door. This works especially at nighttime.

2. Install A Door Sweep

Adding the well-working door sweep is another way that helps to block all the paths for bugs so that they never enter through the door. 

Instead of using it, you can also try a door seal at the bottom. In case you don’t know how to insert the sweep on the door, take a look at the given direction:

  • Remove the door only from the door frame.
  • Align the door sweep temporarily to mark the holes. 
  • Drill the 3 – 4 holes using the driller.
  • Cover the bottom edge with a solid caulk.
  • Insert the long-lasting door sweep like M-D Building Products 68247 to install easily.
  • Add the bolts and tighten them with a screwdriver or power drill.
  • Attach the door back to its place. 
  • Consider inserting some door sweeps on the bottom of the window too.
  • And You Are Done!

3. Change The Light

Do you know that light plays a major role to attract the bugs through your door? Heard it for the first time?

Bugs get attracted to white and UV lights when t attached to the door exterior and interior lighting system.

To keep bugs away from the door, change the light bulbs to something which is yellowish, pinkish, or has an orange hue.

Bugs (especially the flying ones) don’t like these 3 shades and so they avoid such colors.

Plus, try not to turn on all lights or maybe keep the lighting system far from the door to prevent bugs from coming near the door.

4. Use A Mesh Door

Inserting a mesh-like door aka screen door will easily solve the issue of bugs. It helps a lot to make no bugs enter during the nighttime unless you open the door.

5. Remove The Bag Of Trash

Never leave your trash bag on the exterior door or near as it will attract bugs. They like the dirty location to fly around. And what could be dirtier than all the trash from your space partying inside that black bag.

So, be sure to clear the bag of trash early and keep bugs away from flying over it near your sleeping space.


How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Home!

Now mosquitoes are the most irritating and common pain that can ruin the deepest sleep and not to mention disturb when you are simply resting. To get rid of them, try these tricks.

1. Plant Trees That Have High Fragrance

Use fragrant trees and garlic right in front of the house door to ensure no mosquitoes. Be sure to plant a lot of trees that have quality of repelling mosquitoes. There are many.

2. Hang Bug Zapper

Get a bug zapper and hang it on the wall or door side in order to distract the mosquitoes. You only need to hang it outside for around 30 feet (9.14 meters).

3. Remove Standing Water

Take care of any stored water outside the door to get rid of mosquitos. As standing water attracts and grows more mosquitos, removing it will prevent them to come.

4. Throw Mosquito Bits & Dunks

Buy mosquito bits and dunks from the nearby store to throw on the grasses. But be sure the animals are not suffering due to your thrown bits and dunks.

Carefully pick eco and animal-friendly solutions to use on the grasses without hurting the cute frogs or killing small larvae.

5. Apply Insect Killer Granular

Use a reliable insect killer granular spray on the door to sleep well without facing the mosquitos. Ensure to use some spray on the grasses and door nearby flowerpot and lighting areas.

Wrap Up

Knowing how to keep bugs away from door at night is essential to avoid facing terrible sleep. The above techniques won’t take much effort or time and will help to prevent any bug attack on the door messing your goodnight sleep. 

Implement these ideas near the window or any areas that usually stay open (and basically has more chance of bugs to allow entry) and close them as soon as it gets dark outside. 

Hopefully, you liked this guide and find it helpful. Take Care & I’ll See You Soon In The Next Guide!

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