Best Folding Ruler for Woodworking | Top 8 Picks

Best Folding Ruler for Woodworking

Carpentry requires a lot of accuracy and concentration. Furthermore, you will need to achieve mastery in a plethora of tools, among which the folding ruler is the most prominent.

It is one of the first items you will have to learn to use and is universal in all projects.

Buying the best folding ruler for woodworking is essential to get the perfect dimensions of your woodworking projects. And we’ll help you with that.

We’ve made our picks based on length, design, and material to present you the best options available.

So, shall we start?

Top 8 Best Folding Ruler for Woodworking Reviews

Below are brief yet informative reviews about 8 of the most efficient folding rulers available in the present market. Continue reading to find out their details, features, and decide which one will fit your needs the most.

1. Rhino Rulers Folding Carpenter’s Ruler with 6″ Sliding Extension

Feature Highlights
Rhino Rulers Folding Carpenter’s Ruler

  • Extensively sturdy and long-lasting
  • Clear numbers inscription with embossed engravings
  • Premium build materials to increase overall durability
  • Available in different sizes and quantities for more value
  • Water-resistant, free from scratches, and extremely flexible

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Few alternatives have received the same cult status among carpenters as the Rhino Rulers Folding Carpenter’s Ruler. It features a soft body color with black numbers for easy viewing and maintaining accuracy.

On top of that, it comes in different value packs and sizes, leading many to consider it to be the best folding carpenters ruler.

Durability is also a prime factor for this product. It has a polyamide and fiberglass build, which makes it last three times longer than the average folding ruler.

Furthermore, it’s water-resistant and requires no maintenance, making it completely hassle-free. The scales have deeply embossed writings to increase their longevity too.

Downsides: Not suitable for inside measurement due to inside numbering

Verdict: This one is an excellent pick for novice carpenters as they are easy to read. Moreover, their high durability ensures a solid purchase, one that won’t require replacements for the foreseeable future.

2. PERFECT MEASURING TAPE Carpenter’s Folding Ruler

Feature Highlights
PERFECT MEASURING TAPE Carpenter’s Folding Ruler

  • Clear and easy to read inscriptions for quick and accurate measurements
  • Strong, reinforced joints with exceptionally hardy build materials
  • Universal readability due to the presence of both inches and metric
  • Easy to extend and strong hinges to prevent snags

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Maximum woodworkers consider this one to be the best wooden folding ruler. The main reason behind its popularity is its easy-read measurements. Therefore, they are simple to use and don’t cause strains in your eyes while trying to get an accurate measurement.

Unlike other folding rulers for woodworking, this unit has very minimal aesthetics. It sports a black and white color combination for convenient use.

Moreover, it features a sturdy build of ABS material build with reinforced joints. The numbers are engraved, and the marks go through printing to last for a long time and ensure maximum accuracy.


  • Difficult to maintain position on wood due to excessive overall flexibility
  • Can’t be kept upright for a prolonged time and tends to bend down

Verdict: Carpenters suffering from vision impairment will find this item to be an excellent pick. Its versatility and universality for getting accurate measurements make it exceptional.

3. Klein Tools 910-6 Folding Carpenters Ruler 6-Foot, Inside Reading

Feature Highlights
Klein Tools 910-6 Folding Carpenters Ruler

  • Quickly folds and opens
  • Engraved markings for convenient readability
  • Extensively durable and resistant to multiple elements
  • Stainless steel springs for extra strength
  • Wooden aesthetics with black numbers

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If you’re a veteran carpenter who prefers the classic folding rulers over the more modern options, then the Klein Tools 910-6 Folding Ruler is the ideal choice for you.

It has a simple wooden aesthetics with the measurements written in black for clear visibility. Furthermore, they are engraved on both sides, making it a convenient carpenters folding ruler.

Unlike most folding rulers for woodworking, you can easily use this product in outdoor scenarios. It has a nylon and glass fiber body for maximum durability while remaining resistive to weather, chemicals, and abrasions.

Stainless steel is used in its springs so that the hinges have additional strength and the locking joints work superbly.


  • Fiberglass is susceptible to getting damaged
  • Lack of extensions for increasing length

Verdict: The Klein Tools 910-6 Folding Ruler is a classic option with no fancy features. It is worth buying if you’re used to the more traditional scales and prefer a wooden feel.

4. Rapala Folding Ruler with Mounting Bracket Holes

Feature Highlights
Rapala Folding Ruler with Mounting Bracket Holes

  • Perfect for both carpentry and catching fishes
  • Prominent number placement with deep colors
  • Bracket holes for comfortable use on walls
  • Provides measurements in both inches and centimeters

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The Rapala Folding Ruler is an excellent choice for industrial carpenters or those who offer their services commercially. It can be used comfortably from different angles to measure a wide variety of projects and their dimensions.

Mounting brackets are present throughout its body to be easily used by connecting to other furniture or the wall.

One of the main reasons this unit is a good pick is its options for minute measurements. Both inch and centimeter options are available in it to ensure total accuracy consistently.

Furthermore, the numbers are easy to read, and the high-impact plastic body ensures hardiness and longevity.


  • The hinge is extremely loose, and the lack of an open lock makes it difficult to use
  • Ruler tends to collapse as the hinges don’t stay in place due to weak middle lock

Verdict: This commodity is an excellent purchase if you’re trying to get an inexpensive option. However, a lot of preparations are necessary before using this product due to its glaring structural errors.

5. Rocksteel Old Fashioned Woodworking Folding Ruler Measuring Stick

Feature Highlights
Rocksteel Old Fashioned Woodworking Folding Ruler

  • Old-fashioned, classic aesthetics
  • Durable and reinforced components
  • Compatible for both imperial and metric measurements
  • The 8-inch sliding rule for calculating depths
  • Flexible enough to easily fit any toolbox

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In this day and age of modernity, nothing feels like a bigger throwback than the Folding Ruler Measuring Stick by Rocksteel. This device has an entirely classic aesthetic.

Furthermore, all of its joints, the sliding rule, and endcaps are incredibly durable. Therefore, it can last you for years at a time if you use it and maintain it properly.

Using this folding ruler can feel effortless and convenient. When using this product, you won’t have to get into the inside vs. outside reading folding ruler debate.

The main reason behind it is the fact that it features metric and imperial measurements on each side. Therefore, you can use it easily irrespective of the system of measurement you prefer.


  • Impossible to measure initial 7 millimeters since the end caps are stamped
  • Fragile to snapping apart

Verdict: Although this folding ruler can be an excellent choice for veteran carpenters, it is not as sturdy as its alternatives. Use it only if you are an expert in carpentry. Otherwise, the chances of it breaking off is extremely high.

6. Festool Folding Ruler 2 M Wooden Folding Yardstick, 10 links

Feature Highlights
Festool Folding Ruler 2 M Wooden Folding Yardstick

  • Simplistic design to accommodate novice carpenters
  • 10 links for decent extension length
  • Perfect for small to medium range projects
  • Wood and steel construction
  • Ideal for metric measurement

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The Festool Folding Ruler is an attractive choice for a novice carpentry enthusiast. It’s got a simple construction with ten links. Therefore, it’s easy to extend and fold it again after use.

Moreover, it’s got a total length of 2m, which means that you can use it for most small and medium woodworking projects easily.

For a beginner’s item, it has a decent amount of hardiness. It sports a fully wooden body while the joints and springs are made from steel.

Therefore, you will be able to use it comfortably without having to worry about it tearing apart. In short, it works efficiently enough to give you a clear idea of where you stand on the folding rule or tape measure dilemma.


  • Paint exfoliates and smudges color relatively quickly
  • Comparatively susceptible to damage and dents

Verdict: It excels in the ease-of-use department and is quite sturdy as well. If you’re looking for something for small-medium projects, you can give this one a try.

7. Wiha 61602 MaxiFlex Folding Ruler, Outside Reading, 10 Sections

Feature Highlights
Wiha 61602 MaxiFlex Folding Ruler

  • Affordable with tons of convenient features
  • Simplistic design and aesthetics for convenient use
  • Small in size for portability
  • Excellent longevity with supreme sturdiness
  • Wonderfully flexible with high-quality materials

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If you’re short on budget and looking for a decent folding ruler for your woodworking projects, then get the Wiha 61602.

Although it has a relatively lower price point than most of its competitors, it provides almost the same value. It has a classic black and white body for you to get clear, accurate readings easily. The compact size also allows you to carry it around in your pocket.

Each of the markings of this unit is deeply embossed so that it doesn’t get removed. Its rigged polyamide and fiberglass build prevents scratches while also keeping it completely waterproof.

On top of that, its flexibility and toughness allow for superior longevity. In short, it is a dependable option that is wonderful for those accustomed to the metric system.


  • Slightly confusing to use due to backward assembly
  • Fails in flexibility in tight spaces

Verdict: This item might not be as glamorous as most other models. However, it can produce accurate readings like the rest of them while remaining significantly inexpensive. It’s definitely worth purchasing if you don’t want to break open your wallet.

8. Stabila 80010 Folding Ruler – Best Wooden Folding Ruler

Feature Highlights
Stabila 80010 Folding Ruler - Best Wooden Folding Ruler

  • Reliable for multiple carpentry project scales
  • Accurate measurements with minimal aesthetics
  • Clear and bold markings for swift measurement
  • Hardened steel joints to make it abrasion-resistant

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Like every Stabila folding ruler, the 80010 Folding Ruler is a reliable, powerful tool that will work efficiently on many carpentry projects.

There is nothing flashy about it, but it can get the job done without causing any harm to the furniture you’re building. The markings are clear and bold for quick measurements without straining your eyes.

Although it has a wooden body, this item is exceptionally lightweight and won’t take up any space in your workstation.

Furthermore, it is utterly resistant to any adverse effects of the weather and is perfect for outdoor use. Lastly, the use of hardened steel prevents it from any form of abrasions.


  • 1/16″ scales are unavailable on either side
  • No additional attachments

Verdict: The only inconvenience of this folding ruler is the lack of any additional features or attachments. Therefore, if you’re a skilled carpenter who can make do with just the main item alone, then we recommend purchasing this option.

Folding Rule Vs. Tape Measure

If you’re new to the carpentry, then it is perfectly normal to be confused between selecting a folding rule or a tape measure.

Both items perform the same function but are drastically different in design and structure. Here’s a comparison between the two tools for you to better understand which one is the superior choice.

Tape measures are much smaller and foldable in nature than the average folding rule. They are also more convenient in use as you can take measurements with simply one hand.

Furthermore, they’re completely free from any adverse effects of any form of weather change or humidity. However, they require a sliding lock to keep them in place, which often tends to be flimsy.

Although tape measures have a lot of advantages, the folding rule is much more accurate and is efficient for inside measurements. Its built-in extender allows for quick measurements of difficult projects. Therefore, we believe that the folding rule wins out in the folding rule vs. tape measure debate.

How to Find the Perfect Folding Ruler for your Carpentry Projects

It can be extremely difficult and confusing to find the perfect folding ruler due to the availability of so many options with eerily similar qualities. However, if you keep an eye out for the following basic qualities, you will easily be able to determine the ideal choice for yourself.


Design is the first and most crucial factor to observe when buying a folding ruler. It is a clear indicator of whether it will perform well for your carpentry projects. The ideal option will have a precise color combination to make using it easier on the eyes. Markings in the rule need to be bold and obvious to get fast, accurate readings.

Lastly, the folding rule needs to have hinges with proper construction and joints. It is a must to ensure that product extends quickly without breaking off. Therefore, it’s best if you try it out before making a purchase.

Build Material

A common complaint among carpenters when owning folding rulers is that they tend to get break off easily. This issue mainly occurs when the tool is made from inferior materials, making it weak to damage and susceptible to external factors. Thus, it is pivotal to get a model that has high-quality substances in its manufacturing process.

When buying folding rulers, it’s always a good decision to avoid the ones made from singular ingredients. Ideally, the wise option will be to get a combination of wood, polyamide, and steel to ensure that it has significant sturdiness. The inclusion of fiberglass will make it resistant to water and weather conditions.


This factor depends a lot on the preference of the user. The ideal length for a folding ruler will fluctuate depending on the scale of the project on which you will be using it. There’s no point in buying an industrial-sized model if you’re making home projects.

Typically, the ideal choice for casual carpenters is to find one with a total length of 6 ft. Such a scale will be perfect for making small to medium-sized furniture without feeling too excessive.


FAQ’s about Folding Carpenter’s Ruler

1. What is the ideal length of a folding rule?

Folding rules are available in different sizes according to one’s needs. However, the standard size for such units are between 6-8 feet. When compact, its length is not more than 6″.

2. What is a carpenter’s rule?

A wooden or plastic measuring stick that is used for tracing and measuring straight lines is known as the carpenter’s rule. It is the predecessor to the folding ruler.

3. How do you apply a folding ruler?

Using a folding ruler is extremely easy and simple. All you will have to do is lay it down along the length of the project you’re planning to use it on, make sure it aligns properly, and you will be able to measure its length effortlessly.

4. What are steel rulers?

Steel rulers are alternatives to folding rulers. However, they can’t be compacted and are extremely rigid, making them difficult to carry around comparatively.

5. Why are ends of tape measures loose?

Tape measure ends are loose to provide a more accurate reading. The main reason behind this feature is to allow it to easily take measurements on both interiors and exteriors of projects.

Final Words

Carpentry can be a trying hobby that requires a lot of patience to master properly. However, now that you know how to find the best folding ruler for woodworking, your journey into woodworking is off to the right start. Therefore, now you will be able to make basic and advanced projects from your home with ease and perfect accuracy.

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