Can You Change A Front Door Without Changing The Frame

Can You Change A Front Door Without Changing The Frame

A torn, bad-looking door needs to be replaced with a new one. But it gets challenging when you aim to change the door not the frame.

So, can you change a front door without changing the frame? Or is it impossible? All the answer lies on the door itself.

If you are able to measure the door correctly and adjust the strike plate, door handle, hinges, and other accessories correctly, then it’s possible.

Let me show you what you need to consider when have to change the front door without a frame and I’ll present the procedure.

Guide to Change A Front Door Without Changing The Frame

Although it is wise to replace both at the same time, it’s possible to change the front door alone (without changing the frame). But you might need to consider a few stuffs to make that happen.

Here are all the considerations:

1. Match The Measurement With Old Front Door

Firstly, you have to align the exact size of the old front door and match it when buying a new one.

Be sure to measure the width, height, and depth of the old front door using a measuring tape. Write it on a page to remember when in the market to get one.

The standard front door measure is 3 feet wide by 6.8 feet tall by 0.167 feet thick (W:36” x H:80” x D:2”). If your own a customized door, then measure it and get a new one based on the size.  

2. Ensure The Door Strike Side Is 4°

Next, you have to check the side of the door (strike plate slot) which needs to be beveled to 4°. This will help the door to simply lock without causing a massive hit or bang when you try to close it. 

3. Adjust The Exact Hinges & Knob Location

Lastly, you must mark the knob and hinge’s location by measuring them. Once you have measured that then mark the location of the parts on the new door.

I would suggest not to go with new front doors which have pre-drilled and pre-hanged designs as you can’t adjust the hinges and knob.

After you have ensured all the above considerations, the new front door will easily fit in the door opening that won’t need to replace the frame. 

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That’s How To Change A Front Door Without Frame

If you are thinking ‘how can I just change my front door?’, then take a look at the given directions to do it yourself.

  • Locate the hinges.
  • Take a screwdriver or power drill to unscrew all the bolts from hinges that hold the door only. Secure them in a safe area (if it’s in good shape to use later).
  • Hold the door and lift it upward to remove the old front door.
  • Bring out the new front door to match the measure (if needed, cut extra and sand using a sanding block). Use a drill to make holes in the needed areas (hinges and doorknob).
  • Align the door and connect the pin by lifting it downward.
  • Attach the bolts to the hinges in order to fit the front door.
  • Grab the screwdriver to fit the bolts at the right angle.
  • Insert the doorknob and latch system by aligning rightly to match the strike plate slip. Use the screwdriver to fit the 2 bolts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does changing a front door cost?

It can cost around $480 to $1400 to replace a front door on average. This can even take more if you include the tax, labor, and other additional costs. In total, it’ll be no more than $2,000 to $4,500 (even less if trying a DIY technique).

Is replacing a front door difficult?

Yup, it is a bit challenging thing to replace the front door. With the right info and direction, you can change it without facing difficulty. Plus, it needs skill, knowledge, and patience to get it done in the right way.

How often should you replace a front door?

Typically, you need to change the front door once every 20 to 50 years based on your door type. For example, if you own a French door, then replace it after 35 to 45 years. On the other hand, the ordinary screen door needs to be changed for 25 to 40 years.

Ending Notes

The front door is the ultimate impression that impacts your image. It needs to be clean and good-looking with no issue. For that, you might often need to replace it.

So can you change the front door without changing the frame or not, I hope now you have the answers.

Hope this guide helps you to change the front door without replacing the frame. Wait no longer for the door to turn worse once you get the method!

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