How To Remove A Lever Door Handle With Hidden Screws?

Sometimes the lever door handle can be problematic giving weird signs and a wobbly feel. Now you may assume tightening the screws will solve the issue. Just to find it doesn’t contain screws. Yes, the struggle is real, and I can relate to the pain as a user of this kind of knob.

Just use the Allen wrench on the hole of the lever and detach it. Then, unplug the trim plate and unfasten 2 screws to take out the door handle on both sides. Unscrew the 2 bolts on the latch and pull it out. That’s how to remove a lever door handle with hidden screws!

To know the procedure in detail, scroll down!

How To Remove A Lever Door Handle With Hidden Screws

Remove A Lever Door Handle With Hidden Screws By Doing This!

For the newly-released level door handle in the store, the removal procedure is slightly different than the old types. To understand the procedure, here are the details:

1. Locate The Round Hole On The Lever

Go near the door and unlock the lever handle (if it contains the locking mechanism system). Then, find out the small round or rectangular hole on the lever area of the door handle.

2. Use The Allen Wrench To Detach The Lever

Next, gather the small Allen or L-shaped wrench that fits the round hole in the lever area. If the shape is rectangular, then be sure to use a plain screwdriver.

Based on the shape of the hole use the right tool and keep on pushing. Ensure to use the tool from the down to the upward position so that the lever comes out of the handle.

Note: In some lever handles, you’ll find the pin in the package which is suggested to use for the removal procedure.

3. Take Out The Door Handle Trim

Find the rectangular hole in the door handle trim that can be on the left or right side. Use the plain screwdriver on the hole and push the tool. 

Be sure to use slight pressure from the down to the upward position. Once the trim or backplate comes out pull it out using your hand.

4. Unbolt The 2 Screws

Inspect the rose plate (round inner mechanism of handle) and find the 2 screws on the front side. Grab the star-shaped screwdriver or screw gun to take out all the screws from the rose plate.

Pro Tip: Secure the screws in a small plastic bag to avoid losing these parts.

5. Pull Out The Other Side Handle And Rose Plate

Remove the rose plate from the door hole. Take out the other side handle (rear side) from the latch hole. Ensure to clean the surface before inspecting or replacing it.

6. Remove The Latch

Use the star-shaped screwdriver to take out the 2 screws that hold the latch mechanism. Be sure the door is unlocked before doing anything. Slightly pull the part from the latch hole. Done!

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Removing Door Handles With No Screws! (Old Type)

To uninstall the old or contemporary door handles with no visible screws from the door, follow the given direction:

  • Take a removal pin (given by the product) on the lever hole. Be sure to use a decent amount of pressure to detach the lever.
  • Remove the rose by rotating it from left to right motion. You can easily detach it by using a plain screwdriver or pry bar.
  • Take out the 2 mounting screws using the screwdriver or screw gun.
  • Pull out the trim plate (interior spring cage) using your hand.
  • Unplug the anti-rotation plate by slightly pulling it out.
  • Use hand pressure to remove the exterior door handle chassis on the other side. Then, insert a screwdriver to detach the inner mechanism (that connects inside the latch hole).
  • Unfasten the 2 screws using the screwdriver or screw gun.
  • Take out the latch plate and other mechanisms.

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Overall Thought

It would probably take 20 minutes (at max) to completely detach all the parts of the lever door handle with no visible screws. By following the right track and procedure, the above steps will be super simple to attempt.

Hope you can remove a lever door handle with hidden screws after checking this guide and find it handy to try at home!

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