Single Vs Double Bypass Barn Door | Pros and Cons

Single Vs Double Bypass Barn DoorBarn doors have never been this popular. These can offer both rustic and modern looks at the same time. Some can even provide a middle of both. That is why many people plan to amp up their interior space with these doors.

That said, considering the setup process, there are two different types. And this can create confusion. For that reason, the topic of single Vs double bypass barn door is pretty hot right now. We have a load of knowledge regarding these doors. So, we decided to pitch in and help new buyers.

We will describe the two types and what makes them different in this guide. Hopefully, choosing one over the other will become an easy task for you by the end!

Pros Cons of Single Vs Double Track Bypass Barn Door

If we start talking about single or double barn doors, there will be much to talk about. So, without further ado, let us get into the thing that brought you here in the first place. 

Single Bypass Barn Door

As the name suggests, a single bypass door will come with a single track. The track would hold both the doors. And the doors will not overlap each other. Instead, they would meet with each other when you close them.

Such a mechanism indeed makes the doorway look aesthetic. It will bring the authentic rustic look that many looks for. Also, it will allow you to properly use all of the space that the doorway has to offer.

Another good thing about the single bypass barn door kit is that you will not have to deal with two different tracks. Instead, you would need to install one track and set the doors up on the track. That makes the installation straightforward. This setup will also let you open both doors.

Furthermore, if you need to modify the mechanism, you would not need to worry about taking two tracks apart. So, maintenance becomes easy as well.

However, not all is good for a single bypass barn door. You would lose the wall space on both the left and right by opting for this. Also, you can not set it up if there is not enough wall space. For that reason, you would need to do a lot of planning before deciding to get this setup.


  • Makes the doorway look aestheticaly pleasing
  • Allows you to utilize all of the space of the doorway
  • Comparatively easy to install
  • Easy to maintain and modify
  • Allows the user to open both the door


  • Requires a lot of wall space
  • Will leave the wall space unusable for decorations

Double Bypass Barn Door

Now that you know all about the single bypass doors allow us to get into describing the second star of the show. Even though it is a barn door, its setup is completely different.

First and foremost, this setup will make two doors overlap each other. That means you will be capable of setting it up on doorways that have no wall space on either of the sides. The overlapping design makes the doorway look pretty aesthetic too.

The setup will not even take that much space, thanks to such a design. Even if you do have wall space available on both sides, you can opt for this setup and install decorative pieces on the walls. It does not even require a large doorway.

Other than that, the maintenance fee will be comparatively low for the double-track bypass barn door. For example, if one of the tracks does give up over time, you will not have to purchase a single long rack, which costs a bit higher than the small racks.

That said, there are some drawbacks. Firstly, you would need to work with two racks. That means the installation process will demand some effort and time. Secondly, getting the right amount of gap in between the two doors can become tricky. You might even have to opt for professional help.


  • Does not require a large doorway
  • Leaves wall spaces usable on both sides
  • Low maintaining cost
  • Can be installed in small spaces
  • Makes the doorway look aesthetic


  • Requires two tracks
  • The installation is not that easy

First of all, if you have a large doorway and want to use it at its full, choose the single bypass barn door. Also, note that the wall space around the doorway will not be usable. That means you can not use any decorative items on it.

Secondly, if you have a relatively small doorway or want to utilize the wall space that is beside the doorway, pick the double bypass barn door. With these, you can easily hang decorative pieces beside the doorway.

Final Words

When it comes to single vs double bypass barn door, you need to consider the size of the doorway and wall space around it. If you just keep these two factors in mind, selecting one setup will be pretty straightforward. Good luck!

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