Determine How to Install Door Knocker In 5 Minutes!

How to Install Door Knocker

One of the most affordable ways to increase the look and beauty of your home can be only done if you give extra priority to the door entrance. And for that, I can’t think of other fixtures than the door knocker.

So, exactly how to install door knocker? Before getting to the procedure, you have to decide where to place it. Are you going to use the door on the fiberglass entrance? Or, might go with a basic wood frame door? Will you attach it with or without screws?

All of your curiosity will be over as I’ll explain everything today. Don’t go anywhere and read this guide till the end. Let’s get started with it…

How to Install Door Knocker – 2 Unique Ways

Insert a door knocker with screws by drilling the door and then add the screws to install it. Or, attach the stick-on on the door frame to add the knocker.

For proper door knocker placement ideas, you got 2 choices on hand which are either with screw-in or without it. And, to do that rightly, it’s wise to apply the right technique based on your equipment.

Door Knocker Installation with Screw

With tools and a door knocker kit, you can easily fit the door knocker by following the direction. Sometimes the instruction seems pretty unclear and people look for how to put a door knocker on. The procedure is simple but might need effort and gadgets to do rightly.

In total, it will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to fit the door knocker.

Get the Materials:

  1. Door Knocker Kit (Including 2 Screws & Plates).
  2. Tape Measure.
  3. Driller.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Drill Bit.
  6. Screwdriver.
  7. Marker.

Select A Specified Spot

Grab the door knocker and place it on the door frame and mark the spot using a marker. With the ruler, make the length in the right proportion.

And be sure to spot the center by dividing the previously marked areas in the height. Mark the center too. Make sure you have marked the position in both the forward and backward of the door. Otherwise, it will not be straight.

Drill The Center Spots

Take the driller and insert the small drill bit to make 2 holes in the central spots (focusing on the height). Ensure to read the manufacturer’s direction to avoid making mistakes after going this far.

Install Door Knocker

Concentrating on both interior and exterior door knocker on side of door, place it maintaining the alignment. Next, insert the 2 plates and bolts on the top-bottom sides using a screwdriver. Double-check the fitting of the door knocker.

Note: The procedure is for wooden, UPVC, or composite doors.

Install Door Knocker Without Screws

One of the easiest and effortless techniques that are ideal for a beginner to follow in order to mount a door knocker at the home entrance area. And to attach it to the door, you might need some equipment.

If you are curious about the duration of this project, it would take around 5-10 minutes.

Tools Needed:

  1. Door Knocker.
  2. Velcro Heavy Duty Stick-on Tape.


  • Measure and mark the spot using a marker on the door frame. You have to level the position to avoid making a mess.
  • Take the Velcro stick-on tape and part it into 2 pieces. Now, place the sticky area on the knocker, and the other part on the door frame where you want to attach it. And if you don’t like sticking tape, then use a magnetic door knocker to get the job done.
  • Be sure they are completely airtight fit.
  • Attach door knocker on the frame by connecting the strap parts together. And, that’s it.

Note: Advised by most home decorators to never put door knocker on glass door, rather put it in a non-glass portion or above the door for successful work.

Door Knocker Installation on Metal Door

If you happen to have a metal door and are stuck to put indoor knocker as the direction is puzzling, then this segment will help vastly. Most of the metal doors are made with steel or aluminum sheets.

And the reason why the direction is pretty different than the others is because of the drilling hardship. To give better insight, follow the instruction for installing door knocker on metal door.

  • Pick a place where you can set up a door knocker. If necessary, use a marker, ruler, and measuring tape to mark the area of it.
  • Next, take 2 central spots in the height sides to place bolts.
  • Then, use the driller and bit to make 1/2” or 0.5” holes on 2 sides. It is advised to scrap the driller for a 2×4 position to create good holes.
  • After that, insert the door knocker. Then, attach plates and bolts to both holes using a screwdriver.

How To Install Door Knocker On Fiberglass Door?

So, what about installing a door knocker on a fiberglass door which is considered as one of the most confusing directions claimed by users? Well, you’ll find it easy after reading this segment. Just take a look at the procedure.

  • Wear all the safety gadgets including eyewear, mask, and safety gloves to avoid getting particles on you.
  • Measure the depth of the door before making the hole. On average, most fiberglass doors are 4.445 cm or 1-3/4 inches in thickness.
  • With the marker, mark the area by placing the knocker. Be sure to mark on both the top and bottom center areas using a ruler. If possible, you can also use a nail and hammer to make small dents to find them easily.
  • Grab HSS aka High-Speed Steel drill bit or another strong one to drill the spots. Be sure to use the masking tape to hide the top part.
  • Drill the spots and insert the door knocker.
  • Attach the plates and bolts to both areas. And tight them using an electric screwdriver.

Wrapping Up

Woah! It’s been a long process to explain all the steps of how to install door knocker. A simple key to successfully attach the door knocker can be only done if you like the outcome and be satisfied with your work.

No matter how different it looks, just know that it’s perfect if suits the home. Hopefully, the added info and procedure were clear-cut so that you can employ these in real life.

Don’t hesitate to research a bit more on matters you are still confused. Catch you later. Bye!

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