The Best Door Knockers for Front Doors | Top 8 Picks

Best Door Knockers for Front DoorsRemolding our house into a home is a big concept for us. We love to live where it feels homely and cozy. Many of us spend our whole life to make a home. And when we do, every single component of the home matters to us.

Your door is the primary way to your home. So, you don’t want to fall short to impress your guests with your entrance. Your guest gets a feel of your home when they come to your door and knock on it. And therefore, you cannot ignore the importance of the best door knockers.

Top 8 Best Door Knockers to Impress your Guests

Everyone wants unique door knockers for their doors. We have listed the 8 best door knockers for your better understanding. Tree of life, door knocker ticks all requirements if you want a modern yet mid-century vibe in your door knocker.

However, if you want us to recommend something, you should go for the Hillman Satin Door Knocker- 852725. Its solid brass is a noise-maker. We loved the 160-degree viewer too. Plus, it’s easy to install as well.

1. Hillman Satin Door Knocker-852725 with Viewer

Hillman Satin Door Knocker-852725 With ViewerHillman satin door knocker is something that goes with any color and texture of front doors. This door knocker adds an adroit fineness to your front door. The simplicity didn’t take away the sophisticated look from this door knocker.

Though it is a door knocker, it also has a viewer attached to it. The 160-degree viewer allows you to see through your front door and hear the visitors.

These easy-to-install front door knockers with a viewer come with two screws, screw extensions, and trim rings.

The material they used in it is solid brass. Brass is a rustproof metal that is also durable under extreme conditions. This solid hard metal with a decent nickel color makes your front door more attractive.

Feature Highlights
  • This door knocker is 1.5 x 5.75 x 11.5 inches in dimensions
  • The material is solid brass(durable hard metal)
  • 160-degree viewer for looking through your door
  • Packaging comes with all necessary elements

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As this Hillman satin door knocker has a viewer with it, some might face difficulties installing it accurately.

Make your welcome door knockers stand out from others. So, if you are not someone who compromises with the quality, the Hillman satin door knocker is the right choice for you.

2. Bee Door Knocker – Best Unique Door Knockers

Bee Door Knocker for Front Door-Best Unique Door KnockersA bee bell knocker is an interesting theme for modern door knockers. Bee door knockers will take your breath away with their unique strips. This design is copyrighted and comes in different shades.

When we say unique, we mean it. It is completely handcrafted with extraordinary skill, so it has a premium finish. The knocker they implemented on the product makes it among the best-looking door knockers.

It has Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Black, Black Nickel, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Pewter, Satin, and Satin Brass. If you are confused about the functionality, then worry no more. Just lift the body of the bee and create a perfect knock.

Feature Highlights
  • Extraordinary finishing with a variety of colors
  • Premium finishing on the product
  • It can install in any material. (i.e., wooden, UPVC, and composite doors)
  • Exclusive packaging with velvet bag
  • Easy installation

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The product gained more admiration than criticism. It might leave a scratch if you use abrasive material while cleaning it. So, cleaning it with warm soapy water is recommended.

Overall these unique door knockers are worth getting

3. National Hardware-N336-218 – Classic Door Knocker

National Hardware-N336-218 – Classic Door KnockerNational hardware has remarked itself as a renowned hardware company. They produce high-end door knockers along with other hardware products. Door knockers with lower price points are hard to find. But N336-218 is one of those discrete kinds.

This door knocker is 7 inches tall and comes in oil rubbed bronze finish. If you are into customization, then engraving your name will be a plus in this case. You can engrave your name or anything you want on it.

This one fits any standard thick door. That means door thickness should be 1-3/4 inches or lower. It will not fit in a door wider than this measurement.

Feature Highlights
  • 7 inches tall door knocker
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish on the product
  • Best door knocker at a lower print range
  • Customize with engraving your name.

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Before purchasing this one, make sure you have the required thickness of your door.

Not all of us love to experiment. If you want to give your entrance a first-class look, then this classic door knocker will not disappoint you. Besides, engraving your name on the door knocker is a plus. When you have the chance to do so, why miss it?

4. Pineapple Door Knocker – 8 Inch Large Door Knocker

Pineapple Door Knocker – 8 Inch Large Door KnockerTheme-based door knockers are unique for many shoppers. Well then, this pineapple door knocker is here to catch your attention. The shape and color are so welcoming that they will cheer your guests while knocking on your door.

This 8 inch door knocker is lightweight and has an alluring outlook. From the color to its shape, everything is notable. The shimmery gold color will enhance the beauty of your entrance.

Here, the screws are hidden behind the pineapple shape, which is why it stays evenly over your door. So, you get the best view perspective of the door knocker.

Additionally, it doesn’t require any battery. They have recommended using it on wood doors only. The screw installing system is not suitable for other doors.

Feature Highlights
  • The pineapple door knocker looks like a jewelry
  • 8 inch door knocker
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Vibrant shimmery gold color attracts your visitor
  • Screws are hidden

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Despite having a unique aspect, it lacks robustness. So, durability might be an issue if not used carefully.

This pineapple door knocker will surely fascinate you among all typical door knockers out there.

5. Defender Security-S 4235 Antique Door Knockers with the Viewer

Defender Security-S 4235 Antique Door Knockers With The ViewerSecurity is a huge concern when installing a door knocker in your home. Defender security allows you to see through your door before your visitors enter. Which means it has a viewer installed into it. That makes them exceptional.

It is a small door knocker that is only 5-1/2 inches tall and weighs only 6.4 ounces. The color of this door knocker goes with everything. No special combination is required to match this antique brass color.

Moreover, you can get these beautiful antique door knockers with the viewer at a low price too. The 160-degree angle viewer is there on the top of the door knocker, so, as long as security is a concern, it will strengthen your security system also.

Feature Highlights
  • The antique brass finish on the product makes it attractive
  • This door knocker is small but efficient
  • Get a 160-degree view with the viewer
  • Reasonable price

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Though lightweight is considered good quality to some, few have a different opinion about it.

This product is elegant and efficient in all ways considering all the facts and price.

6. QWORK Classical Lion Head High-End Door Knocker- Antique Bronze

QWORK Classical Lion Head High-End Door Knocker- Antique BronzeNo matter how much you turn to modern arts, you cannot ignore any antique piece because of its rawness. And antique door knockers never lose their appeal in the market for their charm. QWORK antique door knocker in the shape of a lion’s head is unique in all aspects.

QWORK has used zinc alloy as a material for which it is tremendously strong. It has rustproof properties, and it is also waterproof. So, there is no question left about the durability of the product.

And how can you ignore the craftsmanship! Its retro design is also very impressive. Plus, not just in your houses, you can use these high-end door knockers in hotels, and offices too.

Feature Highlights
  • Get the vintage look with this lion head door knocker
  • Rustproof and water-resistant material
  • The high-end product is for valued customers
  • Unique pull handle for valued clients

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This product will meet all your requirements apart from the pricing. This product is pricy for regular users.

Keeping the price in mind, it is still a door knocker worth buying for the fancy buyers.

7. QCAA Door Knocker- Solid Brass Black Door Knockers

QCAA Door Knocker- Solid Brass Black Door KnockersThe unsaturated shade of black with non-reflective properties makes the black color matte. Many people around the world appreciate this unique shade pallet. QCAA brings door knockers in matte black color for them.

Along with matte black color, they also have five more options to choose from. This solid brass material they have used in their product is corrosion resistance. Because of the solid brass, it is on a heavier side among the door knockers.

If your door has a thickness from 1.4 inches to 2.1 inches, then you can buy this one without any hesitation. The packaging comes with all the elements required for installation. Moreover, the mounting screw length is adjustable for doors within this thickness.

Feature Highlights
  • The best black door knockers
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Solid brass door knockers are corrosion resistant
  • Engraving is possible in this product

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Though they claim that installation is easy, if you are bad at lining up, this will give you trouble while mounting them on your door.

This solid brass door knocker is a great competitor for modern units that fit in your door.

8. Tree of Life Door Knocker – ‎3660APA – Modern Door Knockers

TREE OF LIFE DOOR KNOCKER- 3660APA – Modern Door KnockersModern door knockers are one way or the other inspired by the past. The company named Architectural Mailboxes is not different in this case. They have created a masterpiece in the loving memory of Frank Lloyd Wright. These door knockers will stagger you with their beauty.

From the title, we can imagine how thoughtfully they made this product.

This antique pewter color with mid-century style gives it a luxurious look that you can add to your front door.

Here, they used forged brass as a building material that explains its intricate finishing. Over and above that, it has a premium metallic finish. From design to its functionality, this product is something to watch.

Feature Highlights
  • Antique pewter color gives it a unique appeal
  • Modern door knockers with a mid-century vibe
  • Material is forged brass
  • Premium quality door knockers

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This beautiful piece is almost error-free. Still, be extra careful while mounting it on your door.

These are called the best quality door knockers, not because of their looks but for contributing to modern architecture.

Door-Knocker in metal color wooden door

Frequently Asked Question

What height should a door knocker be?

Generally, a door knocker should be installed about 4 to 5 feet above from the floor. But you can install your door knocker at your eye level.

Does the door knocker have to match the handle?

Matching door knockers with handles are recommended to avoid any malfunctioning

Where should you place a door knocker?

The door knockers should be installed in the middle of the door. The height of one person to another can differ a lot. Despite general instruction, you can install your door knocker according to your convenience.

Can you put a door knocker on a UPVC door?

Yes, of course, you can. Door knockers do not have any electrical connection, and it is the alternative to a doorbell. So, you can mount it on your UPVC door without worrying much.

Can you put a door knocker on the glass door?

Putting a door knocker on a glass door is crucial. But if your door has both wood and glass in it, then you can mount it on the wooden part of your door.


Nowadays, door knockers are not only a great replacement for a doorbell; it has become a style statement from the interior point of view.

When the first impression matters the most, how can you take the risk and install an ugly door knocker? We have researched the best door knockers in the market to give you a better understanding of what you should keep in mind before buying or replacing your door knocker.

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