What Colour Door Handles For White Doors Works Best?

As white doors are plain and less attention grabbing shade, some people like to go for rich colored handles to add some depth and improve the tone. I’ve been confused about this and after doing some research, the results are nearly perfect. I got the desired result by using a well matching shade handle.

To know what colour door handles for white doors are best, you want to consider the home atmosphere, and then decide. In most cases, the black, gold, nickel, stainless, and oil-rubbed bronze shades are ideal for handles to use in white doors.

Don’t panic if it seems not clear just yet. There’s actually more to find out. I’ll explain the reasons behind each suggested colors today, while also sharing the benefits and drawbacks. Stay Tuned!

What Colour Door Handles For White Doors

Top 5 Colour Door Handles To Use For White Doors!

If you need the door handle ideas for white doors or couldn’t figure out the right shade of knobs, then look below to know it all:

1. Black For Adding Bold Touch

The color black represents power, elegance, and formality. It is one of the nicest shades on the door handle that suits the white door.

Since the door has dull (white) pigment all over, the black door handle will balance the temperature. This shade door handle will rock if all hardware at your house has white background more than any other colors.

In case you are looking for one that rocks with white bedroom doors, try out the Probrico black door handle set.


  • No fingerprints will be shown on the black door handle.
  • Thanks to the dark vibe, this shade suits most environments.
  • It can be found almost everywhere.
  • This shade adds to the beauty and elegant aesthetic of the home.
  • Great for interior door handles.


  • Due to the black surface, one can easily locate dust on the door handle.
  • The shade can fade away after 10 – 15 years of nonstop use.

2. Gold Is a Royal Vibe

One would love the royalty feel of this shade handle on the white door. It enhances the home’s beauty that makes the environment looks like a jewel.

Plus, I like this shade for its strong vibe which seems easy to maintain for a longer period. The gold door handle would look decent on a white and brown background.

However, this color door handle might seem bad if the hardware mostly contains stainless or silvery shades.


  • Gives a rich and luxurious vibe to the house doors.
  • Need less cleaning and care.
  • Won’t require much effort to match the white door.
  • The gold door handle is available in all stores.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Shows the fingerprints on the golden surface.
  • After years of use, the gold door handles can peel.

3. Nickle Looks Clean

If your white door is near grey or brown aesthetic decors, then the best shade for the door handle is nickel.

You’ll find this shade in antique, polished, or satin finish. Based on your preference, pick anything to use on the white door and this won’t ruin the appearance. For the white door, use Schlage polished nickel door handle set.

Its smooth silvery shade will balance the environment by making it look modern. But this might tarnish over time and gets discolored.


  • This shade handle is ideal for white exterior doors.
  • You won’t locate the dust or debris on the surface.
  • Looks clean and fresh in the white doors.
  • It doesn’t show fingerprints or marks.
  • Resists corrosion and wear in the handle.


  • It requires daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • This shade might show scratches and scuffs visibly. 

4. Stainless is Always a Classic

While having an impressive touch of metallic element and sheen, the stainless handle fits ideally on the white door.

Not only does this improves the appearance of the home but also helps the boring door to become lively and sophisticated.

This shade of handle usually goes with any colored background. However, it’s hard to find the right finish for this shade handle.


  • This color handle won’t show scratches or scuffs.
  • You’ll experience no issues of rust or decay over time.
  • Due to the solid pores, this shade handle won’t peel.
  • Simple to take care of (need only wiping).
  • Provides a beautiful contemporary look.


  • Quite hard to find in different finishes.
  • The price is high.

5. Oil Rubbed Bronze For a Vintage Feel

To fulfill the home with a vintage aesthetic on the white door, it’s best to use the oil-rubbed bronze handle. This shade makes the environment look classic and last for a longer period due to the metallic touch.

As this shade is dark while containing the timeless brown texture, the handles won’t look old or dreary in white doors. For anyone who wants this shade handled at the quality level, check out Design House 700534.


  • Never shows wear or cracking surface.
  • This shade gives no issue of peel or rust.
  • Gives a traditional vibe to the doors.
  • Last longer and need no effort for cleaning.
  • Hides fingerprints on the surface.


  • High price range.
  • The oil-rubbed bronze handle can fade out easily.

Avoid These Color Door Handles For White Doors!

It’s true that most door handle shades will go perfectly on the white door. However, there are some colors on the handle that ruin the look and make the door weird. Here are some of the disliked shades for handles in the white door:

  • White: Using the modern white door handles is okay on darker shade doors. However, this shade will look dull on the white door.
  • Grey: In some cases, this shade handle on the white door might not go well if the background is pinkish or reddish.
  • Brass: If the handle contains glass or other designs in the brass handle, this might make the white door look dull.

Ending Note

The mentioned colour door handles for white doors are 5 in total. All these shades for handles will improve the dullness of the white doors.

If you are struggling to pick one shade for handles, then observe your home aesthetic from cool to warm tone. For a cool tone home aesthetic, go with black or oil-rubbed bronze shade for handles. Or, go with gold, nickel, or stainless handles for a warm tone aesthetic.

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