Door Sweep Vs Under Door Seal | Which One Is More Effective?

Door Sweep Vs Under Door Seal

Door sweep vs under door seal, which one will you need? Are you looking for the best exterior door sweep to fix the gap between the door & its frame? As you have opened our content, I believe you are pretty frustrated due to the gap issues.

It’s actually pretty natural as door sweeps or seals are the only way to save the room from pests. It’s also an incredible form of weatherproofing. The basic function of the under door seals & door sweeps are almost the same. However, door sweeps are relatively convenient to set up but can’t ensure enough insulation.

The content below has basically highlighted the basic differences between door sweeps and door seals. Don’t worry at all, as our content will definitely lead you to the best solution. So, are you ready to seal the gap between the door & its frame?

Door Sweep Vs. Under Door Seal: Which One Will You Choose?

The door sweep is a metallic component that can conveniently pass through the door’s bottom. They are produced from silicone, nylon brush, or neoprene. You can set them up either on the interior or exterior of the door.

The gap between the door bottom & the threshold should be around 0.13 inches minimally. These units are convenient to install and just perfect for both in-swinging & out-swinging doors. Even though their insulation system is a bit poor, they are an incredible addition to keep the dirt & debris away.

On the contrary, the under door seals or door bottom seals are made up of aluminum holders and pliable rubber/ brush. They are usually installed along with the door’s bottom portion. You can also wrap the whole bottom portion with it on either side or both sides of the door as per requirements.

Among door seals and door sweeps, the under door seals can offer maximum insulation as they may fit tightly in between the floor and the door. Even though they are super complicated to install, they offer better longevity than the sweeps. As door seals offer better longevity & optimum insulation, door seals are better & more effective indeed.

However, many people choose door sweeps over door seals as they are affordable and convenient to set up. They are definitely the best choice if you are looking for a cheap & temporary solution.

Difference Between A Door Seal & Door Sweep at a Glance 

Let’s check their basic differences in a tabulated format now!

Under Door SealDoor Sweep 
The under-door seal offers better insulation.In terms of insulation, Door sweeps are not as effective as door seals.
It can last for a prolonged period.It’s more like a temporary solution.
This is relatively complicated to install.As it is handy, even newbies can set it up without assistance.

What Are The Different Types Of Door Sweeps?

There are different types of door sweeps available in the market. However, all door sweeps must be installed at the right height to allow the door’s optimum function.

Aluminum Door Sweep:

If you want to purchase a door sweep that will last longer without rusting, an Aluminum door sweep is the most efficient one indeed. They are sufficient in preventing the entrance of insects, dust, and cold air as well. You will definitely love them as they are easy to paint & install.

Vinyl Sweep:

Vinyl door sweeps are affordable, easy to maintain, and available in multiple colors. You can choose any size or shape as per your requirement.

Adhesive Sweep:

Adhesive sweeps are the easiest ones to set up among all door sweeps. Users won’t require any additional screws due to the adhesive sticker. They are generally available in plastic or aluminum models. Just stick them up with the door, and it will save the interior from dust, insects, and moisture.

Flat Door Sweep:

If you are looking for the best exterior door sweep, go for flat door sweeps without hesitation. Their aesthetic appearance makes the door more eye-catching & attractive. Flat door sweeps are usually built with nylon, silicone, or vinyl. However, be wary as they are relatively tough to set up.

Brush Door Sweep:

A brush door sweep functions as a broom and sealer as well. Just set it up on the exterior door’s one side, and it will serve as per requirements. We would recommend this device if you specifically require a sweep to prevent the entrance of the cold air. Remember, these sweeps are a bit fragile and will wear out over time.

U-Shaped Door Sweep:

U-shaped sweeps are highly compatible with large doors. They can fit perfectly with the door’s top. So, there are low chances of air leakage.

L-Shaped Sweep:

Users have to install L-shaped swipes on the door’s either side. We would recommend using them, especially on double-hung doors.

Tubular Door Sweep:

Tubular door sweeps are just perfect to fit securely on either side of the door. You can install it to seal either side of the door. Don’t worry about installation, as the mounting procedure is straightforward & super convenient. However, it doesn’t have high longevity like other sweeps.

What Are The Most Common Type Of Door Seals?

The most common varieties of door seals are –

Weather Strip:

It is basically a rubber strip that can tightly adhere itself to the door frame’s perimeter. This is indeed the best solution to prevent air leakage in the interior.

Adhesive Seal:

Adhesive door seals are designed to protect the door. Under the door, adhesive seals ensure a tight adherence between the door & the door frame. As it mends the cracks and crevices, moisture can’t enter the wood & worn it out.

If you go through the market, you will find adhesive seals of both soft and hard designs. Soft ones are basically rubber strips, while the hard ones are made up of urethane resin.

Double Draft Seal:

Double draft seals are compatible with most doors in the market. They can adhere underneath the door tightly and slide quickly without any potential damage to the door.

Triple Draft Door Seal:

The triple draft seal is a sophisticated fabric strip & foam insulator to ensure optimum insulation. Just trim it as per requirements and let it protect the door from both sides.

Door Gasket:

It is a rubber or elastomeric device fabricated to mean the gap in between the door and its jamb.

Automatic Door Bottom Seal:

The automatic door bottom seal is a modern device that closes automatically after the shutdown. Go for this one without any hesitation if you want to protect the floor from wear and tear.

U-shaped Door Seal:

Just like the name suggests, it is a U-shaped seal that fits perfectly with the door’s bottom. They are basically made up of single-hung doors.

Which One Is More Effective?

The gap between the door frame & the floor is indeed a huge issue in maintaining an optimum indoor temperature. The house will become too cold, and the temperature will be too hot in summer. That’s why door sweeps and door bottoms are mandatory components to seal the gap in the door. There are many Manufacturers worldwide for the production of door sweeps & seals.

As we have stated before, door seals are more functional and effective due to their superior longevity and insulation. However, invest in door sweeps if you require a fast, easy yet temporary solution.

Due to their huge variations, you should check each of them carefully before investing in the right one.


Does the Door sweep go in the inside or outside of the door? 

Most door sweeps can tightly fit inside the door as exterior/ entry doors are available in the ‘in-swinging’ style. We would recommend installing the door sweep outside only if it’s an out-swinging door.

Final Verdict

Door sweep vs under door seal, which one will suit your needs? I believe you already know by now that – the under door seals are best in terms of insulation. It can prevent the leaking of air and can maintain an optimum temperature for a prolonged period.

However, door sweeps are indeed the best as a temporary & affordable solution. Be wise and choose the right one to seal the door gaps & keep the interior healthy & sound now!

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