Fiberglass Doors vs. Steel Doors: Which One Will Serve You Better

Fiberglass Doors vs. Steel Doors

The entry and patio doors aren’t only for security purposes of your home. The door should look visually appealing to greet you and anyone who visits your home. It creates the first impression.

But above all, the door should be structurally well-built to withstand weather, elements, and the test of time. Also, it should be easy to maintain with a long lifespan.

And in all these regards, fiberglass and steel doors can be great options. Hence, fiberglass doors vs. steel doors have been an engaging subject of debate. You can consider fiberglass or steel doors when your old wooden door has served you perfectly for years and needs replacement.

Steel doors are surely the most durable and have low maintenance. Also, it is available in many shapes and designs. On the other side, fiberglass doors offer a broader range of designs and customizations. You may even include a glass panel on its front for better aesthetics.

Steel Doors: Benefits and Disadvantages

The entry door of your home should be stylish and catchy. At the same time, it must offer maximum protection to your home. And nothing can serve the security purposes of your home better than the steel doors.

In fact, steel doors are used widely in commercial spaces, industries, garages, and warehouses, for their resilience. Once installed properly, these doors are nearly impossible to break into for thieves. Also, doors made of pure stainless steel are highly rust and corrosion-resistant. Its galvanized construction helps prevent corrosion. On top of it, pests can’t find a way to make their housing in steel doors, likewise wooden ones.

Naturally, steel doors offer improved longevity. Additionally, its durable construction makes the doors low maintenance. Once you install the steel doors in your entry gate, it will hardly need regular maintenance. Following it, you can clean the steel doors easily too. You can wash it off with clean water and soapy material with ease.

Pros of steel doors:

  • Most durable doors available
  • Nearly impossible to break in or bend
  • Protects your home from thieves with high-security
  • The best option for warehouse, garage, or industrial space
  • Brings long-term cost-saving efficiency
  • It needs low maintenance with an easy cleaning option

Cons of steel doors:

  • Initially, high installation costs
  • Limited designs and colors availability
  • Extremely weighty and so it’s hard to open and close

Fiberglass Doors: Benefits and Disadvantages

As door technology has developed, we have seen fiberglass doors in our patio and entry gates. It is the most popular replacement for old wooden doors. Also, its low maintenance and high resilience make it a perfect choice for harsh regions with humid weather.

Moreover, fiberglass doors are regarded highly for their eye-pleasing and curb-appealing features. It can perfectly replicate the wood’s natural grain, color, and tones. So, it improves the aesthetics of your home greatly. It makes the door a perfect choice for contemporary and medieval homes.

Furthermore, fiberglass doors are easy to clean and have low-maintenance features. Homeowners will, therefore, love these doors at the home entrance.

Pros of fiberglass doors:

  • Broader design options available with natural wood grain resemblance
  • You can easily customize its colors, grainy look, and textures
  • Fiberglass doors won’t shrink, fade, crack or split easily
  • The door is dent, scratch, and water-resistant and so has low maintenance
  • It resists heat and draft to keep the indoor home cooler
  • Highly secure entry door option

Cons of fiberglass doors:

  • Slightly costly but not as much as steel doors
  • Thieves can break it easier than steel doors

Fiberglass Doors Vs. Steel Doors: Which One Is Right For You?

Fiberglass and steel doors are made to secure your home. It adds a sense of privacy and secrecy to your home. However, when choosing the right door, you need to consider a few key facts. We will discuss them in the below points.


The main purpose of an entry door at home is to assure maximum security. The steel doors excel in this category with flying colors. So, it is the most protective door available on the market. Fiberglass doors are also highly secured. However, they aren’t as secure as the steel doors.

Appearance and eye-catchiness:

It’s not only security, but the door’s physical appearance is also important for homes. If your entry door looks unpleasant, it will not serve your purpose fully. Thus, you should always choose a door with better security and aesthetics.

Fiberglass doors are the winner here with their broader designs. You can get fiberglass in different colors, patterns, and textures. You can choose the door that replicates the natural wood grain and its textures for an impressive look.

Steel doors will look flat in front of a fiberglass one. Thus, they may not be a good option for homes. In fact, its main uses are in industry, garages, or warehouses, where appearance is the least concern.

Initial cost and ROI:

Fiberglass and steel doors aren’t any cheap investments. Therefore, you should consider their initial installation cost and return of investment (ROI). So, what’s the status of the fiberglass and steel doors in terms of cost and ROI?

Fiberglass doors are almost 2X more expensive than steel doors. A fiberglass door will cost you from $2500 to $5000. So, it is a massive installation expense. Conversely, an entry steel door will cost $600 to $2000.

Although fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel ones, they offer less ROI. Experts say fiberglass doors have 75% ROI compared to 90% ROI of steel ones. Also, steel doors need less maintenance, improving their upfront and return on investment.

Longevity and endurance:

Both fiberglass and steel doors offer brilliant durability. However, steel doors have better endurance capacity than fiberglass ones. It won’t dent, scratch, or catch rust. The galvanized construction of the steel doors makes them weather and water resilient. You can expect these doors to last for several years.

Fiberglass doors are also highly resilient. These doors won’t catch rust, corrosion, and pests either. You will also see it is hard to cause dents and scratches. But, they lack the endurance of steel.

Maintenance and cleaning easiness:

Fiberglass and steel doors have low maintenance. You can easily wash them off with a sponge, mild soap solution, and lukewarm water. Therefore, they have an easy cleaning facility. After installation, these doors need the least maintenance too.

Thus, this category is a draw for fiberglass and steel doors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which exterior door material is best?

Steel is the best material for exterior doors. It has maximum longevity, endurance, and strength to withstand the test of time. It won’t crack or warp easily.

What is the most energy-efficient exterior door?

Fiberglass doors have the most energy-efficient facility. Its less heat conductivity makes it a highly energy-efficient option to keep your home cooler.

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Undoubtedly, fiberglass and steel doors are two of the best in the market. Regarding fiberglass doors vs. steel doors, the debate gets crunchy. You can choose steel doors if you prefer durability, safety, and cost-efficiency.

On the other hand, you should go for fiberglass doors for better aesthetics and improved longevity. Also, fiberglass doors are perfect for exterior and interior entrances with a better design replicating natural wooden texture.

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