How to Soundproof a Window from Traffic Noise | DIY Methods

How Do You Soundproof Windows

A resident who lives near a road or sound-producing area knows how intolerable sounds can be. Sometimes a worker, officer, businessman, or anyone can have a bitter experience of sound pollution because of living near a sound source.

So, how to soundproof a window from traffic noise is the question asked among those who faced the above scenery.

To soundproof a window from traffic noise, you must follow several steps in the do-it-yourself (DIY) process. You can add one or two panes to your window if the frame allows you to do so. Adding more gaps between the two panes, replacing the thinner glass with the thicker one, laminating the glass, using caulking to fill gaps, etc., are the main ways to soundproof a window from noise.

We had to spend plenty of time investigating how to soundproof a window from traffic noise. Our solution will not make you hopeless; instead, it will help you eliminate your problem. Let’s go to find the most straightforward solution!

How do you soundproof windows

Before soundproofing a window, you must know how sounds come through a window. Sounds pass in two ways – through the air and substances. To soundproof a window from traffic, you must cover both sound-coming ways in soundproofing steps to soundproof a window from traffic.

How do you soundproof windows on a busy street

Soundproofing windows on a busy street is not the same as other methods. A window near a busy street faces more noise than a usual one. So, you need to apply a process that can defend against harsh noises. You will find all soundproofing processes in the “how to soundproof windows DIY” section below.

How can I soundproof my house from traffic noise?

Soundproofing a house from traffic noise is not a different process. While a window takes a minor soundproofing step, a whole house takes a more extensive arrangement. To be more concise, you must make all doors and windows soundproof.

How do soundproof windows without replacing them

When you need to soundproof a window from traffic noise, you can replace them quickly. Possibly it is the best solution. This solution can be expensive too. To avoid expenses, you can follow the DIY method for making existing windows soundproof. This process will require you to work harder and minimizes costs notably.

How to soundproof windows DIY? – “Do It Yourself” method

You can do it yourself if you are willing to soundproof your windows. Doing something on your own is called DIY (do it yourself). The homeowners facing the problem have a keen interest in doing this independently.

Here are some DIY steps – how to soundproof a window from traffic noise.

Necessary steps to soundproof a window

To make a window soundproof, you can follow different steps. In case you fail to do so, follow a step. You can follow the next option. Thus, more than one step will be enough to give the desired result.

Remember that none of the methods can make a window soundproof 100% or entirely because it circulates in two ways- solid object and air. You cannot remove all concrete things touching the window or on the way a window. But the soundproofing processes can give you a satisfactory result.

Step 1: Using weatherstripping tape

To reduce the sound with weatherstripping tape, you must use tape on the window frame. Use it enough after measuring the window frame.

Step 2: Using a soundproof curtain

A soundproof curtain is another easy and cheap thing to use. First, set up the curtain and get a positive result.

Step 3: Installing furniture in front of a door

Install furniture covering the targeted window. Then observe that sound is entering at a low level.

Step 4: Using acoustic caulk

Suppose a window has a gap between the frame and itself. Sound must enter a room through this gap. Use acoustic caulk to seal all gaps.

Step 5: Soundproof blankets or shade

Get a measurement of the window you want to make soundproof. Then set a soundproof blanket or shade over the window.

Step 6: Setting inside and outside barrier

Another soundproofing step is to use internal or external barriers. Set up a barrier to getting accurate results.

Step 7: Soundproofing film setting

A kind of soundproofing film can be used to prevent traffic sounds from entering a room. Use the film to cover all the window areas adequately. You can find various sound barriers in the market with brand and non-brand.

Step 7: Using external or internal shutter

Use external and internal shutters to cover the whole window and withstand sounds. Shutters can have two or more parts.

Step 8: Double or triple glass-pane installation

The best way is to use a double or triple glass pane to prevent sounds from coming through a window. When you have a single pane of glass on your window, it allows the highest amount of sound to go in. On the other hand, installing an extra glass pane to a window will undoubtedly prevent more sound.

After installing two panes, if you think it is not enough to withstand sound. That means your window requires triple glass panes. It ensures that the sound level entering the room is almost zero. More space between the glass panes will make a window more effective in withstanding sound.

Which soundproofing method should you follow?

Every soundproofing method is different from another. Which one should you follow?

Before selecting your method, consider some things to make your decision appropriate – sound level, continuous or nonconsecutive sound.

Soundproof windows cost

Costs may vary based on your method of soundproofing a window from traffic noise because all steps are not easy to complete—some demand complex and costly equipment, and some demand less expensive equipment. Expenses may vary from $100 to $1000 or even reach $10,000.


All DIY methods are good enough to resolve your problem. Thereto, you must be very careful about the side effects of the process you follow.

You may repent later if you obey a method unconsciously because this can cause damage to your window, its frame, and house structure. So, knowing how to soundproof a window from traffic noise and related expenses and effects is indispensable.

We hope our article helped your much. If something stays unclear still now, let us know.

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