What Is A Dummy Door Knob – Meaning, Purpose, & Type!


We all are pretty familiar with the term doorknob which helps to open or close the door. Among all types, most folks prefer the dummy knobs on closets, pantries, or double doors which is slightly different from the regular one.

Now, what is a dummy door knob? It’s a one-sided artificial handle that doesn’t include a latch, lock, or axle system but a magnetic ball-catch. It can come in full or half style having a wide range of designs to match any door size.

In this guide, I’ll talk about everything about the dummy door knob. Keep On Reading To Find Out More!

Explaining What Is A Dummy Door Knob Used For & Its Purpose!

Dummy doorknobs are pretty mysterious unlike their look (as anyone can tell how they look). It’s a handle that comes in a round or flat shape to secure in the frame using 2 bolts behind the door frame. 

Enough about its appearance, let’s get into the basics, especially the finish and usage. Most of the time, the dummy door knob is coated with common finishes to keep the inner surface (skin) protected from hitches. Here are a few descriptions of finishes used on dummy handles.

  • Brass: Great finish for hiding fingerprints and watermarks.
  • Nickel: Ideal finish for reflecting the light to make the door handle look shiny.
  • Chrome: Nice finish for preventing collision and wear issues.
  • Stain: Excellent finish for high-traffic areas.

You can certainly use the dummy door knob in specific places unlike the regular one (which can be added to the kitchen, bathroom, or any zone). If you are new in this field and want to know where to use dummy doorknobs, then here are the lists:  

  1. Closets.
  2. Doors.
  3. Pantries. 
  4. Cabinets.
  5. French Doors.
  6. Functional Doors. 
  7. Storeroom Doors.

Types Of Dummy Door Knobs!

Dummy door knobs usually come in 2 types which are: full (double) and a half (single). Each of them has different identification with good and bad sides which need to be discussed individually. Read below to learn about them.

What Is A Full Dummy Door Knob?

This type of doorknob comes with 2 handles meaning a full set to use on double-part doors or closets. Meaning the double dummy door knobs needs to be attached on both sides. It’s mostly used to decorate and beautify the frame of the door.


  • Contain great designs to come in 2 pieces.
  • Ensure better privacy.
  • Excellent in looks.


  • Require time and energy to install.
  • Cost more than a half dummy doorknob.

What Is A Half Dummy Door Knob?

It’s a one sided door knob or level that suits one-part closets or doors to improve the frame look. This has no difference from the full dummy handle except for the number. If you are thinking of one to put into the cart list, then try the Kwikset 97880-941 for interior areas.


  • Looks nice if added to a single closet.
  • Takes less time to install.
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Only suitable for interior home areas.
  • Not for two-parted doors or closets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do dummy door knobs work?

The dummy door handles or knobs usually world through a magnetic part (ball catch) to keep the door shut. It doesn’t contain a latching system that requires force or change of direction through hand motion. This need only push and pull type of movement.

What’s the difference between passage and dummy door knobs?

A lot of folks out there think the passage and dummy doorknobs are the same which is a big misconception. They vary if you look into their working ability. The passage knobs contain a latch but not a lock system to only open the door while the dummy knob doesn’t have both.

Does a dummy door knob turn?

No, it doesn’t! The dummy handle has one or two handles (based on the type) with no latch or anything to lock the door. It doesn’t need a twist or turn to open or close due to its different attaching system.

Wrap Up

Breaking down the whole piece of info to describe what is a dummy door knob is a bit of effort but hope that try was worth it at the end.

I have sorted all the possible details that seem relevant to bring into this guide so that you know the meaning, purpose and more of the dummy doorknob.

I’ll See You In Next Guide!

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